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Daylight-Saving Time

Posted March 9, 2007
Updated March 11, 2007

— If you plan to watch the ACC Championship game Sunday, don't forget to switch your clock or you’ll be an hour late, wondering why the game began without you.

The annual switch to daylight-saving time is this weekend—but it’s never been this early. This time, thanks to a law passed by Congress, we’re making the change three weeks earlier than we did traditionally. What happens is that at 2 a.m. Sunday, it suddenly becomes 3 a.m.

Moving the date could throw some of your gadgets out of whack.

“This is more an annoyance and not a disaster," says Lance Ulanoff of PC Magazine. Nonetheless, switching on a date other than the first Sunday in April could set off a string of software snafus.

The main impact for consumers will be that some gadgets pre-programmed to make the change in April won't be able to cope.

“Many people have phones that keep their calendars, their appointments. So this becomes more critical," Ulanoff said.

Though service providers say most cell phones and smart phones will automatically update the time, experts say that with smart phones, you'll likely have to update the computer software with which it synchronizes information.

Visit your software providers' Web sites for advice.

Your cable box and most DVRs will update automatically, but you will have to manually change the time on VCRs.

Computers that run Microsoft Windows should be OK, but you will have to manually change the computer’s internal clock if you have an older operating system.

Now if that all seems too much of a hassle, you can just wait three weeks for your gadgets to catch up with the country—and just hope you remember that your times and appointments will be an hour out of kilter in the interim.

If you do need to change your computer's clock manually, keep this in mind. You'll need to do it four times: On Sunday, again in April when the computer sets itself for the old daylight-saving time switch, then twice in the fall. Software companies all have updates you can download.


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  • 777 Mar 15, 2007

    "Was this Nancy Pelosi's idea?"

    The bill was actually a Republican thing. Bush was the biggest proponet for it and the only "nay" votes in congress were from democrats.

    But, go on thinking everything that inconvieniences you is somehow tied to the Democrats, instead of accepting the fact that both parties are useless and evil.


  • Mrs. Keep It Real Mar 15, 2007

    I would like to start a petition to get back the hour in the morning. This morning when the alarm went off for work, I cracked open one eye and saw it was still dark out, so I smacked the snooze and went back to sleep...that was 6:10. I finally heard the alarm going off again, turned over to see a speck of light and thought it was 6:45 or so - but no, it was 7:30! Because of this new DST, I had to call my boss and explain that I was going to be late because I had to bathe.

    Darn this DST!

  • RedStatesManWatts Mar 12, 2007

    This time change is killing me. It will take a week for me to get used to it as it always does but this is too early for this. Was this Nancy Pelosi's idea?

  • plcj Mar 12, 2007

    Go DST and in reference to "Go State" go Tarheels!! :0)

  • packandcanesfan Mar 12, 2007

    It will be nice to have more evening light but it sure is tough getting up in the dark and arriving at work in the dark at 7 AM.

  • tdaniels Mar 12, 2007

    Know that the time has changed, I think we should leave it alone and not do all this move forward move backwards. I will enjoy the Daylight Savings time.

  • Here kitty kitty Mar 12, 2007

    I grew up in Indiana where only part of the state changed. If you worked in a non-change county, you had to make sure your alarm clock was set so you could get to work on time. It could be confusing, but I have always enjoyed the extra hour in the evening. I don't mind it starting earlier this year.

    This weekend, I DID NOT lose an hour of sleep. I set my clock ahead around 9am Sat. and went from there. Adjusting has been much easier than before. When fall rolls around, I leave it until the next morning, set it back an hour and go back to sleep.

  • mrcritic Mar 11, 2007

    why would you complain about having longer daylight.... you people are losers and need to get a life

  • tothedj Mar 11, 2007

    The story you reported regarding "Daylight Savings
    Time" needs a slight correction, back in early 1974
    in order to "save energy" Daylight Savings Time
    started in January that year, but the next year it
    reverted back to what it was prior due to many

  • UmmmK Mar 11, 2007

    Really! thanks for enlightening me!! I see you fell for my goof as only a Democrat could!

    Speaking of the sun, I think you've been out in it too long...

    now, back to the ACC championship game....Go State!!