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Apex homeowners don't see refund from no-show tree trimmer

Posted May 24, 2012
Updated May 29, 2012

— A Wake County couple who called 5 On Your Side after they paid a $200 deposit to a no-show tree trimmer still hasn't received the refund they were promised.

Suzanne Stephens said she and her husband hired Glenn Derrek Anderson to take down two trees from their Apex property after he knocked on their door with an offer they couldn't refuse.

He said he would remove the trees for the low price of $750, but after immediately cashing a $200 deposit check from the couple, he never showed up to do the work, the couple said. 

A 5 On Your Side investigation uncovered years of unhappy customers who paid deposits to Anderson and never saw anything in return.

Over the last 17 years, he's been in and out of prison in at least two states, including North Carolina. Among the long list of convictions: forgery, grand larceny and taking money from people but not doing promised work.

Anderson's company, Derrek Anderson Tree Service, also known as Creative Treescapes, has an F Rating with the Better Business Bureau because of customers who say they paid him hundreds of dollars in deposits for work that was never completed.

He told 5 On Your Side earlier this month that he isn't "a scammer" and that he would refund the Stephens' deposit.

The couple said Anderson called their home to say he would drop off the money, but never did. 

Anderson has not responded to messages from 5 On Your Side this week.


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  • general01 May 30, 2012

    You know, I wish I was as perfect as "Scare Crow" and "superman" and all I had to do was chime in and make people that already feel bad from having made an honest mistake, feel that much worse. I'm sure that the both of you have made mistakes, but did you have someone rub your face in it? Does this make you feel better about yourself? I mean who calls themself "superman" anyway? Really? That tells me everything I need to know about you.

  • southerntalent May 30, 2012

    never heard of paying a tree trimmer upfron,ever

    only contractors who need to purchase supplies

  • Six String May 30, 2012

    What amazes me is the number of times he has done this and is still not in jail. How many times do you have to steal in order to be deemed a criminal?

  • Scare Crow May 25, 2012

    For the life of me I don't understand how a complete stranger can show up on someone's doorstep and walk off with their money (without the use of a gun no doubt). I don't get it!!! You don't know them, you don't know where they live, or NOTHING about them and you give them a check for $200. Wake county has the highest number of college grads, well ecucated people, smart. How dumb is this? These people are gypsies, this is what they do. PEOPLE, DON'T GIVE ANYONE ONE DIME UNTIL THE WORK IS DONE TO YOUR SATISFACTION, PERIOD!!! When will you learn?

  • lets go fishin May 25, 2012

    He has at least $600 of my 80 year old dad's money. Dad knew better but he trusted the man. Lesson to all never pay for labor or materials until work has been satisfactorily completed. This scammer will one day have to give an account to his Maker. He will hear the words "depart from me".

  • 12-21-12 May 25, 2012

    Can we see his picture please?

  • superman May 25, 2012

    Now really did you believe that he was going to refund their money. Fooled you once and then fooled you twice. Maybe you wont be so quick to believe him a third time. It cost about $150 to file small claims case so they can just forget the money. A tree trimmer does not need a deposit. If they ask for him just tell them you changed your mind and not interested. But then people really get foolish when they think they getting a good deal.