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Coupon thief is arrested!

Posted June 28, 2011

Ever wonder if people steal coupon inserts out of the paper boxes? Police caught someone they think was doing just that and arrested her! The  Denton, Texas woman claims she didn't do it but in the video she does admit to taking a paper once when she first started couponing.  I am guessing you feel the same way I do about this one, but feel free to share your thoughts.  Thanks to the folks at the yahoo group: TriangleAreaCouponSwap (run by a couple of our blog members here) for posting the link to the article. Click HERE to read the article.


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  • dstrickland75 Jun 30, 2011

    I have all but given up on couponing. I haven't done any super shopping during the last 3 events at HT. I spend all this time clipping and organizing and on the first day in the afternoon of super doubles, almost everything is out. Just not worth it. I am not a stay at home mom. I cannot be at HT at 7am and make it to work on time so getting there after work on the first day is the best I can do and there is nothing left.

  • tldavids Jun 29, 2011

    people who buy in quantities of 10 at a time sometimes are shopping for others as well. So sometimes a shelf clearer looks greedy but they are really doing shopping for others. I know... I did this last week with All detergent at FL. Got 10 for me, 10 for my mom and 10 for my sister. Also got 5 mustards, 5 KC BBQ sauce, 3 Texas Petes, 9 Pop Tarts, etc. I buy 5 N&Os each week with the home delivery... best deal and no one steals them or the inserts and they come directly to the house. 5 papers every sunday only costs $5.50 each week and is well worth it. I have bought extras (not much) from clipping services and thought they were legal.

  • Nancy Jun 29, 2011

    Single - you wouldn't it if was your route, the people who distribute the papers to the boxes where they are being stolen are losing a lot of money AND time. Watch this video and then maybe you won't find it so funny?


  • Trickat Jun 29, 2011

    clarkk...way back in October, Faye posted that Durham won't have coupon inserts for an unknown duration. I hope for your sake it's resolved soon, but at least you know it wasn't a thief in that case.

  • Supie Jun 29, 2011

    i think this is hysterical.

  • itsmebaby Jun 29, 2011

    claytonsaver: thanks for that! I didn't know what to call it! For those of us who buy just one or two of an item on a super sale (an item that we actually need and use), those folks who are shelf cleaners are absolutely infuriating!

    Nancy: I totally agree!!!

  • heremeaj Jun 29, 2011

    The couponers on this site are polite, helpful and play by the rules. The behaviors we are seeing like trying to bully cashiers and steal coupons are NOT how most of us operate. If I took a peelie and did not buy the item it would be like stealing from one of you. Same for taking coupons out of papers. Not acceptable.

  • clarkk225 Jun 29, 2011

    I stopped getting the Durham paper on Sunday's...no coupon inserts! And nothing burns me up more than to go and buy a paper (N&O) and there be no coupons. My thoughts are that the person before me helped themselves to an extra set! It's painful and almost not worth it to me.

  • Nancy Jun 29, 2011

    That miserable show is hurting not only the ethical couponers, but our cashiers as well!

    One story from my fav cashier at HT she shared with me yesterday:

    Lady rolls up to the check out with 20 boxes of Reynolds foil - is told she can't use more than three identical coupons per transaction. Lady says, fine, I'll just ring them up in separate transactions. Cashier tells her, as long as it doesn't exceed your 20 coupon double limit today, you can do that but you'll have to get to the back of the line for each transaction. Lady goes off on her about that.

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRR - good thing for that lady I wasn't there! I even told the mgr I'm ready to be the customer revenge squad since I don't have a job to lose :(

    I simply cannot stand the behavior we're seeing!!!!

  • claytonsaver Jun 29, 2011

    itsmebaby: that is known as shelf clearing. Something else that gives couponers a bad reputation!