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Some viewers may have trouble seeing WRAL-TV signal

Posted September 26, 2008

— The digital-TV transition is coming, but to get ready WRAL-DT has to change out equipment on top of a 2,000-foot tower.

During the swap, the station will have to broadcast from an auxiliary antenna.

As a result, beginning Monday, some digital viewers – those who watch WRAL over the air without cable or satellite – may have trouble seeing the signal.

The signal will be back to full strength by February.

In the meantime, if you have trouble viewing WRAL, try adjusting your antenna, moving it to a different part of the room or getting a rooftop antenna.

By law, on Feb. 17, 2009, full-power television stations nationwide will stop using the old method of transmitting TV signals, known as analog, and begin broadcasting exclusively in a digital format.


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  • wwilliams82 Oct 1, 2008

    Why is the font size for closed captioning smaller on the HD channels? When I have the TV on the "regular" WRAL channel, for example, the font is a decent size. However, when I put it on the HD channel, the font is much smaller and hard to read.

  • another opinion Oct 1, 2008

    Have been using the converter box with an indoor antenna since June signal strength comes and goes. Not receiving WRAL signal as strong but have gotten used to losing the signal of any stations I can get during their shows. I live 46miles east of Raleigh. Most stations are hit or miss on their broadcast. However a smaLL PRICE TO PAY TO VIEW FOR FREE. I will not pay to watch TV. If signal is bad I turn off the TV and read.

  • Just the facts mam Oct 1, 2008

    Since I moved over to the converter box several months ago, the signal I get is so bad that I solved the problem by just not turning on the TV anymore... Was a little disappointed last week as I tried to watch the Presidential debates but it was very frustrating trying to get a good enough reception to watch them - I think I got about every fifth word.

  • ThisIsMyName Sep 30, 2008

    Speaking of digital TV, Time Warner Cable just lost another customer to it's lack of HD programming. Me! I'm loving my DirecTV.

  • nuncvendetta Sep 30, 2008

    Well, my WRAL over-the-air rabbit ear digital signal strength value went down from 72-75 where it usually is to around 55, which incidentally is still higher values than I usually get from the other two Triangle stations.

  • mcondor Sep 30, 2008

    Sorry to be posting so much on this topic, but I was just pleasantly surprised to receive an email from a WRAL engineer who confirms that:

    the auxiliary digital transmitter is located on the same tower where the primary transmitter is located (just at a lower height). The tower is located just southeast of Garner, so try adjusting your antenna. Keep in mind, though, that it may take some "trial-and-error" due to the auxiliary transmitter's lower position on the tower.

    Thanks to all - Mark

  • mcondor Sep 30, 2008

    scoopershd wrote "Mark (mcondor) - did you read my post up a couple ?"

    Yes, that they are using the same tower but with the antenna 600 ft lower is a common practice, however, I note that in order to pick up the signal I had to rotate my antenna much more towards the south (from Durham) than previous, so I continue to be a little confused.

    - Mark

  • bbad238 Sep 30, 2008

    I live in Sanford and I can get an HD Signal from WFMY News 2(CBS), WGHP Fox 8, and ABC 45 all in the Greensboro area but nothing from WRAL which should be much closer to me. There's a problem somewhere.

  • scooperhsd Sep 30, 2008

    Mark (mcondor) - did you read my post up a couple ?

    I'm getting very adequate signal up in Youngsville

  • imtiredofit Sep 30, 2008

    scooperhsd, You are correct when you say no guarantees. That appears to be a very optimistic chart of the coverage area. I am in the Swift Creek area just south of Raleigh and can no longer receive WRAL digital since they switched to the alternate transmitter. That chart appears to indicate that they could be transmitting all the way south to Fayetteville, I find that to be quite a stretch since I can't get a decent signal a few miles south of Raleigh.