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State hands out $7M in appliance rebates

Posted April 26, 2010

A federally funded rebate brought appliance shoppers to the stores Thursday.

— North Carolina consumers received about $7 million in rebates by purchasing energy-efficient appliances over the weekend, officials said Monday.

The Energy Star Appliance Replacement and Rebate Program was designed to encourage people to get rid of older appliances and replace them with energy-efficient models. The state had about $8 million in federal economic stimulus funds to hand out as instant 15 percent rebates to consumers who bought a qualified washer, dishwasher, freezer or refrigerator.

Consumers bought more than 54,400 qualifying appliances, worth an estimated $46.4 million, in the rebate program, said Seth Effron, spokesman for the State Energy Office.

Fran Preston, president of the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association, called the four-day rebate program "a great success for consumers, appliance manufacturers and retailers and the environment."

State officials began Monday reviewing each appliance sale to determine if the state has enough stimulus money left to hold a second phase of the rebate program, Effron said.


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  • 64ponycar Apr 28, 2010

    I have paid state and federal taxes for 30 years. I look at it as MY tax money working for ME- it's not a "hand out". Have all of you complaining about the "hand out" not been paying your taxes?

  • NCPictures Apr 27, 2010

    Your welcome (those that took the HANDOUT)

  • Phlebotomia Apr 27, 2010

    I am so glad there is an awsome education system in place to teach our children so when the time comes they can take on the massive burden. Oh wait they cut those positions.. But dont worry at least you can keep there food cold now!

  • grimreaper Apr 26, 2010

    "hand out" pretty much sums up the retardation of this whole program. Your tax money going to someone else as a hand out. Nice to know we will be chucking several thousand tons of perfectly functional appliances into a landfill to boot.

    You cannot spend your way out of a recession. Never has happened in the history of mankind. Selling washers and dryers made in Korea using a government handout is just beyond stupid. That is self defeating as it keeps the price of those goods too high. The whole point of a recession is a completely NATURAL adjustment to over inflation by dropping the price of goods.

    And the government props up those prices with money it does not have...unbelievable.

  • ykm Apr 26, 2010

    And for those who bought an appliance two years ago. You get to pay the interest on the debt. And for those who think they got a good deal. You to will pay the bill on the debt. Now or in the future you still pay. See I need a new driveway, someone else may need a new roof or paint. Maybe some one has a kid that needs braces. I guess if you follow the theory the gov can spend better than the consumer it's a good thing. As for S/S try to cut it. Remember was not an option mandatory deduction every week. The treasury owes these folks full return. The party that attempts to forgo this promise may get voted into the darkest regions of the earth. Remember your talking about regular folk, cab drivers, the hardware guy, secretaries and such. Best leave that one for the very last.

  • babbleon Apr 26, 2010

    ok, folks, first, some basic economics: this rebate shifted purchases (demand) in time. People either waited because they knew it was coming or bought early because it was a good deal. "Made in China" is irrelevant, because w/out the rebate, people would have bought the same machines, just at different times.

    Second, the stores offered sales on top of the rebate. Sears' 30% started Thursday; total sale price was about 43% off. Lowes' 15% was on Thursday, so total price would be about 29% off. It's a good deal for the consumer.

    Third, the point of this is two-fold: 1) stimulate demand and 2) reduce energy usage. You must replace an old fridge with one with improved energy efficiency.

    It is fair to be concerned about the debt that pays for this, but per Keynesian economic theory, gov't investment in infrastructure (or efficiency, in this case) is the best way out of a recession.

    We do need to focus on debt in future, but that's got to be Social Security, not 1-time projects.

  • wynnediii Apr 26, 2010

    At least WRAL got the headline right...It is a "hand out".

  • babbleon Apr 26, 2010

    diana - should have been $150 on a $1K purchase (15%) - how'd you only get 6.5%?

  • OGE Apr 26, 2010

    So if the state can hand out $7 million, where is my $300 tax return?

  • diana123 Apr 26, 2010

    $65 rebate, not much of an incentive when forking out
    over a 1000 bucks.