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Cary baker's cake creation disappoints Triangle bride

Posted December 16, 2009

— At most weddings, something small goes wrong – something for the bride and groom to laugh about later. For Kristen Halpern and Matthew Morgan, the thing that went wrong was bigger. Their wedding cake was a disappointment that was hard to swallow.

“I cried,” Halpern-Morgan said about the cake delivered by George Amaral. He operates Sorte Desserts out of his home in Cary.

After contacting several bakers and checking references, Halpern-Morgan paid him $345 for a wedding cake and groom's cake.

“It was supposed to be a three-tiered, square cake, black and white because that was our theme,” Halpern-Morgan said. She showed him a picture of what she wanted – a cake that  coordinated with her invitations, plates and napkins.

Cary baker's cake creation disappoints Triangle bride Triangle bride disappointed with cake

“He really seemed like it would be no issue, so I didn't think that it would be anything but this or something close to this,” she said.

The cake Amaral delivered was very basic, Halpern-Morgan said. “It's black and white and it's three tiers, which is fantastic and accurate. That's about all he got right was the colors and the shape.”

“We had a few people ask us if this was an ace, or if we were card players,” she said.

After the wedding, Halpern-Morgan repeatedly sent e-mail and called Amaral. He did not respond.

Amaral said he did not receive any of Halpern-Morgan’s calls or e-mails because he closed Sorte Desserts after realizing it was "not his thing."

As for the cake, he simply said he thought he had "creative freedom" to decorate it that way. Still, he immediately sent Halpern-Morgan a $345 refund.

She's just happy it's over.

“This was just something that really bothered me, and I just really wanted to have closure and hopefully avoid other people from making the same mistake and trusting someone based on photos and a Web site,” she said.


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  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Dec 21, 2009

    I thought she was a prima donna until I watched the video and that tacky cake really is not at all what she ordered. But I thought it was funny in the video when she said she "wanted closure." Okay, a bit of a drama queen but she got her money back and now she can get on with her life.

    On a related note, I had Say Yes to the Dress on while I was working around the house on Saturday and one bride pitched a fit until her mother agreed to pay $7,000 for the dress that she demanded. Yes, that is SEVEN THOUSAND AMERICAN DOLLARS. I can imagine what will happen if HER cake isn't exactly what she wants.

    Her mother sighed and said that they are her parents so they have to give what she wants. That's probably why she feels entitled to demand a $7000 dress. They created a monster.

  • tiblet Dec 18, 2009

    lol that people asked them if they were card players :) :) :)

  • tiblet Dec 18, 2009

    ok...so he screwed up her cake. He gave her the money back and he's already out of business. What was the point of publishing the story. It's not like anyone else is going to go to him for a wedding cake...he's not even in business any longer.

    Regret that her cake did not meet her expectations but it seems like the baker willingly gave her back her money and there is no risk to anyone else.

  • justjean Dec 18, 2009

    Too bad he didn't stay in business, he could change the name from Sorte Desserts to Sort Of Desserts... ha ha! I crack myself up.

  • NCSUalumni2008 Dec 18, 2009

    Love how the article says something to the effect of: usually something small goes wrong but this was much worse. Set it up for something really bad. OK so your cake wasn't perfection and you didn't spend a lot of money. Sounds like not a problem to me.

  • cat976 Dec 18, 2009

    it really doesnt matter how much she paid for the cake, if she showed him pictures of the cake that she wanted, which she obviously did, and he told her he could recreate that cake at that price then thats what should have happened. i bet if this was your cake or your daughters cake you would have a different attitude about it. and to all you people that keep saying "looks like what she ordered to me" are you blind, look at the picture of the cake she ordered, it looks nothing like the cake she got

  • slappyh99 Dec 17, 2009

    It must be a slow day everywhere with all these comments about a cake.

  • uknowsomuch Dec 17, 2009

    Heck, my cake cost $500 in 1992 and I got five layers and a fountain underneath. I was so absorbed in the day, I dont remember anything about the food except how gorgeous that cake was! But regardless of it's beauty, the cake wasn't what made the day wonderful!

    She was a monster bride for sure!

  • affirmativediversity Dec 17, 2009

    I bet she and her guest ate the cake?

    I feel sorry for the baker.

    I wonder where the bride works...maybe we can all go there, get some kind of merchandise or service from her, use it up, enjoy it and then complain about it and demand a full refund!

    If she was that upset about it I'm sure she would have removed the cake from the reception table and SENT IT BACK WHOLE!

  • jkparrish Dec 17, 2009

    This woman got what she paid for... 345 dollars for TWO cakes? She was matching it to her paper plates and napkins for her wedding, which makes me believe her budget didn't have room for a cake of that anything close to that fashion in the photo... did she expect it to be a "cake boss" or "duff goldman" cake for the price she paid? She should be happy she got one cake that halfway resembled what it was supposed for 350 dollars.. let alone TWO. What did the grooms cake look like? They refunded all of her money, but what if the other one was perfectly fine?