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Share the deals 8/13 - 8/14

Posted August 12, 2011

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Found a deal this weekend? Here's the place to share it!


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  • christinaland Aug 15, 2011

    Anybody live around me?? Off Hwy 39 in selma/clayton/kenly area... till we build again around 40/42 i need some couponers around here to let me know about some swaps!! If there are any... :) Thanks!

  • Nancy Aug 15, 2011

    swmbo - you'll be amazed how many coupons show up and how it really benefits everyone! And word of mouth will make it spread and grow over time too, lots of folks want to save money :)

  • swmbo Aug 15, 2011

    Thanks, Nancy! I thought it could be that simple. I'm going to check with some neighbors and friends and see if they want to give it a try.

  • Nancy Aug 15, 2011

    "I do have a question. I have been seriously considering starting a coupon swap. Are there any basic "ground rules" for swaps? Any advice and guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!" - swmbo

    We have two swap groups that we've been holding once per month each for about 8 months now. What we do is have everyone bring clipped coupons they want to share with the others, and expireds are collected because we have someone who ships them to the military.

    We merely sit down and start passing around packets of coupons and we've gotten to know who is looking for what coupons in particular (their high priority needs) and when someone finds one of those they call out "here's a ~~~" and if there are more than one person in need of that coupon, each time one is found, it goes to the next person needing it etc.

    Casual and fun, lasts about an hour or so, even with 15 people!

  • jenncurlee Aug 14, 2011

    went to Food Lion to get playtex tampons. I bought 7 at $2.99 each. Then used 7 $2 off q's making them .99 each. The best part- a $6 OYNO calalina printed out!!!! I didn't know this deal was going on at Food Lion.

    buy 2 and get $2.00 OYNO
    buy 3 and get $4.00 ONYO
    buy 4 or more get $6.00 ONYO

  • swmbo Aug 14, 2011

    Oh - I forgot - I also bought a newspaper at Walgreens this morining. That was included in my 8.55 total. The more I thought about my previous post the more the math didn't add up. ;-)

  • swmbo Aug 14, 2011

    Did my HT SD shop Friday after work. This is only my second time doing SD and I'm just not satisfied with it. My total was $97 and I walked out spending $44. That was good by just not what I wanted it to be. Hubby was with me and that can be a distraction sometimes. Plus when he is with me we tend to get "extras" that I hadn't planned on. ;-)

    Did an early morning run to Walgreens this morning. I was determined to get Expo markers for my daughter's school. I got 6 packs of makers (free), 3 boxes of Kleenex and 2 boxes of Hefty ziplock bags. My total was 8.55 which I was happy with. I really needed the tissues and baggies so I am satisified.

    I do have a question. I have been seriously considering starting a coupon swap. Are there any basic "ground rules" for swaps? Any advice and guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Nancy Aug 13, 2011

    oops "used to be three" (not "there")


  • Nancy Aug 13, 2011

    Oh Dstnd - I've been clipping my fingers off too LOL - I get 4 papers a week now (used to be there, they're obviously confused!) and then found a source for the free Wed mail inserts at my daughters apartment complex and grab 5-9 a week from there!

    Mercy but I feel sorry for you all having to go through all the coupons I'll be bringing - but know that there will be lots of coupons for everyone :)

    Momboozer - I don't "do" Wally World, I get irritated with what seems to be a constant lack of knowledge with whomever is ringing me up in regards to coupons and they look at them like they've never seen a coupon before - grrrr, I don't have the time or patience to deal with that. Sorry :(

  • bmclamb32 Aug 13, 2011

    I ended up getting a raincheck for the Keri from the 40/42 Wags. I just hope i can find it in stock to use it before my coupons expire!! I though WalMart would price match for anything from a store's ad?? They seem to change their policies all the time...