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Company to Stop Trying to Get Around Do Not Call List

Posted September 4, 2007

— A direct-to-consumer bed seller will change its selling tactics after being accused of tricking consumers off the Do Not Call Registry.

The North Carolina attorney general's office said the contest entry forms Craftmatic mailed to people included information authorizing the company to call them about products. So consumers who signed up for the contest, inadvertently, also signed up to receive telemarketing calls from Craftmatic, even if they had their telephone number listed on the Do Not Call Registry.

“Tricking people into signing away their right to stop telemarketing calls isn’t the way to do business,” said Attorney General Roy Cooper in a statement Tuesday. “Telemarketers should respect the wishes of people who’ve made it clear they don’t want these calls.”

Under an agreement signed last week, Craftmatic must make it clear on future mailings that signing up for the contest will result in telemarketing calls. Craftmatic must also stop calling people when asked even if the consumers’ numbers are not on the Do Not Call Registry.

The agreement came about after nine consumers complained to the attorney general about getting unwanted telemarketing calls from Craftmatic.

Approximately 4 million North Carolina phone numbers have been placed on the Do Not Call Registry since it began in 2003. Consumers can add their home and mobile telephone numbers to the list by going to www.nocallsnc.com or calling 1-888-382-1222 from the number they wish to register.

To report telemarketers that break the law, call 1-877-5-NO-SCAM or go to www.nocallsnc.com to fill out a complaint form.


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  • Deep thoughts Sep 5, 2007

    Like Steve, my better half has a good time with these calls. Like TruthBKnown, I have very little patience for them. Getting a call from a computer is the absolute worse! If your going to waste my time at least have the decency to do it in person.

  • TruthBKnown Sep 5, 2007

    You don't HAVE to be nice to telemarketers. When I realize it is a telemarketer on the phone, I politely tell them I am not interested. (Don't give them some lame excuse because that gives them something to workaround and they will continue...) I give them about 2 seconds to hang up "gracefully". If they continue with their script, I just hang up the phone without warning.

  • brassy Sep 5, 2007

    There's a fix for that - don't sign up for contests. It's just a ruse to get your information.

  • Deep Thought Sep 5, 2007

    Steve is tooooooo funny.

    My mom got a call from the "eternal lightbulb" She made them repeat things several times then at the end when they asked how many bulbs she'd like to order, she said 8,000. The caller said "You're kidding" and she said "Right" and hung up. For some reason her unsolicited calls decreased. I wondered if there is some sort of list of obnoxious people the telemarketers share. If so, she was on it.

  • vol80 Sep 5, 2007

    Listen to Tom Mabe's cd if you want to hear someone really playing some pretty funny jokes on telemarketers. He has some good ideas you could use.

  • knelsud92 Sep 5, 2007

    Before moving to Charlotte, I made sure we got an unlisted phone number when we moved in. That cuts down on the calls. We are NOT on the DNC list, because I'm kind of afraid of putting ourselves on another government list. The political calls don't bother me that much, because my wife and I are registered Republican, and the only calls are to remind us to vote. Sometimes, I almost wish a Democrat would call...If you are unaffiliated, you will get more calls.

    When I had a listed number, I did some of the stuff Steve did, especially the foreign accent. If one company wouldn't leave me alone, I'd blow a ref's whistle into the phone. Nobody would call after that :).

    I just don't understand how these companies can be profitable. I don't know of anyone that actually buys something because of a phone solicitation, unless it's a reminder call.

  • wheat Sep 5, 2007

    steve crisp that is too funny. I think I would pay to hear you do some of those things.

  • CestLaVie Sep 5, 2007

    headlong: You don't have to yell at them; just report them to the AG office - you even had their name!!

    SteveCrisp: You are too much!! Sorry, but I don't have that kind of time to play with them.

    When I get these calls, and I DO get them even with being on the DNC list, I say, "hold on please", put the phone down and walk away. The call won't release until YOU hang up your phone, so the company is stuck and on the hook until you release your end of the call. That could sure put a dent in productivity for them. I've put little sticky notes on each of my home phones to remind my husband & I what to do.

    Happy Hiker: Yes, I can and I will give the callers a hard time. As employees, they can do like I did re employment - get some more education, no matter what level you are at now!!

  • Happy Hiker Sep 5, 2007

    It's not really fair to give the callers a hard time. These are people desperate for a (lousy) job, who are just as much victims of the telemarketing companies as we are. I just screen calls between 5:30 and 7:00 PM. Since my generation still thinks it's impolite to call at dinnertime, it's rarely anyone I know calling, and this foils the great majority of telemarketers. Unfortunately, the politicians excluded themselves from the do-not-call list. So get ready for a barrage of calls as election season approaches!

  • NC to GA Sep 4, 2007

    I am sure that I am not supposed to promote business on here... but I use www/voicepulse/com and they have a telemarketer block that you can turn on and off at will.

    It plays those "three tones" that causes auto-dialers to hang up before the phone begins to ring. It sometimes causes others to hang up too, if they don't wait 1.2 seconds to hear the normal ringing that follows.

    There's TONS of other features, like selective call blocking where you can even have the system play a "not in service" for certain numbers and also any numbers where the call is private or blocked you can reject. Sorry for the serious plug here... I swear I don't work for them but it beats the pants off Vonage and Time Warner's phone service, plus it's only $25 and it has more features than any other non-traditional phone service. Not to mention that it isn't the rip off that the cable company charges for this type of phone service.