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WRAL SmartShopper

Should you do extreme couponing?

Posted June 18, 2011

WRAL's Smart Shopper Faye Prosser tells whether or not you should follow the examples set by people profiled on the TV show "Extreme Couponing."

Coupons! Smart Shopper: Should you do extreme couponing?


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  • boomer3145 Jun 21, 2011

    The thing I find funniest about the show is many are at Krogers which has so many restrictions here. Scotty B ( in Long Island w/ pregnant wife)shopped at a Shoprite which had many limits & restrictions. His was more realistic

  • Oxymoron02 Jun 21, 2011

    There is nothing wrong with taking peelies off product you aren't buying right now. Coupons in the store are a marketing tactic, and most people fall for it. Now, taking ALL of them is just bad form, but there is nothing wrong with taking some. Honestly, I've stood behind people in line that had peelies on their product. The cashier didn't see it, they didn't see it. I point it out, and they don't care (the not caring has been happening less and less, but I still get that response too frequently).

    Taking SOME is fine. Taking ALL is rude, but there is nothing truly wrong with it. People who care enough to save using coupons will notice that there are coupons on some, and take what they need. The silly people who pay full price won't even notice.

  • lcsYeah Jun 20, 2011

    @reneebmomof3, reread what martini wrote. the person she saw was buying PEPSI but taking the extra coupons off of MOUNTAIN DEW. That is the greed to which she was referring. Since the coupons were on the mountain dew, they were meant for people who purchased mountain dew. Change the drinks around (coupons on the pepsi and she bought mountain dew) and now YOU have no coupons for the product you were there to buy, and now you miss out on saving money because someone took all the coupons off of them. It's just frustrating for those that come in hoping to get that better deal.

  • kelcapps07 Jun 20, 2011

    Maybe "greed" is too strong of a term. Yes, people are buying things at a good price to meet the needs of their families. However, it's obvious that lack of consideration for others is widespread.

  • reneebmomof3 Jun 19, 2011

    martini - just a thought...I also shopped my FL this week. Originally, I went into the store to purchase my 30 2 liter pepsi's which are part of their "Big Deal" promotion so regularly priced at $1.25 but if you bought them in quantities of 10, 20 or 30 you saved the additional .50 each making them .75 each which I was super excited about! But to my surprise my store also had the $1/2 peelies on them so yes I took advantage of that deal as $.25 2 liter pepsi's are unheard of! I went into the store with the intention on buying 30 pepsi's anyway so why would I change my mind when I found an even BETTER deal? I just wish people would not jump to conclusions and call it greedy...we have 5 people in our house who have drank pepsi products for 20 years and on average use 1 2 liter per day so 30 pepsi's is only a one month supply for us! I don't consider that greedy...just supplying our family with what we would have been purchasing anyway.

  • beatkay Jun 19, 2011

    Terrific video, Faye, with succinct information and a sensible approach to couponing. Your blog, your classes, and your newscasts are so valuable.

    Thanks for all you do!

  • pete1k Jun 19, 2011

    Very helpful video Faye. I love your comment about couponing for the "good stuff", i.e. not the high sodium, highly processed junky food items.

  • Nancy Jun 19, 2011

    Oxy, everything I've read about those invited to do the show have been told to make it spectacular -in other words, not the persons "normal" shopping trip. It has to have major "wow" factor or the producers are not interested.

    That's why we see the shoppers on that show making comments like "I'm so nervous" as their order is being rung up etc.

    I have not watched a single episode and never will as it's not worth it, but reading blogs that have followed the show and the quotes and information posted, the "extreme" part is pushed hard and that is the whole intent of the show, it's certainly not to teach anyone anything :(

  • martini Jun 19, 2011

    I always make extra effort to use coupons according to the guidelines of the coupon/store/policy.

    The other day I was in FL pick up the Pepsi products that were 4/$5 plus there was a $1.00 off coupon on Mountain Dew, the coupon was $1 off if you buy two pepsi products. I picked up my four pepsi and two mountain dews. Which made my two liters .92 each. I was very happy with that and went down the other aisle. As I was coming back up, I saw a lady LOADING up two carts with Pepsi-she then walked around to each MD and peeled off each coupon. I walked around the store with my mouth gaped opened, I was amazed that someone would do that?!

    It was nice to find the coupons there but for ONE person to reap the benefits of all those "bonus" coupon and do it proudly, serious shocked me. So very greedy, to me.

  • Oxymoron02 Jun 18, 2011

    Faye, you SHOULD go on that show. Not because what you do is "Extreme" but because what you do is realistic (though, let's be honest, to the people who pay full price for stuff what you do IS extreme).