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Woman gets refund of Firedog's extra fee

Posted April 25, 2008
Updated April 29, 2008

— A Wake County woman’s dispute with Circuit City is over.

Tiffany Byrd is receiving a refund of the $169 she paid extra to have her TV mounted above her fireplace.

Byrd contacted 5 on Your Side recently after she purchased a 40-inch Samsung TV from Circuit City and hired the group’s sister company, Firedog, to install it over her fireplace.

Byrd said she was told she’d have to pay an extra $169 to have it installed because it was going over her fireplace. That’s because most fireplaces have brick, stone or other hard substance behind the wall, and installers have to drill through it.

“According to the installer, when he did it, it was basic installation, basic, normal installation. There were no extreme measures taken to actually get the TV up,” Byrd said.

The installer also noted that on the receipt, writing, “Basic wall installation. Waive Charge.”

After taking the receipt back to Circuit City to get her credit, Byrd said the manager told her they “don’t do that.”

When 5 on Your Side got involved, Circuit City Spokeswoman Jackie Foreman repeatedly said, "It's resolved," no matter what question was asked.

In an e-mail Thursday night, Foreman said that while "Byrd's installation was not standard…due to a miscommunication; Ms. Byrd will receive a refund."

Foreman also apologized.

Byrd told 5 on Your Side she is thrilled and expects to receive refund soon.


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  • sevirj Apr 30, 2008

    And yet, another reason I drive by Circuit City to go to Best Buy!

  • jockeyshiftspringer Apr 30, 2008

    I never liked Circuit City anyway. It's like going to a car lot; you get accosted by salesmen wanting to help you. I just like looking around at new technologies, seeing what’s out there. If I see something I like, I’ll go home and do my homework and research the product. Usually I know more about the product at purchase time than the salesmen.

    I'm glad the lady is getting her money back.

  • BlackRob Apr 30, 2008

    This is another reason why Circuit City is going out of business, just like CompUSA. Poor service and the sales people still try to sell the excess inventory - even if they're not on commission these days. Good ridddence, Circuit City, as Blockbuster cannot save you! Go Best Buy!

  • ForeRight Apr 29, 2008

    Circuit City is still off of my list for ANY purchase! This lady's experience of poor customer services, sales deceit and management misbehavior is not unique. The company does not deserve to be in business. Whether you purchase from Best Buy or some other vendor, use your dollars to vote Circuit City out of business!

    I had a pretty negative experience and when challenged the manager of the store in Raleigh across from Crabtree Valley Mall made statements that were inaccurate and when I pointed out that she was incorrect the woman got belligerent. I don;t know of anyone that has had a good experience at a Circuit City store in recent years.

  • blueskies Apr 29, 2008

    Commonsensical, in thier defense???. In my opinion they don't have much of a defense. Whether she paid in advance or not, they took advantage of the situation and charged her too much. If it were you being charged too much, I am sure you wouldn't be singing the tune you are now. For the installer to say it was basic installation, and "corporate office" is saying something totally different to get out of paying the lady the money, I think this is wrong!!! Best Buy gets my vote!!!!

  • commonsensical Apr 29, 2008

    In their defense, she agreed to the charge ahead of time. Caveat emptor.

  • Xiaoding Apr 29, 2008

    CC fired all their experienced employees, and now the company is for sale. Good riddance.

  • rugrat462 Apr 29, 2008

    I agree with "another perspective" this so called manager dont even know what was done there. I guess he thinks because they had to reach over a fireplace, its "not basic". I guess that employee will be fired now for costing the company $169, but look how many customers they will be losing because of this story...they last mine...hello best buy..

  • Another Perspective Apr 29, 2008

    I love how the install guy that actually did the work at her house noted on the ticket that it was a basic install but some other suit who has never even been in the house or seen the work won't admit fault. There are plenty of other electronic places to chose from. A perfect example of why you should avoid this one.

  • solly93 Apr 29, 2008

    "Byrd's installation was not standard…due to a miscommunication; Ms. Byrd will receive a refund."

    God forbid they actually admit a mistake.