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Thursday thoughts: Price scan guarantee

Posted July 28, 2011

This week's topic is about the price scan guarantee that many stores have in place. When a product rings up incorrectly, you may get it free using the price scan guarantee!

A Price Scan Guarantee allows you to get a product for free if you are overcharged at the register and you have paid the wrong price. To get the guarantee, take your receipt to customer service as soon as you see that you paid too much.  I always check my receipt before I leave the store to make sure everything rang up correctly. At customer service, they will verify what you purchased and possibly go to the shelf or sales ad to verify the advertised price. Once they see that you have paid more than the advertised price, they will give you the full money back that you paid for the item and you get to keep it. Yes, your item will be free! If you bought more than one, the first one is free and you will be refunded the amount you overpaid for the remaining items. It doesn't happen a lot to me, but I always check my receipt before leaving the store just in case.

Stores that offer a price scan guarantee include Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Kroger and Lowes Foods. Sometimes the cashier at customer service is not aware of this policy so you may have to remind him or her about the policy if they only give you back the amount you overpaid. If they don't know what you are talking about when you mention that you understand that they have a price scan guarantee and you should get the item for free, simply ask to speak with a manager so they can verify the policy with the cashier.

If you get all the way home and realize your were overcharged, have no fear. You can just bring back your receipt to the store during the week of the promotion to get your money back.

Click the link in the box above for links to all the grocery store policies. So, the next time you are overcharged, make sure you head straight to customer service for your price scan guarantee!



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  • batey3 Jul 28, 2011

    I have to check the receipt after I get home. They can be so dang confusing. That said... I had this happen to me the other week at HT. They gave me a full refund on some bread that I purchased.

  • ckp Jul 28, 2011

    OK, so last week at Lowe's Foods, I purchased the Beneful Dog Food that was buy one get one free. I was charged $7.35 for each. I called and they said to come back within the week of the sale. I did and received $7.35 + tax back for the over charge. Should I have gotten $7.35 + $7.35 + taxes back? Just thinking.....

  • tamontello Jul 28, 2011

    This happened to me yesterday at Kroger. I had purchased 2 packages of angus hamburger patties. They were supp to be 6.34 each. They ran up at 7.14. They gave me full refund on 1 of the 2 items, since they were identical & the difference of the overpayment on the 2nd item.

  • HappyGirl08 Jul 28, 2011

    My local FL is bad for this really. I had things scan the wrong price on one trip. Finally got someone to correct the error and give me a refund although to this day I can't figure out their math. ha! Very next trip the same thing happened and the guy gives me only the difference back. I asked about the price guarantee and he said oh no, we don't do that. Now, I knew that was wrong but this store is in my actual neighborhood so its not like I won't ever be in there again. I decided not to put up a stink but I was not so happy.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jul 28, 2011

    kcampbell - on the front page of this blog, there is a box for Grocery Store Coupon Policies with links to all the store policies. I'll add it to the post above. Here is the link:


    Here is the wording on the Lowes Foods policy about the guarantee:

    "What is Scan Right Guarantee?
    If any item scans for a higher price different than the shelf tag, you receive one of that item FREE excluding beer and wine."

    Here is the direct link to Lowes Foods policy:


    I recommend printing out all the store polices and keeping them in your binder or however you file your coupons so you can whip them out if needed! :-)

  • tmsellers25 Jul 28, 2011

    I always check my receipt before I leave. I have had items scan incorrectly several times at HT and they have always given me a full refund with no problem...Other stores have not been that gracious though.

  • rayne0524 Jul 28, 2011

    Faye, kinda funny you wrote about this today. I was given the $1.99 turkey from HT free this morning because it didn't ring up on sale. Since the girl took it off my bill, it is still showing up on my e-vic specials, so looks like I will get another package.

  • ctomblin Jul 28, 2011

    I recently had this happen at HT and told the cashier before I paid. She adjusted the price to the advertised price. I asked to speak with the manager about the guarantee and he said it only applied if you actually paid too much, but that since I caught it before I actually paid, it did not apply. You have to actually pay first then take your receipt to CS for a refund to get the item free.

  • kcampbell113 Jul 28, 2011

    Faye - I have had this happen a few times at Lowes and I have only gotten the difference back, not the full amount. Is there someplace I can print out the policy to keep it with me?

  • HappyGirl08 Jul 28, 2011

    I have to say that at HT at least, if the item doesn't scan at all you also get it free.