5 On Your Side

Man Indicted in Botched Remodeling Job

Posted February 12, 2008

— A contractor at the center of a 5 on Your Side investigation was indicted Tuesday on theft and fraud charges.

John Shearer was hired in 2006 to remodel the Wake Forest home of Carol and George McPhaul. Shearer's company, Home Remodeling Solutions, was supposed to make their home more handicap-accessible.

Carol McPhaul is legally blind, and her husband has had a stroke and is on oxygen therapy.

The McPhauls said they paid Shearer almost $125,000, but he left them with unfinished rooms, holes in the floor and live wires dangling from the ceiling.

The state Attorney General's Office sued Shearer last July, accusing him of deceptive and unfair trade practices.

The indictments charge Shearer with stealing the McPhauls credit card, obtaining property by false pretense, filing a false police report and felony theft.


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  • souljp1 Feb 18, 2008

    I think PikeMom4real is in with these bad contractors, why else would she make a crazy statement like "I don't understand why people turn to a news channel to tell their business!Why can't these people go to the Attorney General,etc. It's like WRAL wants to turn into a Dr.Phil's office."

    If I got ripped off like these people did I would call the News and whoever would put them on Blast and let the World know. Good job WRAL....

  • PikeMom4real Feb 15, 2008

    This is when you use the INTERNET.


  • skinnycow Feb 14, 2008

    You are 100% correct NCMOMO..if it wasn't for the news then all of the contractors and volunteers that helped finished the job that this jackleg botched would probably have never been done since no one would have known about it. It is horrible for folks to take advantage of people, especially the elderly. I hope this loser gets all that he deserves and more!

  • NCMOMof3 Feb 14, 2008

    One poster said they didn't understand why people turn to a news channel to tell their business. Well, sometimes no one else is listening and getting "their business" on the news and out there for the public to hear is the only way to get anything done. I wonder if the public had not been aware of what this contractor had done, if anything would have happened to him? Also, if the law had failed to act, at least the public would have been aware of his horrible business ethics

  • PikeMom4real Feb 14, 2008

    I don't understand why people turn to a news channel to tell their business!Why can't these people go to the Attorney General,etc.
    It's like WRAL wants to turn into a Dr.Phil's office.

  • dlb800 Feb 14, 2008

    "how he lives with himself is beyond me"??????

    EXCUSE ME???? In a world where people want the government
    to take responsibility for their mistakes? In a world where
    "IT's not MY FAULT!!!!"

    Get serious. Look at RIGHT NOW... how many houses are being
    forclosed on??? If you can't afford a house, then MAYBE, just
    MAYBE you shouldn't be buying one.

    If you can't afford children, then MAYBE, just MAYBE you
    shouldn't have them. If you don't understand birth control,

    If you can't afford car insurance, then MAYBE, just MAYBE you shouldn't be driving.

    People are getting more stupid every year because they expect the government and other people to take care of them. Not only that, but they don't have any morals either.

  • homer s Feb 13, 2008

    how he lives with himself is beyond me.

  • bigredtruckman Feb 13, 2008

    Throw this man under the jail and let him rot there with the rest of the vermin.

  • fedupwithitall Feb 13, 2008

    It's nice to see losers lose.

  • Jokers Wild II Feb 13, 2008

    I can remember when this case first came about, such a heart breaking story. I do not see how this "man" and I use "man" lightly.. could take advantage of disabled elderly people like he did and even go to sleep at night. One good thing came from all of this though, WRAL and alot of volunteers came to the rescue and got the house fixed up so it was in livable condition, and they went BEYOND livable condition's and made it a absolutely nice home! I can remember feeling a over-whelming since of anxiety and joy when they were finishing the house! Anyway, I hope this clown serves time in prison for his stunt.. There is absolutely no excuse for his behavior!