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Customers complain furniture store doesn't deliver

Posted November 12, 2009

— A number of customers have complained that they haven't gotten their furniture or can't get a refund from the Furniture Showcase.

The Furniture Showcase has a rating of "F" from the Better Business Bureau. The state Attorney General's Office has received about a dozen complaints against the company.

Customer Christine Subasic didn't think she would be working on a card table for so long after ordering an Aspen Home desk from a Furniture Showcase store in June 2008.

Subasic paid $522, half the cost of the desk, up front. The desk was supposed to arrive within eight to 12 weeks. After 16 weeks passed, she called the company.

"They just said, 'We're having trouble getting it shipped. It's going to be a couple of weeks,'" Subasic said.

Furniture Showcase 5 On Your Side investigates Furniture Showcase

But months went by without the desk being delivered. Subasic described what company representatives told her: "It was always, 'Oh, I need to talk to the owner about it.' Or, 'I need to look into it some more.'"

Then in March, nine months after she ordered the desk, Subasic received a letter from Furniture Showcase, saying they company had filed suit against Aspen. It said customers would likely get their furniture "within weeks."

When that didn't happen, Subasic canceled her order but could not get a refund. Furniture Showcase ultimately told her to contact Aspen directly for her "warranty needs."

"When I saw that, I was so upset. I'm out $500. These guys have no intention of giving me my money back," Subasic said. "They're telling me I have a warranty problem. I'm like, 'I don't have a warranty problem. I don't have a desk.'"

Four other Furniture Showcase customers complained to 5 on Your Side. None involved furniture made by Aspen.

One WRAL News viewer said that in five months of waiting, he never "had a phone call or an e-mail answered." Another viewer said that she was given "several false dates" for delivery and that the manager "has never bothered to contact me."

A quick online search turned up more complaints. One customer talked about getting "nothing but empty promises." Another said they "could not refund" a deposit because the furniture was "already on the truck," yet they still couldn't give him a "delivery date."

Furniture Showcase's store in Raleigh has closed, and manager Aaron Vestoff now works in the company's Reidsville location.

Vestoff said the company is not "shafting" customers or giving them the "run-around." He added that some customer deposits, including Subasic's, are "tied up" in the lawsuit against Aspen. But, he said, she will "absolutely" get a refund "at some point."

Subasic said she believes the dispute between the two companies shouldn't be her problem.

"I didn't order my desk from Aspen. I ordered the desk from Furniture Showcase," she said.

Representatives from Aspen Home did not return phone calls.

The Attorney General's Office recently met with Furniture Showcase representatives because of the complaints.

By law, if a furniture store does not meet its delivery date, the customer has the right to cancel the order immediately and receive a refund.


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  • GWALLY Nov 18, 2009

    Life lesson.....never, never, never, never....(did I say NEVER???)....ever give a "furniture store" (whome ever they may be!!!) a check, cash or credit card for something that is not physically on the floor in front of you ready for immediate deliver...(and then ONLY upon delivery)...!!!! NEVER, EVER!!!!!!!!

  • tarheelskier Nov 17, 2009

    A $1000 desk! That should have been the first sign something was wrong!

  • Sidekick Nov 13, 2009

    The att. gen's office says that if not delivered on the due date the order can be cancelled and a refund. Hello! Att gen's office. Is anybody home?

  • Tax Man Nov 13, 2009

    The District Attorney and the Attorney General need to charge the company and its owners, officers and directors with taking property under false pretenses and then allow the company to pay everybody within 10 days or go to trial on the felony charges - bet they would get paid immediately.

  • pmck Nov 13, 2009

    Meanwhile, the furniture sits on the docks in China waiting for a full ship to leave the port. We're buying less (the US) so ships are few and far between. The companies should not be allowed to sell product they don't have in their possession. Again, we are screwed by our trade laws.

  • airbornemonty Nov 12, 2009

    How many complaints does the Attorney General's Office need before they investigate a problem.

    It seems to me the people in the office just want to put in eight hours and go home. Well, I was going to say eight of work but it doesn't seem appropriate in this case so forget about that.