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Cary family looks for answers from cable companies

Posted February 7, 2012

— Considering the amount of equipment associated with making televisions do what they do, changing cable or satellite companies can be a complicated activity. 

A Cary woman ran into problems when a piece of equipment that needed to be returned disappeared! She was left with the bill.

After weeks of trying to get the equipment back, she called 5 On Your Side for help. DirecTV 5 On Your Side gets credit for satellite subscriber

When Jo Klasson switched from Dish Network to DirecTV, the receiver, owned by Dish, vanished. Klasson made numerous calls to get the receiver back, but got nothing but a run around. 

Klasson says DirecTV spent four hours at her home changing out equipment when she decided to change satellite service providers. A few hours after the installers left, Klasson noticed that the receiver was gone. 

"So we call thinking 'Oh, they have it, no big deal.' They'll have it in the truck," Klasson said. "And we called and we called and we called. And no one has the box." 

Klasson needed the receiver to return it to Dish Newtork. If she didn't, she would owe $350. 

"It was a tremendous amount of money, which I could not believe that that receiver, used, cost $350," she said. 

Klasson says she continued to call DirecTV, but got no answer. 

"You'd be on the phone for an hour, an hour 15," she said. "But you would get nothing but saying 'Oh, it's in resolution, they'll get back with you.' And no one would ever call back." 

Weeks passed, but Klasson couldn't get answers. So she turned to 5 On Your Side, which called DirecTV. 

"Within a couple of days, I had somebody calling me from DirecTV," she said. "All of a sudden they're interested."

Klasson's account was immediately credited for $350.

A call from 5 On Your Side also helped erase a $397 cancellation fee Dish Network had charged Klasson for switching services. According to Klasson, she switched because the Dish Network reception for sports channels her famly wanted to watch was bad.


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  • dgcreech Feb 9, 2012

    I have Dish Network myself, and was about to cancel it since I am rarely home anymore. I contacted them to ensure I was no longer in my 2 year contract (either contract or a $99 fee with no contract) and wanted to cancel. I had to return the equipment using my own packaging and pay the shipping myself... even though I had a contract. So if I have a 2 year agreement, what is the agreement for? Clearly it isn't for the equipment, and it wasn't the package price since that too changed.

  • whatmeworry Feb 9, 2012

    Pseudonym: what is on hulu plus and how much is it? I did the same thing you are talking about just not with hulu.

  • concerncitizen Feb 8, 2012

    @housecleanr, I'm with you, we had them at our old address. Was the $397 for breaking her contract with Dish?

  • Pseudonym Feb 8, 2012

    High Speed Internet+Netflix+Hulu Plus+HD OTA antenna=Bye bye cable and satellite!

  • miketroll3572 Feb 8, 2012

    I really like Directv. Never had a problem with them, signal is excellant, HD works great, and all at a great price. Doodlelover is right, some of the contractors they use are not too bright. And Uverse is not that great, my neighbor has it and wishes she had stayed with Directv because of the price she has to pay now.....just not worth it.

  • Doodlelover Feb 8, 2012

    The problem may not lie with DirecTV. Contracted installers are often the ones setting up the service. This has nothing to do with the service that DirecTV provides. AT&T U-Verse is not that great, IMO, so good luck housecleanr! I love DirecTV and pay a fraction of what TWC and U-Verse charge. I would have found out who installed my service and called them. Our installer left all his contact information and was easy to reach with any questions. Glad 5OYS fixed this for this family. Hope you like DTV like I do! We, too, got it for their sports tier :)

  • common tater Feb 8, 2012

    I can't wait till ATT Uverse gets to my neighborhood. Cable and Satty can't compare.