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Remodeling Gone Awry Sends Woman to 5 On Your Side

Posted April 12, 2007
Updated April 13, 2007

— A local homeowner frustrated turned to 5 On Your Side for help after several unsuccessful attempts to a contractor to fix problems with remodeling work.

Mildred Gunter said she paid Edison Perkins Enterprises $21,250 to do various projects around her house, from rebuilding a deck to replacing siding to installing some new floor covering. She said some of the projects, such as the expansion of a doorway and a paint job, came out fine, but other parts have real problems.

The floor covering in the kitchen, a hallway and two bathrooms has ripples in it, Gunter said.

"It moves around. One day, it may be (one) way. The next day, you'll come, and the waves may be going (another) way," she said.

Gunter also said she isn't happy with a tub surround Perkins installed, saying water has gotten behind it already.

Rotting trim wood is also an issue, she said, noting Perkins was supposed to replace it before he covered it with siding. But when wind blew off some of the siding, she said she noticed the damaged wood is still there.

Gunter said she called the contractor repeatedly and also sent a certified letter. But she said Perkins returned only one phone call.

"If he would have acknowledged my phone calls or my letter, I would have appreciated that. But it's as though, 'I got your money, so I could care less.' and I don't like that," she said.

When 5 On Your Side called Perkins, he said he installed the flooring "to specifications" and said he replaced rotted wood everywhere he replaced siding.

He said Gunter turning to 5 On Your Side for help "seems like overkill," and he agreed to meet at her house. He never showed up.

When 5 On Your Side went to his home in Holly Springs, he wouldn't come to the door.


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  • bigt16701 Apr 18, 2007

    something smells fishy, lmao

  • no.ral.old guy Apr 17, 2007

    As a contractor, I have seen mant, many people disappointed with previous contractor's performance. They all seem to have several common points, 1.Homeowner took low bidder., 2.Gave job to some guy with a truck instead of a real business., 3. No Contractors License, a business license is NOT the same..4. Gave 1/2 to 2/3 of $$$$ up front.
    Remember, low bid does not equal top quality.

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Apr 17, 2007

    Some of these contractors don't seem to understand that it costs them much, much more in bad press and bad mouthing by a disatisfied customer than it does to just fix the problems even if it is at a "loss". Contractors that do the right thing prosper, the others struggle or go under eventually.

    The sad thing is that this guy will probably just change the name of his company and start over ripping people off.

    Lesson is to have the contract modified to have penalties for work not completed on time and in a satisfactory manner. Also, like another poster said, don't do business with companies that want all the money before the job is finished to your satisfaction. There are companies in this area that will do that type of work and don't take a dime until you are totally satisfied. Those companies have nothing to hide...

  • xchief661 Apr 17, 2007

    Dude!!! Just go fix the ladies stuff and end all this. Even if it costs a little on your part, its really more worth it to you to 'JUST DO IT'. Stand behind your work and you will get the business otherwise this one incident will kill your livelyhood. If you really stand behind the work you did you should have gone to the meeting and explained and defended your work. I know you didn't win the lottery. How do you plan to make a living! "JUST DO IT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nc lover Apr 15, 2007

    Brad good point. Check them out with the BBB before you hire.
    And you can also check with your Local Attiorney's Office as well. People do lodge complaints with that agency to.

  • darkness Apr 14, 2007

    he was a crook for christs sake dont get all idiotic and start lynching the honest with the thief

  • Slip Kid Apr 13, 2007

    Not too good on the siding job either! I'm not aware of any recent storms that had winds enough to blow off properly installed siding. The contractor should either make it right or give Ms. Gunter most if her money back so she can get it fixed right.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  • At Work Apr 13, 2007

    Thats why you dont give them the full check till all work is finished to your taste and make sure the job would be fixed if any problems would come up after the work is finished, ex. the rotten wood.

  • Bradley07 Apr 13, 2007

    Also just as a tip check them out the Better Business Bureau
    http://www.bbb.com/ even if they don't have anything listed on the company, you can write to them. They will usually check the company out for you @ no cost. Saves on getting stung!

  • Z Man Apr 13, 2007

    In general, very few contractors I've hired delighted me with their skills and work. Often we pay for craftsmen and get apprentices. If you want it done right you need to do it yourself! Applies to most everything.