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7 Complain to 5OYS About Raleigh Contractor

Posted January 31, 2008

— A Raleigh decking company faces a dozen complaints and owes thousands of dollars in court judgments after customers said they forked over thousands in deposits but don't have any decks to show for it.

Homeowner Monty Monteith was among the seven who complained to 5 on Your Side about Dimensional Decking, owned by Phil Piurkoski.

Monteith hired Piurkoski in May 2006 and paid a $2,000 deposit on a $5,500 total. Over the next two months, however, Monteith could not reach Piurkoski, despite "multiple phone calls and e-mails. Multiple," he said.

"I understand if you can't get to your phone for a week because you're on vacation, but when you own a business, you need to be able to get back to people within several weeks regardless," Monteith said. "Especially when you're holding their money."

Monteith said that Piurkoski only returned a phone call once, so he took Piurkoski to small-claims court and won a judgment.

During that process, Piurkoski "never showed up. Never responded to the summons. Never responded to the lawsuit. Just took our money," Monteith said.

More than a year after hiring Piurkoski, Monteith saw 5 on Your Side's October story about Dimensional Decking on WRAL.com.

Paige Briggs and her husband also paid Piurkoski a $2,000 deposit and also don't have a deck to show for it. After 5OYS called Piurkoski in October, he met with Briggs, but she still does not have a deck.

Seven customers complained to 5OYS about Piurkoski, and 12 filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB gives Dimensional Decking an unsatisfactory rating.

Records show that courts have issued five judgments, totaling more than $19,300, against Piurkoski in the past 18 months. Six other judgments date from 1989.

When Piurkoski stopped returning 5OYS's phone calls, we went to his business, which he operates out of his home in north Raleigh. He was not there, but 5OYS has since talked to him by phone.

Piurkoski said he had a "lousy year," that he got "way behind schedule" because of "problems with crews" and that he should be "back on schedule by mid-March." He promised to refund Briggs $2,000 and pay Monteith his $2,000 in two weeks.

Piurkoski emphasized that he wants people to know he is “not a bad person” and reiterated that his work got delayed. He admitted that he could have done a better job communicating the delays to customers.

Monteith said he does not care what caused Piurkoski to get behind and only hopes that he will follow through with the promised refund.

"I don't care. We all have issues. We don't have to steal money," Monteith said.


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  • POINT BLANK Feb 5, 2008


  • ncweddingdj.com Feb 4, 2008

    THis "contractor" is a crook. NOt use sugar coating it. It still is manure if it smells like manure. The guy who built my stuff beautifully, on time, happily, etc. is from Durham---Harry Woods (477-3207). Kudos to an honest man, doing work he loves. Vote with your pocketbook--hire the best you can find and never have to worry about the crooks like this guy.

    So he gave you a price $500 cheaper? COunt the stress, the time you spent chasing his sorry a--, etc. YOU paid more.

  • willis2 Feb 4, 2008

    If he needs to get a permit to build a deck can't the permitting agency stop him from getting permits? Stealing does make him a bad person. I would have thought an arrest warrant would have an effect after he failed to respond to court judgements.

  • annculter Feb 1, 2008

    The guy has a $500,000 house. I understand people can have bad years, but he should have enough assests to get these peoples cash back asap.

  • no.ral.old guy Feb 1, 2008

    As a contractor I am always amazed At these stories. People check out my references, I get the big deposit after the permit is issued and begin work within 1 day of material being delivered. I tell my customers if I don't return your call within an hour, during the daytime, CAll me again! . I also tell my customers if you're not happy with my service, here's MY WIFE"S phone Number. I don't want my wife mad @ me!!!!

  • Glass Half Full Feb 1, 2008

    ...judgements dating since 1989????

    If he's got judgements going back that far this is not a one-time thing, and yes, he is a bad person becuase he is stealing from people. Anyone who won't return calls and doesn't answer summoms' and doesn't defend himself in court is not acting in good faith. It's a shame he's been allowed to continue to operate a business and rip people off.