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Dry cleaner takes two years to resolve issue of lost jacket

Posted September 17, 2012

— Lavette Bullock dropped a suit jacket off at a dry cleaner in Durham's Southpoint Crossing Shopping Center. But when she went to pick it up, the jacket was missing.

"They went in the back and looked, and they couldn't find it," she said.

That was in 2009. At the time, it was the $1.97 Cleaners. Now, it's the $2.15 cleaners.

"He said, 'I promise you we'll going to try and find your jacket, and if we don't, we'll take care of it,'" Bullock said.

Months passed, no jacket.

The owner sent Bullock a check. She wasn't satisfied with the depreciated amount but eventually decided to accept it.

"Finally, I said you know, forget it. Let me just take my $25.81 and move on with my life," Bullock said. "The check bounced."

Bullock immediately called them when the check bounced, with no response.

Bullock dealt with owner Baron Rose.

5 On Your Side: Dry cleaner Dry cleaner takes two years to resolve issue of lost jacket

"It's the principle," she said. "It's poor business practices."

5 On Your Side dealt with Rose about another dry cleaning issue at another shop two years ago. A viewer complained he ruined her wedding dress.

"It's disappointing but not surprising," Bullock said of the previous complaints.

"I'm not doing this just about the jacket," Bullock said. "It's about making sure other people know that this guy is not a fair businessman. You can't treat people this way and continue to have a good, reputable business."

5 On Your Side went to the business to talk with Baron Rose. He wasn't there. 5 On Your Side talked by phone with his wife, Renita.

She said the initial check bounced because they had to close that account. Ironically, she says that day she was finally able to look into the situation, saying, "I agree it has taken a little time."

A few days later, Bullock received a new check  for $53.81 – the initial $25.81, plus $25 dollars to cover the bank's bounced check fee.

Bullock cashed it and now after almost three years, can finally put the mess and her missing jacket behind her.

As for her missing jacket, Bullock says: "It's over. Somebody's wearing that jacket."


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  • geoherb1 Sep 21, 2012

    Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode.

  • unipride Sep 18, 2012

    On the contrary if you have a cost of replacement clause on homeowner's insurance than the repairs/goods etc ARE the cost of the new car - to put you back where you started. Oh and yes cars get NADA value but items in the car damaged are replaced at full cost.

  • superman Sep 18, 2012

    When you have an item that is old--you never get what it would cost to buy a new one. You ever had an accident. At best they would pay you the blue book value. You think they going to buy you a new car or a new jacket?