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Clayton man struggles to get dishwasher repaired

Posted June 25, 2012
Updated June 26, 2012

— It's always frustrating when an appliance stops working, even worse when it's a new appliance. 

But normally, calling a repairman gets most issues fixed. 

The repairman was the hold-up for one of our viewers, and that's why Jerry Gabriel called 5 On Your Side for help.

His $1,400 Viking Professional dishwasher was recalled because of a possible fire hazard. He wasn't too concerned until "all of a sudden this pop, boom," described Gabriel of the noise he heard one night.

"We came out here and checked all the fuses, and sure enough, this one had flipped out."

While draining, the dishwasher tripped the circuit breaker, twice. Gabriel immediately stopped using it.

"I didn't want to be shocked, and I didn't want to be electrocuted, and I didn't want my house burned down," he said.

Viking sent the replacement parts in April, but it took another month to get a repairman to his house.

The reason: "They don't come to Clayton," Gabriel said. "It's simply cut and dry," they told him. "We're not coming to Clayton."

Repairman refuses Clayton call Repairman refuses Clayton call

The recommended repair companies in Raleigh told Gabriel they didn't want to drive 17 miles out to his home. Laughing, he told us, "We live so far out, they won't even come."

When he couldn't get it worked out with the company, Gabriel contacted 5 On Your Side. We contacted Viking.

"This lady called me the very next day from Viking," said Gabriel.

They got in touch with a repairman, paid the mileage, and got him to Gabriel's home.

"Amazing that they would respond to you quicker than they would me, since I'm the one that paid for it," said Gabriel.

The repairman showed up and fixed it.

"When you can put them in a dishwasher and forget it and never hear it, that's luxury," said Gabriel. "But when you have to hand wash a dish and dry them and put 'em up, that is no fun!"


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  • jakej. Jun 29, 2012

    If you look at consumer reports you see the high end brands like viking and the sort seem to be in the bottom of barrel in term of reliability. If you stick with Whirlpool, kenmore brands this type of problem almost never happens. Of all the appliances we have owned GE has been the worst with a bad washer, and bad refrigator.. My mom had a GE stove in her house for years with no problem. It was replace with a newer one when the burners start giving problem after 30 yrs. GE rates high in stoves not in anything else.

    Maytag are junk as well.. they rate just above GE in dishwashers failures.

  • halfpint1552 Jun 29, 2012

    I have a Kenmore dish washer from 1986. it's the ugliest thing you have ever seen but still works great. They just don't make things like they used to!

  • rlwieland Jun 27, 2012

    Stay away from those high end brands like that. We put Kemore Pro in a mill+ home, never had a problem and did not affect resell one bit. Had they broke down the parts are right here in the US, unlike many of those brands, like Viking. AND you save a lot of money!

  • concerncitizen Jun 27, 2012

    Can you say Maytag...........

  • jrrgabriel08 Jun 26, 2012

    The cost of the dishwasher and the circuit breaker is not the point. A part was recalled and a repairman was not willing to come out. Hadco, the distributer for Viking, is ultimately responsible because they do no pay the service tech for the milage. What happened could happen at any price range.

  • joeBob Jun 26, 2012

    "The dishwasher popped the fuse twice". I would think a house that looks like his with a $1400 dishwasher would have circuit breakers instead of fuses. And, it wasn't the mileage that was an issue. It was what Viking was willing to originally pay for service techs to make the recall repairs. Also, Viking doesn't make dishwashers, some other manufacturer does and brand labels it for Viking. So what he has there is a $800 dishwasher with a $1400 Viking label on it.

  • bcde Jun 26, 2012

    I have a theory about appliances, the more 'bells and whistles' on them, the more likely they are to break or have problems. I now try to get the appliance that has what I want on it and nothing extra beyond that, and so far my appliances are lasting longer. :o)

  • Fuquay Resident Jun 25, 2012

    at $1400 the dishwasher should load and empty itself too

  • superman Jun 25, 2012

    Cant believe he paid 1400 for a dishwasher for his house. Most be nice to have plenty of money. I could have had 4 dishwashers for what he paid for one.