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Harris Teeter triples brag thread!

Posted May 18, 2011

Here's the place to post all your great Harris Teeter Triples buys! What are your totals, what great deals did you find? Let's hear it, Smart Shoppers!

I went shopping Wednesday morning at about 8:30 at Harris Teeter on 401 and Ten Ten - they are so nice at that store! It was still pretty well-stocked, which made me happy!

Here are my totals. You can see the receipt and a picture of the groceries I bought above.

Subtotal before sales and coupons: $64.55

Total saved: $63.75

Total paid: 80 cents!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Harris Teeter?!

PLUS, I will earn $1.00 into my SavingStar ecoupon account because I bought the Wisk which makes the total actually a 20 cent money maker for today's shopping! For more info on the SavingStar ecoupon program see the link in the box above.

I used 4 free product coupons that I received from various sources including a Catalina register coupon for free Taster's Choice, a free Wholly Guac coupon from winning a contest on their Facebook page, a free coupon for Suave from an internet giveaway and a free coupon for Kraft cheese from the Kraft First Taste program. I also used a $5 off $25 Food Lion coupon which I handed to the cashier first before any other coupons were tendered.

It was great to chat with so many Smart Shoppers in the store this morning! Ella - your little one is so adorable and I was impressed to see you in there this morning after just taking the class last night! Dawn - it was so nice to meet you.  Brenda, Barbara, Kim and Judy (who have been coupon buddies for many years!) - it's always a pleasure to see you.  And my thanks to the nice lady (whose name I cannot remember) who sent her friends in New Jersey my coupon organizer set!






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  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper May 21, 2011

    Great job queene!! It was great to meet you and your friends today! Thank you for making the trek to the class. :-)

  • queene01 May 21, 2011

    2nd & last trip to HT (ones not locally so I was up at Faye's wonderful coupon workshop & Made a pit stop!)

    A friend got-- 2 8ct of brawny paper towels, 3 pringles, 2 hefty 30ct of cups, 1 ducan hines brownie mix, 2 airwicks refills, 1 box of decaf tea and 4 bottles of kraft dressing. = 21.67$

    Another friend got - 1 pack of brawny 8ct paper towels, Gillette body wash, 1 kraft dress, 1 jack daniel bbq sauce, and a can of french onion toppers - 6.78

    I got - 1 8ct brawny towels, 3 tony's pizza, pack of peperoni, 2 kraft dressing, 1 5lb of domino sugar, 1 suave deo, 1 degree deo, 2 knorr rice packs and a mahaima rice mix- total 8.78!

    I love harris teeter!!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper May 19, 2011

    pss3 - I have commented on this particular store often. You now know why.

    You are the 2nd person since Wednesday to apologize to me for not having your binder in the store! LOL The next time I get caught without my binder I am afraid you all will send photos to Extreme Couponing and they will come do an intervention. I promise that I get that it's not always convenient to have the binder at every shop. Really, I do. (Just don't let it happen again). ;-)

  • pss3 May 19, 2011

    Had an awful shop at the Wilson HT. Last time I will be going there. I was visiting family in the area and my last few shops have actually been pretty pleasant there. They refused to take my $5/25 from Food Lion. I politely explained that I had already called corporate who OK'd this before coupons and the manager refused. She stated that no matter what the coupon said, it is the store's policy that they must be scanned last and the purchase amount on the coupon must be fulfilled after all other coupons/discounts. The manager was quite snippy in her reply. I understand she was quite busy as they still have all their registers coded to refuse the second BOGO coupon so EVERYONE shopping had to get overrides if they bought BOGO's with 2 coupons.

    After that, she proceeded to go thru all of my coupons and make sure none were DND. I'm glad that I was just making a quick trip for a handful of items without my binder (I know Faye...). I'm sticking with the 401/10-10 HT from now on!

  • langley103 May 19, 2011

    Due to life altering events, some of us coupon to literally survive from one week to the next. Unexpected job losses etc. can threaten even the best laid plans. There are others of us who use excess to help families that are even worse off than we may be. I will be forever grateful for what Faye and these other people have taught me. I don't spend hours in the grocery store or try to wipe out a store's stock or get over on anyone. It's the best some of us can do for our families.

  • brassy May 19, 2011

    before coupons 108.02. after coupons 48.80. My husband eats expensive stuff like fresh smoked salmon and whole black olives from a jar not a can. I was able to use a forgotten $0.55 Blue Bunny peelie that tripled on a 5.99 container. Not the best price for ice cream, but he's gonna buy it anyway.

  • queene01 May 19, 2011

    couponing is awesome- not only you save money, but it's fun to see how good of a deal you can get!! I am never going back now!

  • dkg0502 May 19, 2011

    Why would you not? It only makes sense to stock up on items for free or near free that can be used for upcoming events like bbq's, baseball games, beach trips, vacations, outings with your children? Not to mention for your lunches for work or for cost effective meals for dinner. Couponing is cost effective to my household and budget and has saved me a ton of money. It is not a sickness and it is only as time consuming as you want it to be. Faye puts together these lists to make it easy for us so that we don't have spend time locating all the deals and where the coupons came from. Instead of being insulting about couponing, you might want to learn from this blog. There is a plethora of information on this blog about living frugally and some really great people who are so helpful.

  • Nancy May 19, 2011

    "I am NOT spending 5 hrs in the grocery store"

    I don't believe I know anyone who does that.

    However, having said that, if I spend 5 hours during a special coupon event in the grocery store, accumulated over the week, and manage to save 75-95% on everything I purchase, I consider that a nice hourly wage considering the coupons are free money, untaxed and unearned :)

  • RunnyStools May 19, 2011

    Why would anyone go to HT mutiple times in a week to purchase mustard, crac kers, worchestire sauce, and sodas?