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More Allegations Made Against Area Landscaper

Posted March 28, 2007

— More complaints complained about a local landscaper with a long history of problems.

During the almost nine years that 5 on Your Side has dealt with allegations against Tim Wrenn, he has operated landscape companies under several different names. The issues listed are very similar, as has the responses to WRAL’s calls -- until now.

Last October, Monica and Jamal Jones hired Wrenn, owner of South Valley Landscaping and Masonry, to spruce up their yard.

“He was going to pull up these bushes right here and move them to the back yard,” Monica Wrenn told 5 on Your Side.

Wrenn was also supposed to plant trees, make a flower bed and lay sod for a total cost of $4,000. Since Jamal Jones had previously worked on Wrenn's home audio system-- the couple went ahead and paid him $2,000 up front.

“We usually don't just give people money until they finish the job, but of course since my husband had known him previously, we went ahead and gave him 50 percent down because he said he needed the money to buy the materials,” Monica Jones said.

But she said weeks passed without a word from Wrenn, so she called him repeatedly.

“He kept giving me different stories,” Monica Jones said. “He had pneumonia. He had bronchitis. He had the flu. It was raining.”

In November, she asked for her money back. She said Wrenn told her the check was in the mail, but the couple never received it.

The Jones’ story is similar to several previous alleged incidents involving Wrenn. In 1998, a homeowner complained to 5 on Your Side she paid Wrenn -- who then operated under the name Autumn and Aquatic -- more than $2,000 for landscape work that she wasn't happy with.

In 2000, Wrenn took money from another homeowner to build a water garden, but then left the yard a mess. After 5 on Your Side called, he refunded the homeowner $2,500.

In 2005, Wrenn -- then operating as Southern Exterior Concepts -- ripped up a yard and left unplanted trees withering in the summer heat for several weeks. He didn't finish the job until he got a call from 5 on Your Side.

The Better Business Bureau now lists eight complaints against him.

Thus far, 5 on Your Side has been unable to reach Wrenn regarding the Jones’ dispute. His phone numbers are disconnected and he is no longer at the address previously used.

Wake County real estate records show until recently, Wrenn and his wife, Alicia Hair, owned a $600,000 house in Raleigh. The new owners of the residence told 5 on Your Side that several people, including police investigators, have called or come by looking for him. Wrenn is due in court next month on bad check charges.

Janet Jones said she realizes she may not get her money back, but she does want to get the word out about Wrenn.

“He's probably getting rich ripping people off,” she said. “He doesn't actually have to buy any materials so he's put all that money into his pocket. He's probably a wealthy man right now.”

To see if a landscape contractor is properly licensed within the state of North Carolina, go to the North Carolina Landscape Contractors’ Registration Board's Web site.


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  • SpenceConstruction Apr 19, 2007

    My fiance and I contacted a Lawyer about Tim Wrenn. Tim Wrenn owes Spence Construction (our company) over $5000.00 for unpaid labor for a beautiful trex deck built onto the house that he just lost. This lawyer suggested that we put a lien on his house. We did not we wanted to wait and sue him in district court.

    Not only does Tim Wrenn scam other people with his own businesses, he scams other hardworking people that do work for him.

    His wife Alicia Hair, whose last name he holds (his real name is Tim Hair after marrying Alicia), should be held accountable as well. We even called her and she was no help.

    He told us that he was waiting for a check to clear and that he would have our money on several different occasions. We never received our money and will continue to fight it!

  • Elvira Apr 16, 2007

    As a follow up to another story about Tim Wrenn. I am a landscape supplier here in Raleigh. Mr. Wrenn wrote me $35,000 in bad checks in 2004, to date, he still owes me over $14,000. I have sued Mr. Wrenn and have been able to have the Wake Co. Sheriff Dept. repossess some of his personal property.

    I do not expect to collect on any more moneys owed however.

    I find fault not only with Mr. Wrenn personally, but also with the State of NC for allowing individuals like Mr. Wrenn to simply change there business name and return to business and continue to steal from customers and suppliers.

    Mr. Wrenn, and others like him, should be held accountable for their actions and not be allowed to do business in this state, as well as have any future income set aside to pay past debts.

    Until the laws in this state are changed making stealing illegal, Mr. Wrenn and others will continue to operate as Fly-by-Nights outfits stealing from homeowners and suppliers.

  • zsaz Apr 11, 2007

    Our family has lost thousands of dollars being scammed by Tim Wrenn. We have tried to get to him through Small Claims Court & even the Attorney General's office, but with no success. Is there any way several of us could get together & file some kind of suit against him? Does anyone know where in the world he is? He clearly belongs in jail instead of living high on the hog with the money he has taken from all of us. Maybe we could pool our information and figure out a way to take action.

  • My Camel and Me Apr 2, 2007

    Create Landscaping Co... $55
    Get tools... $78
    Getting ripped on WRAL ALOT... Priceless

  • nursevb8 Apr 2, 2007

    Getting buff and cut? Steroids aren't cheap or legal. Maybe I should try this type of job. Take money, work a day or two and amke enough for the month. Sounds good to me. Why should so many people have to go to small claims court. Everyone needs to get together and get this guy put away.

  • momof2 Apr 1, 2007

    yukonjohn3-It's been about 7 years since I last saw Tim--he wanted to date a friend of mine----don't know about coke--he was into weight lifting and body building if that says anything. He was all about getting big and being cut and did whatever it took to get there. Another mutual friend told me about a year ago his health was not to good because of that. It's sad because he was really nice and seemed to really have a lot going for him. Unfortunately I think a lot of athletes go down this path trying to stay on top of their game and who knows where it leads from there. This doesn't excuse what he's done to innocent people. I do hope he gets his life together before its too late. He needs to take responsibility and make things right with a lot of people

  • yukonjohn3 Apr 1, 2007

    momof, it sounds like your buddy has a coke problem...or worse yet, meth. Hope he gets his act together before it kills him.

  • Scarecrow Cow Apr 1, 2007

    I am absolutely dumbfounded by the fact that he is not in prison right now.

  • Get a clue Mar 31, 2007

    Nine years of problems. Has to be something criminal enough to lock him up for here.

  • erikbenz Mar 31, 2007

    Tim stole a very large amount from me after being hired to landscape my yard while my pool was going in. He was recommended by the largest vinyl pool companies in the triangle. Mike the owner of this pool company are personal friends and Mike recommended him first hand. The only comment was "he may be a little expensive" This qualifies as the understatement of 2006. Thank you to Monica for helping me with Tim even though my contract with him was open ended and she was not able to air my story. Five on your side may be able to encourage the state of NC and Wake County to put a con artist thief in prison where he belongs. I find it appalin that I can ask friends if they have had landscaping problems and his name always comes up. I have heard he is "working" in landscaping in the DC area now. Maybe the government up there won't be so easy on him.