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Harris Teeter deals 6/22 - Super Doubles week!

Posted June 22, 2011

Harris Teeter is rocking the grocery store deals this week with the awesome Super Doubles promotion! Check out a ton of great deals using coupons as well as a number of very good deals on Harris Teeter store brand products on sale BOGO this week!

Below are the deals from the regular ad and then the Super Doubles deals including those from the list we started a few days ago. The best coupon deals from the ad are listed in the Super Doubles list below.

If you are new to Harris Teeter Super Doubles, please read the coupon policies at the bottom of this list. It will make your shopping trip much easier if you know how the promotion works.

Harris Teeter Coupon Policy Basics:

Doubles coupons .99 or less everyday

Doubles up to 20 coupons per day

Doubles up to 3 identical coupons (must have required product to go with each coupon)

BOGO sales ring up at half price. If you just buy one, it still rings up at half price. The policy has recently changed and now states that you can only use two coupons on a BOGO deal. So, if you buy 2 items that are BOGO, you can use two coupons (which is a very good thing!).

Senior discount: Seniors 60 and older receive a 5% discount every Thursday. Discount applies after coupons are deducted.

e-coupons: Don’t forget to add the e-coupons to your Harris Teeter VIC card and remember, you can stack the e-coupons with manufacturer coupons to maximize savings. The link to your e-coupons are in your Wednesday e-Vic e-mail.

E-Vic deals this week: Harris Teeter large eggs, 1 dozen .77, limit 2 at this price – a very good deal!


Cucumbers .69 each

Vidalia onions .99/lb

Zucchini or yellow squash $1.29/lb

Blueberries pint, BOGO

Raspberries, 12 oz BOGO

Strawberries, 16 oz BOGO for $1.99


Chicken leg quarters .77/lb

Ground beef, 80% lean $1.99/lb

Smithfield pork spare ribs $2.27/lb

EZ Peel white shrimp 2 lb bag BOGO

Oscar Mayer beef franks or wieners BOGO - $1/2 coupon from 6/19 and 5/15 SS

Dairy & Frozen

Harris Teeter shredded cheese, 8 oz BOGO for $1.39

Sara Lee pound cake family size $2.50 - .75/1 coupon from 4/17 RP = $1.00 (this would be really good with those frozen HT strawberries on sale BOGO this week!)

Harris Teeter whole strawberries, frozen 16 oz BOGO for $1.50

Popsicle ice pops BOGO for $2.34

Harris Teeter all natural ice cream BOGO for $2.59

DiGiorno pepperoni pizza and wings $5.99 - $1.25 coupon from 4/17 RP = $3.49


Harris Teeter cola 2 ltr .80

Harris Teeter ice cream cones, 12 count BOGO for .99

Pop Secret popcorn BOGO for $1.59 - .50/2 coupon from 6/19 RP = $1.09 each

Pepsi 12 pack 12 oz cans Buy 2 Get 3 Free, regular price is $5.99 so total for five 12 packs = $11.98 ($2.40 each)

Heinz 57 sauce $3.29 - $1 printable  coupon = $1.29

Super Doubles Deals

Tom's of Main bar soap $2 - $1 coupon from 6/19 SS = FREE

Hungry Jack pancake mix $2.07 - $1 coupon from 6/12 RP = FREE

Frank's Red Hot Sauce 4.5 oz BOGO for .72 - .50 coupon from 5/15 SS = FREE

Mueller's whole grain pasta 13.25 oz $1 - $1 printable coupon when register for newsletter = FREE

Ivory bar soap $1.59 - $1.00/1 from 5/1 P&G = FREE

Bounty Napkins 1.99 - $1.00/1 from 6/5 P&G = FREE

Hormel Compleat Kids $2.00 - $1.00/1 from 5/8 SS = FREE

Tic Tacs $ 1.29 - .75/1 from 6/12 RP = FREE

Danonino strawberry 1.99 - $1 from 6/5 SS (we got the .50 /1 coupon but some other areas of
country got $1 so if you ordered any they will be FREE

Coke 20 oz bottles $1.79 - $1.00 off Facebook coupon I posted about last week of so (no longer available) = FREE

Minute Rice Steamers $2.00- $1.00 from 4/17 RP = FREE

Wholly Guacamole- $2.59 - $1.50 or $1 printable coupon when you Like them on Facebook = FREE or .59 (there is actually a $1.50 coupon on there as I type this but it supposed to go to $1 soon)

Mariana banana chips-$1.69- $1.50/2 from 4/10 SS =.38 for 2 (.19 each)

Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats $3.29 -$1.50 off Milo's Kitchen dog treats, from 5/15 RP = $0.29

KC Masterpiece bbq sauce 2.29 - $1/1 from 5/15 SS =.29

Organic valley flavored half and half pint $2.29 -$1/1 from 6/05 RP =.29 each

Kraft dressing BOGO for $1.49 - $1/2 coupon from 6/19 SS = .49

Colgate Total $2.50 - $1 coupon from 6/12 SS = .50

Oscar Mayer subs and flatbread subs $2.50 - $1 coupon from 5/15 SS = .50

Bestlife spread $2.59 - $1 coupon from penguin tearpad = .59

Duncan Hines Amazing Glazes $2.69 - $1 printable coupon = .69

Zest 3 pack $2.79 - $1 coupon from 5/1 PG = .79

Nabisco snack crackers BOGO for $1.94 - $1/2 coupon from 6/19 SS = .94 each

Breakstone's cottage cheese 4-pack $2.99 - $1 coupon from 5/22 SS = .99

Johnsonville smoked chicken sausage $2.99 - $1 coupon from 6/12 inserts = .99

Breakstone sour cream dips - $1 from 6/12 = $.99

Philadelphia Cooking crème $2.99 - $1/1 from 6/5 SS =.99

Smart balance milk $3.99 - $1.50/1 from 5/8 SS (expires 6/22) & 6/5 SS = .99

Snuggle fabric softener $2.99 - $3.99 - $1 printable coupon on Facebook = from .99 to $1.99

Tom's of Maine deodorant $3 - $1 coupn from 6/19 SS = $1 (a good price for this specific brand)

Crystal Light $3.19 - $1 coupon from 6/12 SS = $1.19

Edwards Pie Singles 3.29 - $1/1 from 6/19 SS = 1.29

Kraft mayo, 30 oz BOGO for $2.34 - $1/2 coupon from 6/19 SS = $1.34

Sargento sliced cheese $3.49 - $1 coupon from Penguin coupon display found in some stores recently = $1.49

Stayfree pads assorted $3.69 - $1/1 from 5/8 SS = $1.69

Ore idea sweet potato fries $3.69 - $1/1 from 5/22 SS = $1.69

Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers  $3.69 - $1 coupon from 6/5 SS = $1.69

Cutter's bug spray, various types $2.99-4.99, FREE for the "pen size" style after the $1.50/1 from a few weeks ago (6/5?). - thanks to pss3!

Chips Ahoy Cookies, $2.49, $1/2 from this weekend and also a tearpad q. $1.49 a bag. - thanks to pss3!

Wacky Mac, $1.75, use the $1/2 from several weeks ago (5/22?) to make it .75 a bag (will be even less if it goes on sale). - thanks to pss3!

Uncle Ben's Rice, smallest box is $1.79, use the $1/2 from 5/22 to make it .79 a box (will be even less if it goes on sale). - thanks to pss3!

Reynolds wrap non-stick $1.99 - .75/1 from 6/12 SS = .49 - thanks to Nancy for this one!

DiGiorno pepperoni pizza and wings $5.99 - $1.25 coupon from 4/17 RP = $3.49

Oscar Mayer beef franks or wieners BOGO - $1/2 coupon from 6/19 and 5/15 SS

Coupon policy during Super Doubles:

* HT begins super doubling coupons at 7:00 AM on the first day of the sale. 24 hour stores do not super double coupons before 7:00 AM on the first day (at least that is how it has worked in the past).

* HT will Super Double coupons worth up to $1.98 face value. A $1.50 coupon will double to $3.00. A $1.00 coupon will double to $2.00. A $2.00 coupon will not double at all and will only be taken at face value ($2.00).

* HT will super double/double up to 20 coupons per day. Period. End of story. Spouse's cards registered with the same address are linked because the policy is 20 per household, per day. If you have 20 $1 coupons and 20 .75 coupons, only 20 total will double. They will not double 20 coupons that are under $1 and also super double another 20 coupons that are over $1. It's 20 total per day.

* HT policy is to double up to 3 identical coupons (as long as you buy the product required for each coupon, of course). So, if you have five $1.00 coupons for a product, the policy is to only super double the first three.




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  • sdkordys Jun 23, 2011

    I'm not sure if this counts, but Playtex tampons 18 count are on sale for $3.99. With the $1.50 off coupon there was a couple weeks back, it makes it $0.99.

    This is my first time couponing and I definitely see how much of a difference it makes. I'm looking forward to getting better at it.

  • momboozer Jun 23, 2011

    HT at Cary Towne Center had a buggy full of marked down Crystal Light Packs. You could get one for free with your $1 cpn.

  • momboozer Jun 23, 2011

    Tyler505: I would have spoken with the mgr. Many products have several different scents, mixtures, flavors, etc. and a company cannot possibly put each of those on a coupon face nor would they only issue a coupon for a specific flavor unless trying to promote a new product. She should have gone by the wording.

  • lcsYeah Jun 23, 2011

    Also the crackerfulls are free if you still have the $1.50 off coupon (expires in early july, not sure when we got it, but I missed out on them the last super doubles so it must have been a while ago).

  • tyler505 Jun 23, 2011

    Im in fayetteville too and I was there yesterday morning. Things did go fast, when they start a sale you want to be there early in the morning, after the first day I typically go when theyre restocking the shelves around 1030pm and ill end up checking out around 12am. Thats the best way to get what you want and make sure they have it in stock. They get trucks everyday but monday I believe thats what I was told by employees when they were tripling coupons

  • tyler505 Jun 23, 2011

    Im not sure where else to post this but i have a question. I was at HT last night and was told by the cashier that they go by the picture on the coupon rather than the description. I believe it was a .35 off coupon that I had for tide and the picture had a bottle on it but what I had wasnt a bottle and she refused to take it and I was like I thought you go by the description (I didnt have an attitude I was just trying to get educated) which read something like "any tide product' and she responded with well im not taking it anyways in a nasty attitude. I just wanted to clarify on which one it should be- picture or description?

  • Nancy Jun 22, 2011

    moorepat, actually, with super doubles this week and sale prices combined with those coupons doubled, you can't beat the prices at even WalMart :)

    I think if you read the HT brag thread you'll see what people bought for very little money out of pocket.

    Absolutely fantastic savings!

  • moorepat Jun 22, 2011

    even with the "so called double coupons" you do not save money because the prices are much higher that other food stores. And most of the items are not in stock, even if you go early

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jun 22, 2011

    So sorry you had such a frustrating experience earlychd. By 10 am most HT's are really getting wiped out on the first day. I suggest contacting the store to find out when their next truck will be in so you can go when the shelves are a little better stocked. I hope you can find some of those better buys later in the week!

  • earlychd99 Jun 22, 2011

    my daughter and I arrived at our HT(fayetteville) at 10:00 and they were wiped out of too many things to list. Heard from an ht employee that people were in there at 4am shopping, of course they had to wait til 7am to check out. at first i was upset and disappointed but i shrugged it off. part of my frustrated is knowing that some people in this area are very selfish and buy more than what is allowed, using multiple cards,or arguing and fussing at the cashier and even threatening to call corporate. one lady tried to use photo copied coupons. I did get my foglers coffee(last saturdays special) for 3.47. had a coupon for 1.00 that was sent to me after I contacted company.