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JK Harris refunds available until Sept. 11

Posted September 2, 2008

— North Carolina consumers who did business with tax-relief company JK Harris can still get their money back, state Attorney General Roy Cooper said Tuesday.

“If you did business with this firm and did not receive what you were promised, you still have time to request a refund.” Cooper said in a statement. “I encourage all eligible North Carolinians to take advantage of this opportunity for a refund.”

Any customer in North Carolina who did business with JK Harris and did not receive the services promised should file a complaint with the N.C. Attorney General’s Office, the Better Business Bureau or the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs by September 11, 2008. People can contact Cooper’s Consumer Protection Division in North Carolina at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.

JK Harris, based in South Carolina, claimed to be able to settle debts with the Internal Revenue Service for pennies on the dollar. Cooper contends that the company did not help consumers with their tax problems as advertised and refused to give refunds when people complained that promised services were never completed.

In June, Cooper and attorney generals from 17 other states won an agreement from JK Harris that requires the firm to stop misleading consumers about its services and pay $1.5 million in refunds.

Under the agreement, JK Harris must make clearer disclosures to consumers. The company must tell consumers under what circumstances they might qualify to reach a compromise with the IRS on back taxes.


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  • Sunne Sep 4, 2008

    oldnavychief - sue them; they cannot sue you for libel unless what you say is untrue.

  • Tax Man Sep 4, 2008

    JK Harris is just a bunch of phonies - they cannot deliver on their promises because there is no truth to their statements. You should never pay companies like this until you receive the actual services. Get a written guaranty and tell them to take their fees out of your refund! If they can't do that they are phony. Gotta pay for those fancy advertisements somehow - don't give them your money.

  • oldnavychief Sep 4, 2008

    angelluv - it was only the threat of bad publicity that got me my refund - I suggest a scathing BUT FACTUAL e-mail to anyone in any state and all news agencies with JK Harris on the cc line - that's what worked for me - cite the news report that they are issuing refunds and are not in any hurry to do so - remember, be very accurate in your details - these folk's release that you have to sign is VERY draconian and restrictive -

    early in my JK Harris torture I actually got through the receptionist and talked to a live person!!! - I was so frustrated that I told him it was worth it to me to take a full apge ad out in the New York times detailing what I had gone through and the reponse was they would sue me for libel!!!

    Just thinking about what I went through has me angry and all torn up!!! - I dearly wish someone coluld sue them and shut them down - this agreement to refund will not stop these folks -
    gotta go, I'm to upset to continue - fight the good fight my dear, you will win

  • ANGELLUV Sep 3, 2008

    I have yet to receive my refund. I have filled out all the claim forms and etc and still no refund. I have been fighting this battle for about 4 years. Any suggestions?

  • methinks Sep 3, 2008

    My husband actually got his refund with no problems because of my legal background. But that firm is bogus. They do nothing they say they will. I am glad the attorney generals are watching him.

  • oldnavychief Sep 2, 2008

    Finally!!!!! - I fought this company for many years - only after I sent an e-mail to all the local news operations, the major networks and the major newspapers around the country with a copy to JK Harris did I receive an approximate 60% refund of the almost $2,000 I had paid in - the severe emotional turmoil this caused over several years cannot be calculated - I literally cried on the phone trying to get someone to talk to me - I pray no one ever has to experience what I did at the hands of this company -