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Contractor facing slew of charges

Posted July 1, 2009

— The allegations against a Triangle contractor, accused of taking money but not doing the work, continues to grow. Richard Stacy is facing numerous charges stemming from his remodeling business, known as Customized Contracting, RPS Contracting and RPS Builders.

Brahma Mulugu paid Stacy $5,400 to remodel her basement but has little to show for it.

“I'm really frustrated. Extremely frustrated,” she said.

In August, Mulugu hired Rick Stacy to do the remodeling job. She says after a worker painted block walls, Stacy demanded another $1,400. Three days later, he begged for another $2,000 to pay his workers, Mulugu says.

“Workers are standing right outside my house. My wife doesn't like it. It's really an awkward position. Please help me. Please help me,” Mulugu recalled her conversation with Stacy.

She says Stacy badgered her until she agreed to meet him at a bank, and paid him. About a month later, a worker framed part of her basement, and it’s stayed that way since.

Months later, Mulugu saw the stories WRAL's 5 on Your Side had done on Stacy.

“I was shocked,” Mulugu said.

“He (Stacy) has an excuse list longer than the China Wall. It goes on forever. They just flow like water,” complainant Nancy Welsh said.

Welsh says she paid Stacy $9,000 for her incomplete, remodeling job. She says the only time she could reach Stacy was when he wanted money.

Debbie Dunkley says she paid Stacy $3,900 for work not done and a list of excuses.

“There were blatant lies and just not turning up, and I've heard every story known to man,” Dunkley said.

So far, it appears Stacy collected nearly $100,000 for work he did not finish, according to Wake County Assistant District Attorney David Sherlin who is prosecuting the case. Sherlin says Stacy faces 20 criminal cases in Wake County alone.

“His charges all deal with promising to perform certain work and not doing that work,” Sherlin said.

“(He) would go to one job and get a check and do some, or none of the work, then go to another job, get a check, do some or none of the work – that process just kept going and going,” Sherlin said.

After a court appearance in March, 5 on Your Side tried to talk with Stacy, but neither he nor his attorney would answer any questions about what he did with the money.

Mulugu and the other complainants say they realize their money is likely gone. But they don't want Stacy to get money from anyone else.

“He's a criminal in disguise, running around. And from one county to the other, he's been cheating various people,” Mulugu said.

Stacy's most recent attorney did not return phone calls from 5 on Your Side.

Mulugu's case is set to go to court Thursday in Durham.

Meanwhile, Stacy's mother, Sandy Danielson, also faces two felony charges related to check writing.

The complainants with whom WRAL spoke with said Danielson often called about jobs and was combative when talking with them. She was the same way when 5 on Your Side called, and said to "knock yourselves out" in pursuing this story.


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  • sw Jul 6, 2009

    He obviously missed his calling and should have gone into politics.

  • LuvLivingInCary Jul 3, 2009

    this is just a good news article to make 5 on your side look good. these things show up around the holidays when news is slow and they need fillers. nothing will ever come of this and no one will ever get any money back. jail time maybe but money never.

  • Tax Man Jul 3, 2009

    Also, if the contractor ends up doing some time in prison and gets supervised probation for some of the charges (a split sentence), the probation can include full restitution over a 5-year period! If he does not pay, he goes back to prison for more time! The judge must decide this, but they are usually up for it if the DA recommends it! Gets victims some money and still puts the bad guy in prison for awhile.

  • Tax Man Jul 3, 2009

    Caniac2 - don't know why the DA did not prosecute your cases as it would seem a clear case of taking property by false pretenses. Did you file against the contractor's bond? If the statute of limits is still open you might call on WRAL to help you get these publicized because the DA is an elected official they tend to avoid adverse publicity. I would definitely pursue the contractor on fraud and taking property by false pretenses.

  • caniac2 Jul 2, 2009

    This happened to myself and 4 other families. A pool contractor walked off with $120,000 and 5 damaged yards. Contacted the police and the AG. They all said its not criminal and our only recourse was to sue for breach of contract. Funny how this guy is going to try and was investigated by the Sheriffs. We sued and the contractors insurance covered some of the damages to our yard but that barely covered what was truly lost. Had we won a court case we would have never seen anything from the contractor. They ended up being a couple of con-artist without a pot to pee in. Good-luck to those that are suing this contractor. I hope they get better results and the guy does some prison time but its highly unlikely.

  • airbornemonty Jul 2, 2009

    There is a solution for men and women like him and that is prison.
    The other solution is not to pay money up front. If the contractor asks for payment before starting the work, I would think there was something wrong somewhere.

  • duster 340 Jul 2, 2009

    Around first on May he was in Caswell giving quotes on jobs.