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Sources: Mattel to Announce 3rd Toy Recall

Posted September 4, 2007

— NEW YORK (AP) - The Associated Press has learned that Mattel will announce Wednesday the recall of a third batch of Chinese-made toys because they may contain excessive amounts of lead paint.

Sources briefed by Mattel executives said the latest recall by the world's largest toy maker will be for three Fisher-Price toys and several accessories to a Barbie playset. The recall will reportedly involve several hundred thousand units.

According to one source, two of the three Fisher-Price products being recalled are from the GeoTrax rail and road system.

No comment from Mattel.

In August, Mattel issued two recalls for more than 20 million toys. Most were recalled because of concerns over lead paint.

With more than 80 percent of toys sold worldwide made in China, toy sellers are nervous that shoppers will shy away from their products in this year's critical holiday season.


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  • blackdog Sep 5, 2007

    ...this is a consumer based economy...in other words...it is the same dollar bill in your pocket that was in mine yesterday...

  • Greene Giant Sep 5, 2007

    Who found out about the lead paint to begin with? Seems the manufacturers & distributors of products should spend more time checking for safety to begin with, but who knows (or is it who cares?) It would have saved Mattle a bundle, but would they have done a voluntary recall, or is this one? Remember made in Japan? How about Indonesia, or Thailand? Hard to find a label saying made in the USA. Do we sell anything to anybody except for Weapons? Or do we buy them too? Oh well, if we are buying from everyone else, where are we getting our money from? And if we aren't making the money we should be making, who's going to pay for all the expensive programs NC seems to be pushing, like roads, bridges, good schools. Or is anyone looking to see if NC is watching how it builds its products. Hope we don't get another I-40 mess, especially in our bridges & schools. All the people in NC need is more taxes to pay for any future expenditures for botched jobs, or for roads that we never have money for.

  • SkySkySKY Sep 5, 2007

    Buy the educational tops like LeapFrog and the real real cheap toys and we wont have this problem. Do they realize how hard it is to take an Elmo away from a little boy??? "Sorry honey, Santa needs these toys back cause the elf's made some mistakes making them."

  • myview Sep 5, 2007

    Mattel probably needs to check it's bright red logo for excessive amounts of lead paint . . .


  • blackdog Sep 5, 2007

    ...When are we (our country) going to start making items here again ? We did it before...

  • dryhumper Sep 5, 2007

    What's wrong with lead paint? Our kids are being taught to be a bunch of pansies. I used to play with shards of glass when I was growing up.

  • CestLaVie Sep 5, 2007

    gopanthers: Contact WRAL re your question as to why they remove all the posts regarding an update.

    I had a question for them recently & they replied pretty promptly, with an explanation.

  • cmaslady Sep 5, 2007

    So has anybody asked the question "Is China doing this intentionally?" Not paranoid ... just wondering!?!

  • gopanthers Sep 5, 2007

    Now why do they do that? remove all the post when they update a story?

    Response from GOLO:
    We receive several versions of a story from the Associated Press throughout the day. When that happens it's treated as a brand new story, and therefore has a new comments section. The old comments you're referring to are accessible and remain connected to the original version.

    Angela Connor, GOLO Managing Editor