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Woman Calls 5 on Your Side When Wrong-Size Windows Are Twice Installed at Home

Posted February 13, 2008
Updated February 14, 2008

— Windows are to look through, but you can’t help but look around the windows on Leslie Pinckney’s home.

“It makes me mad. Look at that,” said Pinckney as she showed 5 on Your Side around her home.

Ten of 12 new windows in Pinckney's home have a gap around them. They have been like that since November.

“You come home everyday and this is what you see,” Pinckney said.

Pinckney hired Alexander Joyner of AJOY Design and Construction to fix her roof, replace her windows and do a few other repairs. He was supposed to finish by the end of September. Pinckney paid him nearly $12,000 of the more than $15,000 bill.

The roof job was fine, but when the windows arrived, they were the wrong size and had to be reordered.

In mid-November, a new set of windows arrived, but they, too, were obviously the wrong size.

“I cannot understand if this is your business, why do you not have the proper measurement,” Pinckney asked.

What is worse is that she didn't find out until after the windows were installed that they were wrong. Pinckney said she can't imagine why the installer put in the windows when it was obvious they were not fitting properly.

“You would have to know (that) you're putting in the wrong window, to have this kind of space. You've got to know you've got the wrong window,” Pinckney said.

The windows are a problem on the outside and inside. Pinckney said she had to cover the windows with tape-lined plastic to keep out the cold.

Joyner offered to try again at installing the windows, but Pinckney just wants the windows removed and her money refunded. When Joyner told her she would have to pay restocking fees and other expenses, she called 5 on Your Side.

Joyner, told 5 on Your Side that Pinckney is the first unsatisfied customer he has had in 10 years. But he promised to refund $8,053: the amount she paid, minus the cost of the roof and the two windows that fit correctly. He said the windows were ordered incorrectly, once by the supplier and once by the installer.

Pinckney should have her money back next week, Joyner said. Pinckney said she will then hire someone else to do the job.

“I learned a whole lot from the process. You can believe me, it won't happen to me again. I'll tell you that,” Pinckney said.


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  • skinnycow Feb 18, 2008

    Pikemom, it is laughable that you of all people would comment on a post that you felt had some grammar defects. Perhaps you are unaware of all of the incoherent drivel that you post if so, you should go back and read the history of your comments. And while you are at it, how about hitting the space bar after you use a period. Thanks!

  • blackdog Feb 15, 2008

    ...see comments on education....

  • PikeMom4real Feb 15, 2008

    That contractor knew those windows didnt fit and didnt care of what it would have looked like as he put them up since he in fact put them up.


  • blackdog Feb 15, 2008

    ...the installer had no concern for the customer whatsoever. The contractor had no concern either, since he didn't eat the restocking fee and make it right. This goes way beyond mere incompetence. And I swing a hammer for a living.

  • skinnycow Feb 14, 2008

    That contractor knew those windows didnt fit and didnt care of what it would have looked like as he put them up since he in fact put them up. She has every right to demand her money and she shouldnt pay a dime of that restocking fee. If that had been ordered properly the first or second time then there would be no need to restock. It is the contractors error therefore the restock fee should come out of his wages. She needs to go on Peoples Court or Judge Joe Brown..

  • angora2 Feb 14, 2008

    There's no incentive like bad PR. Good job!

  • ncweddingdj.com Feb 14, 2008

    JUst because the AJOY guy's subocntractors measured, and this is their business, does not mean it was correct. Like a 4 year old kid, they had to actually try to fit the rectangular window in the different shaped hole (the frame). Close enough, Then they naile dor screwed themin, and that was it. Close enough. Did she mention the square front door? Installers have a different idea of what "fit" means. So, apparently, does AJOY.

    This company is a subsidiary of HOLE, from the same group.

  • HappyGirl08 Feb 14, 2008

    Crazy mess! I mean I can't believe they installed them when they were wrong the second time. They should have stopped and figured out how to get them ordered correctly. And, I'll just never cease to be amazed at his gaul to insist that she pay a restocking fee. Good for her for getting help! I sure wouldn't have put up with that either!

  • blackdog Feb 14, 2008

    ...they were supposed to be 34 and a big little mark...not 34 and a little big mark...

  • just my2cents Feb 14, 2008

    He's have alot of guts to tell me I'd have to pay the restocking fees for his mistake x's 2!