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Buying in bulk can mean big savings

Posted March 28, 2012
Updated March 29, 2012

— Ever leave a grocery store with a big bill in hand wondering what just happened? 

Buying in bulk may be the answer. Shopping bloggers say warehouse stores are the way to go when trying to save money on things that get used all the time.

Even for smaller families or single people, there are plenty of non-perishable items that can be purchased in bulk. 

According to some frugal shopping experts on Yahoo Finance, there are five things everyone can save money on by purchasing in bulk. 

  • Paper products: Paper towels, toilet paper and tissues are worth stocking up on, if storage space is available
  • Bottled beverages: It may not be the greenest purchase, but buying drinks in bulk can save big bucks. The higher the quantity, the higher the savings
  • Diapers: For growing families, purchasing diapers in bulk is a must. 
  • Meat: The price per pound is usually significantly less when purchased in bulk. Split up the purchase and freeze it properly, and it can be a great way to save
  • Gum: Sure, it's not very oversized, but buying gum in bulk can save you 20 or more cents a pack. 

With graduation season right around the corner, paper plates, plastic silverware and plastic cups are also good to get. Anything that isn't used will be ready to go for the next graduation.

Five ways buying in bulk pays Five ways buying in bulk pays

Personal care items, shampoo, bars of soap and razors are also worth pricing at warehouse stores. And don't forget about the family pet. Dog food and dog treats can be purchased in bulk, but Yahoo Finance says to keep an eye on expiration dates.


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  • opuntia Apr 4, 2012

    Every year I do the math before I renew my membership. Every year I get the same answer: for my family, the savings on milk and orange juice pay for the membership. The rest of the savings are mine to keep, including saving on gas. And BJ's takes coupons.

  • luvstoQ Apr 2, 2012

    After "paying" to shop there, it's not a bargain for us - they package in large packages(or multiple boxes, etc.) so unless you are familiar with "per unit" pricing they draw you in that way. I do much better with sales and coupons at regular stores where I DO NOT have to PAY to shop. I don't play mind games with my money.

  • snowl Mar 30, 2012

    I was holding off with my opinion. But really the truth.. is I would never spend money for something that I might use later on and have to put into storage. When my neighbor moved to Texas she gave away all her surplus "savings" of items that she could not fit into her move. That did not pay off for her, but some of the neighbors made out just fine....lol. Minimal is my motto.

  • superman Mar 30, 2012

    I do not pay to be able to buy from a store.

  • Pseudonym Mar 30, 2012

    I have never ever noticed any savings when buying from these "warehouse stores." In fact, you tack on a membership fee and you're actually paying MORE.