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Apex couple gets unexpected $13K in unclaimed property

Posted March 15, 2011

— It was the trip of a lifetime.

“Everywhere we went, we saw wallabies and kangaroos along the side of the road,” said Greysolynne Hyman of Apex.

And when Greysolynne and her husband Bob got home, they got the windfall of a lifetime.

“We just returned from a trip to Australia celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and there was that nice check waiting for us when we came back from that trip,” said Greysolynne.

Just before they left, the Hymans were contacted by a company in California who told them they had unclaimed property in Wisconsin. For a fee, the company would tell the Hymans all about it.

“They wanted 20 percent of whatever we got when we finally received the money,” said Greysolynne.

Suspicious, she called 5 On Your Side.

We told her she didn't need the company to collect her money. She could do it herself.

Greysolynne quickly went to the Wisconsin State Treasurer site, and started adding up their windfall.

She came up with more than $13,000.

Apex couple gets unexpected $13K in unclaimed property Apex couple gets unexpected $13K in unclaimed property

So what she was thinking as she was adding it all up?

“Not much. I was numb,” laughed Greysolynne. “I was in shock after adding that up. I couldn't believe it!”

The money was a refund of premiums Greysolynne's father paid into a Wisconsin malpractice insurance pool, long before he died more than 30 years ago.

“I had checked the N.C. sites to see if we had any unclaimed property after some of your specials and I never found anything,” said Greysolynne. “But it never crossed my mind to check the state of Wisconsin site.”

And considering how easy it was to claim, they're glad they didn't pay the finder company.

“For the very large fee they wanted, we would have to have done most of the work anyway,” said Bob. “We would have to dig up all the documents, supplied them all of the documents.”

The best part is that less than a month later, they had their "missing money."

“Greysolynne mailed in the documents just as we were leaving for Australia and we came back to find the check,” said Bob.

“Now that's a welcome home,” laughed Greysolynne. "A great welcome home!”

You can use the Internet to search for unclaimed property in North Carolina and other states.


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  • Tax Man Mar 17, 2011

    If the missing money company had asked for a more reasonable fee, like 2% or so they would be entitled to it, but 20% is steep! It would be better if all the states sent this information to the IRS and allowed the IRS to notify the people that unclaimed money was available. The IRS knows where you are, has your date of birth and your SSN so it would be easy to let you know. And maybe some of that money would be taxable....

  • purplezbra93 Mar 16, 2011

    I see your point bobblehead88. However, the couple would have had to do most of the work with all the documents and stuff and the company just told them about it. I would possibly see giving them 5 or 10 percent.....not 20. Anyways, congrats to the couple!

  • justcommonsense Mar 16, 2011

    bobblehead88... really???? That company didn't put in any hard work. It's a general search online. They pull lists from the online searches, then go to another database and contact folks with the same last name.

    The owner of the money has to do all the legwork in getting together required documents of proof (this can cost some bucks) and providing them.

  • luvbailey Mar 16, 2011

    As the old saying goes, "that's good work if you can get it!"

  • bobblehead88 Mar 16, 2011

    Is anyone paying attention that this supposed "shyster" company is the only reason that they ever knew they were owed money. It seems they scammed the finding company. They should send that company tip money. That company put in hard work to track her down from Wisconsin records. That is a company doing good work. They would never ever gotten any of that money without that company. Shame on them. I see that as being greedy.

  • beachblues1 Mar 16, 2011

    Anyone can go to http://www.missingmoney.com/ and search ALL States for unclaimed property for FREE. This site is sponsored by the State Treasurers Association.

  • maduda Mar 16, 2011

    Good stuff! Glad they got suspicious and contacted somebody about it. More consumers need to do that. Congrats, you guys!

  • Scubagirl Mar 16, 2011

    Glad they didn't pay the shysters to help them. And congrats to them for the 'found' money! Nice little windfall.