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Quality Monuments replaces stone, gives relief

Posted February 15, 2012

— After months of frustration, Ernestine Inman is finally feeling relief.

"I can't believe it's there, but it is," said Inman.

Inman is one of several viewers who contacted 5 On Your Side in the last few months complaining about issues with Quality Monuments in Fayetteville.

Inman paid $1,400 for her husband's headstone. It came with a barely readable date, scratches and dark splotches.

5 On Your Side went to Quality Monuments last month to talk about it with owner Phyllis Hester Rittenhouse.

"That was not good enough for her (Inman), and so I told her I'd replace it, free of charge," said Rittenhouse. "And it's not something that I had to do."

That day, Rittenhouse also said she hadn't been out to the cemetery to see the stone. Also, Rittenhouse did not replace the stone by Christmas as Inman said she had promised.

A few weeks later, she met us at the grave site.

"When you see it, what are your thoughts," asked 5 On Your Side's Monica Laliberte. "I wouldn't have it on my family's plot," said Rittenhouse.

Speaking to Laliberte, Rittenhouse said, "Without you honestly calling this to my attention, I had just lost track of things and it made me realize, honestly, that I had to get my heart back into it and satisfy my customers."

That started with Inman. Rittenhouse installed a brand new headstone for her.

"I love it! So pretty!" said Inman. "Makes my heart feel better."

"I just know, going forward, that my heart's in it, and I don't ever intend to hurt anyone else," said Rittenhouse. "It's not just a money situation or they felt like their money was gone, they felt like their heart was hurt."

Rittenhouse says by the end of the month she will replace stones for four others who complained to 5 On Your Side!

"I take sole responsibility for what I've done," said Rittenhouse. "I take sole responsibility for it, and I just want to correct it."

She wants customers such as Inman to finally have peace. "He said he'd give us the desires of our heart, that's what the Lord said, and he's done that," said Inman as she admired the shiny, new stone on her husband's grave.

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  • bubbaOK Feb 17, 2012

    As a rule monuments are not pulled from a top hat rather created near Elberton, Georgia granite quarry in a worksite owned by a profit driven Atlantan, computerized and streamlined.
    Customarily stones are inspected and accepted or rejected at an appointed time at the cemetery or at sales office.