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Low Sanitation Grade Closes Hillsborough Street Restaurant

Posted October 1, 2007

— A Raleigh restaurant has been shut down due to a low sanitation grade.

A sign on the door says that Gumby's Pizza on Hillsborough Street is closed because of oven and electrical issue, but WRAL's 5 on Your Side found out there is much more behind the shutdown.

The most serious violation cited by the inspector was food-temperature concerns. The inspector noted a lot of cheese, chicken wings and other food was being left at potentially dangerous temperatures.

The restaurant scored a 70.5 in June, barely a C grade. Then in mid-September, a manager requested a re-inspection.

In June, the inspector had said equipment needed to be replaced or repaired, but it wasn't. The inspector also said he told the manager a cheese shredder needed to be cleaned before it was used again. A couple of hours later, the manager used it anyway, according to the inspector.

Another violation noted by the inspector was condensation dripping onto the food prep line. Food storage containers were also said to be dirty, surfaces dusty. And despite previous requests for equipment repair, the inspector said nothing was done.

The score given by the inspector was a 60.5. Gumby's was closed until further notice. WRAL tried to contact the local operator as well as the chain's president and vice president in Florida, but was unable to reach them. The inspector plans to meet Tuesday with the local owners.


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  • delete meee now Oct 3, 2007

    ewwwwwwww!!! Makes u wonder what they are puttin in the pizza...

  • orange dude Oct 3, 2007

    Ya'll go to Hillsborough. There is a small plaza, on one end is the chinese resturant, the other end is a Vet office and in the middle, a lawyers office. Now that will keep the food legit!

  • smitty Oct 3, 2007

    I went there a few months ago, it smelled like sewer gas in there.

  • clickclackity2 Oct 2, 2007

    To the poster..I think Ten Ten on Western had already been shut down before and of course reopened! I'm surprised at how people still eat at some of these restaurants when they know that they're dirty. Half of the inspections are alot more lenient than we actually know. I could see being the unsuspecting, uninformed consumer but when you have inspections to go by, I don't understand.

  • Laringar Oct 2, 2007

    I really liked their pokey sticks and wings, myself, but the last time I ate there the food was a lot worse than it had been... then I found out a couple days later that they had just gotten their C. I haven't eaten there since.

    Incidentally, they also weren't posting their sanitation sign... they'd let it fall down behind the counter to hide their bad score. Probably another reason the inspector was cheesed at them.

  • validpoint Oct 2, 2007

    Maybe they should go in business with Food Lion.

  • DrunkSober Oct 2, 2007

    Ten Ten on Western Blvd should be the next to go.I think everyone should eat at home,generally.Or if you cant cook, get a wife!!!!

  • NCMOMof3 Oct 2, 2007

    I agree with PetLovin,knowing how much it takes to get a grade below an A, I won't eat at a place that has a score of 92 or below. But, even very clean and reputable establishments will get you. I never sent anything back to the kitchen. It just doesn't pay to tick the kitchen personnel off. Spitting, boogers, dirt, you name it will go into your food before it comes back to you. and, no I don't eat out very often!

  • turkeydance Oct 2, 2007

    used to have a job in the restaurant industry.
    i walked into the prep rooms and back rooms of 6 or 7 everyday.
    i will never eat Chinese again. Every Single One, Every Time
    was Nasty. i kept thinking that Raleigh had really bad ones,
    but Greensboro, Greenville, Wilmington...ALL were gross!

  • gopanthers Oct 2, 2007

    This place sounds just way to Nasty. My opinion is they have no business being in business period!