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6-day-old Pitt County boy found safe after Amber Alert

Posted April 30, 2012
Updated May 1, 2012

Amber Alert

— A 6-day-old boy who was the subject of an Amber Alert Monday afternoon has been found safe with his mother at a relative's home in Pitt County, authorities said.

Pitt County Sheriff's investigators said Kayden Chavis was abducted by his mother, 30-year-old Jessica Chavis.

WNCT reported that investigators said custody of the baby was given to the Department of Social Services, and Chavis fled with the baby Saturday night when deputies and social workers arrived to take him. Investigators said Chavis has a history of mental illness, but they did not give details.

An Amber Alert was issued around 5:15 p.m. Monday and canceled shortly after 9 p.m. after a viewer tip led authorities to find the baby.

Jessica Chavis was arrested and charged with misdemeanor child abuse following the alleged abduction, authorities said. The Pitt County District Attorney's Office will review the case Tuesday and could file more charges.


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  • nisa-pizza May 2, 2012

    "She keeps having babies, does not have custody of any of them, and is supported by the government. Where is the outrage??"

    Where does it say all of that? There is no mention of her having other children. Do you know her personally or are you her Social Services case worker? Where did you get your information about her from or is this a stereo-type?

    I’ve found not one press release that gives this information. Please name your information sources.

  • mustainemad May 1, 2012

    If you want to see the face of what is wrong with American society today, look at the picture of this woman. She keeps having babies, does not have custody of any of them, and is supported by the government. Where is the outrage?? Why had people rather take aim at other's sexual orientation rather than address the TRUE problems in our society--drug abuse, child abuse, absent fathers, violent crime, murder, generations on welfare and food stamps?? Where are the constitutional amendments banning these activities??? Where are the "religious" organizations and all the "help" they provide??

  • shortcake53 Apr 30, 2012

    I hope both are found soon. I cant imagine how worried the family must be.

  • Dido Apr 30, 2012

    According to the Greenville paper: The Department of Social Services was going to take custody of the child today at the home of a family member. “She heard that Social Services was going to take custody and went to the home and took the baby,” Wallace said. Wallace could not give details of why the Chavis was losing custody of her child but said that she has a history of mental illness

  • Kbo Apr 30, 2012

    Brogden- they posted the story at 5:30, and have updated it since. That information probably wasn't in the original story.

  • kimisufu Apr 30, 2012

    Mental illness does not always mean incompetence!
    However, I'm sure there's much more to the story here. I just hope the baby is safe.

  • Brogden Apr 30, 2012

    As to why she doesn't have the baby - did you read that she has
    a history of mental illness? Not that "maybe" she is mentally incompetent - she has a HISTORY of being incompetent! Let's hope both she and the baby are located unharmed!

  • judithfergerson Apr 30, 2012

    sctech - I was thinking the same thing - certainly looks like a male in the photo.

  • kellypsnll Apr 30, 2012

    There has to be a reason. It could be she gave the child up and she changed her mind. Maybe she is mentally incompetent.

  • sctech Apr 30, 2012

    Is that a guy?