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New Parents Need Basics for Bundle of Joy

Posted April 18, 2007

It can be hard for new parents to know where to start, so Consumer Reports compiled a list of baby basics to make sure you are ready for those first few months.

Getting ready for your baby's arrival is exciting and stressful at the same time.

"(It's) a little overwhelming because there's too many choices," said Laura Radigan.

"Now that the baby's coming closer, (it's) the anxiety of 'Oh, I have to have everything ready,'" said Maria Pietracatella.

In the clothes category, Consumer Reports said onesie sleepers are essential. They keep your baby warm at night without a blanket. One-piece undershirts that snap at the bottom are also useful.

"Babies also need two or three comfortable daytime outfits. But everything doesn't have to be in newborn size, because babies outgrow those things really quickly," said Artemis DiBenedetto, of Consumer Reports.

At bath time, Consumer Reports said soft, hooded towels are indispensable. They recommend you get at least three. Consumer Reports said you will also want lots of baby washcloths and some baby body wash that doubles as shampoo.

As for bedtime, Consumer Reports recommends at least four soft cotton blankets for swaddling. You should also have two or three fitted sheets for your crib.

Consumer Reports said you should skip bumpers and quilts because a crib is safer without them.


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  • lawpirate is still around Apr 24, 2007

    Amen 27228. Babies r us is OVERWHELMING to a first time mom...especially those that weren't fortunate enough to still have their own mothers around. Way too many choices and no one tells you what you really need. By the way, I didn't have my first baby shower until my daughter was 4 weeks old. If I'd waited on my shower for the things I needed, I would have been in trouble!

  • 27228 Apr 22, 2007

    I think the issue isn't that expectant mothers don't know what they need, it's that there are so many sources telling them that they NEED things that are totally unnecessary--and that if they don't get all of the stuff then they'll be bad mothers.

  • eitaka Apr 21, 2007

    LOL NappyHeadedHo... both your comment and your screenname. :-)

  • North Carolina Native Apr 21, 2007

    they do need help... (my oldest is 17 now) but I had to go to a baby shower for an expectant first time mother so I went down to Target where she had a registry... this woman had 21 pages of things she wanted for her bundle of joy... LOL!

  • 1Moms_View Apr 21, 2007

    Two or three outfits? If mine had only had that few, I'd have been washing clothes all day as much as he spit up! Must have been a slowwww news day!

  • face-in-the-crowd Apr 20, 2007

    Skip bumpers? No way, they were perfect for our little one (and for us not having to worry that she might end up on her stomach in the middle of the night, which is apparently taboo even though mankind seemed to have survived before this was the advice du jour).

  • wakeresident Apr 20, 2007

    peppercorns - you're exactly right! Some of our friends didn't understand why we didn't buy all matching furniture, sets, etc. Now that our little one is here, I feel relieved if her sheet is clean. And that's after she's gone through both of the sheet savers I have down, lol.

  • Pebbles Apr 20, 2007

    This was a silly news article. If your responsible and going to the prenatal classes the hospital will give you all you need and the rest you get from a baby shower. Haven't we been doing this for years... we need a packet now?

  • cheekygreek Apr 20, 2007

    WRAL,what kind of idiots do you take people for? Consumer Reports my foot,If one is pregnant and don't have a clue,well and alternative would have suited them better...Common sense,and wisdom from your own mother,is the best.

  • gratefultoGOD Apr 20, 2007

    LOVE.. safe home, food, did I mention Love and safe home?// THAT"S what they REALLY need.