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Judge Hammers Contractor With Repayment, Probation

Posted March 7, 2007

— A contractor who took thousands of dollars from an Apex couple, but left their remodeling job in a shambles has to pay them back, and he's on probation to boot.

Dec. 6 last year, 5 On Your Side reported on Jim Rupp and his company, All Your Wishes Construction. Earl and Regina Monson had paid Rupp $9,000 last March to remodel their bathroom, but the job was not done.

Rupp had begun, but then left the job unfinished for months. In addition, the Monsons found out that most of the work Rupp did do had to be ripped out and redone because he had not obtained permits for it and inspectors would not approve it.

When 5 On Your Side tried to talk with Rupp, he appeared smug as he spoke in slow, broken syllables, “Okay, I'll slow this down now. You're rolling right?” Rupp slowly continued, “On advice of my attorney, don't talk to you.”

Rupp then blew kisses and waved.

While Rupp didn't respond to 5 On Your Side, he did have to answer to a judge.

He pleaded guilty last week in Wake County District Court to basically taking the Monson's money and not doing the work. The judge gave him three years' probation and ordered him to pay the couple more than $9,400 in restitution.

The Monsons have since hired a new contractor. They say their project is almost finished and looks great. They said they were relieved that Rupp was held accountable.


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  • RUN1UPNYA Mar 13, 2007

    Smug jerk got off easy. One day he is going to screw the wrong one, and 3 years probation will seem generous.

  • FragmentFour Mar 13, 2007

    This is a perfect case for a slightly different legal tact - not punative justice but restorative justice. As far as I can telll, there is no organized Restorative Justice system here in the Carolinas, but it is working well in other parts of the country. For those not familiar with the concept, Google Restorative Justice and take a look - cheaper than drawn out courts and jails, restoration to the victims, and forced responsibility for the wrong-doer. Beats what we have here now for this type of crime.

  • Bigjob Mar 13, 2007

    I agree that the court's action against this man was fair, however, WRAL's actions seem decidedly less so. My impression is that the occasion WRAL chose to air was not the first time the reporter had asked that question. Might it be true that the man's sarcastic response arose from frustration at being badgered and pursued, rather than from a disregard of his contractual responsibilities.

  • JessGH Mar 12, 2007

    justplainamerican, greedy people and liars existed forty years ago. It's just when there is a larger population, there are proportionally going to be more bad people. Murders and robbing didn't start twenty years ago. I remember my parents saying how everything was going to heck in a handbasket, and now I'm seeing my contemporaries starting the same cycle themselves.

  • MadBiker Mar 12, 2007

    Maybe the new name for his company could be "Your Worst Nightmare Construction"?

  • BLA BLA BLA Mar 11, 2007


    If a contractor cannot afford materials at the beginning of a job, that right there should be a red flag, unless the homeowner is getting the materials. Be wary of these "shady" tree contractors and ask for references from them as well as photos of work.

  • BigMoneyJ Mar 10, 2007

    These people were trying to help out someone they knew, he needed the work and that is why they provided some of the money up front, he was unable to buy the materials. I am glad the judge gave them a fair shake, these are hard working people who didn't have almost 10k dollars to lose.

  • Iwasasoldier4u Mar 9, 2007

    jeneric43 your solution is the way it should be but there are too many people that love and have a need for money more than anything in this world. I would give anything to have it the way it was 40 years ago when you could leave your door unlocked,trust a stranger with your kids, a million dollars a year was enough for the oil companies and I could go on for days. We do not live in that world anymore and a lot of people are out to get anything and everything you own and they can get for nothing. It is a shame but that is the way it is.

  • jeneric43 Mar 9, 2007

    probation was given to ensure he pays restitution. he will never see inside of jail. probation is a crock. I agree, he should have to do remodeling as a means of performing community service in addition to restitution. This would come closer to "teaching him a lesson" than jail or any fines would.

  • jeneric43 Mar 9, 2007

    justplainamerican, yet another solution, be honest. Simple as that. If someone pays you x amount of money to do x amount of work in x amount of time. Do it! Regardless of when you are paid.