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Reminder: Extreme Couponing series starts tomorrow (4/6)

Posted April 5, 2011


After the success of the Extreme Couponing show in December, TLC is airing an Extreme Couponing series with 12 episodes starting April 6. They are kicking off the series with 2 back-to-back episodes at 9:00 PM and 9:30 PM. After April 6, the show will air Wednesdays at 9:30 PM.

I am looking forward to watching the series, although I cringe at the thought of all the hoarding we are sure to see. I do hope they show more moderate, healthy and realistic couponers than the original series portrayed. But then again, I guess that wouldn't be extreme enough to bring in the viewers so it is probably wishful thinking.

Remember that when watching this show, it is much more difficult to do this kind of stockpiling in our area because the stores limit the amount of coupons you can use per day. In some other areas of the country, there are no limits, which is why these folks can buy 100 toothbrushes at a time. In addition, for at least one of the segments in the original show, the store special ordered products for the couponer so he could have a high total in savings for the show. In the real world, stores are not going to order 100's of items for an individual to "buy" for free each week with coupons. At least not in this area.

Please post your comments after watching the show!

Click HERE for more details about the Extreme Couponing series.


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  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Apr 6, 2011

    Ummm, excuse all the typos in the last post. Forgot to proof...clearly.

    Also, an example of a beer/wine tag would be a coupon for $2 off a meat purchase of $2.01 or more and can be used on any kind of meat.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Apr 6, 2011

    howarddonna, in some cases they are using beer or wine tags that are on tear pads on the shelf and don't require an alcohol purchase. We used to see then in the Raleigh area all teh time but they are few and far between these days. My guess is that som eof these extreme couponers are buying them on ebay and through other coupon clippers to make their totals more impressive. They don not tell us how much these folks are spending to get the coupons. That would paint a more accurate picture. In other cases, they use the overage from some deals, (like the $1 overage per calcium package deal on the show) to offset the cose of the produce and meat). They may also be using Catalina register coupons from previous shopping trips to get even more stuff. There appeared to be a lot of register coupons on many of the orders. Hope that helps!

    FYI - I posted a new Extreme Couponing thread for everyone to share their thoughts and questions on. :-)

  • howarddonna Apr 6, 2011

    Just wondering how you get fresh meat discounts, I don't ever see coupons for fresh meat, and then you see these extreme coupon shows where they are spending hardly anything on their groceries, and meat is included. I am still a newbie and would appreciate any feedback or answers. Thanks.

  • strclnd3 Apr 6, 2011

    Ooops!! To whom it may concern one no one needs 70 bottles of mustard!!!

  • strclnd3 Apr 6, 2011

    To whom it may concern please leave me a

  • strclnd3 Apr 6, 2011

    I sure hope the stores around here stick with there current policies. My Sister are considering couponing and I told them not to believe everything you see on tv that policies may be different or the series arranged a special couponing event for the show. Imagine how many people are going to do there first grocery shopping w/coupons and go into the store and just assume its going to be like it is on the show!!!

  • momboozer Apr 6, 2011

    Nancy - "as her husband gently reminds her..." My husband would not do so gently. Several of the husbands to the couples on the last show needed to "grow a set". Saving money is one thing but disrupting lives is another. Done with the rant and my 2 cents.

  • Nancy Apr 6, 2011

    There was a story in the N&O about it, here's a quote that bugged me and one of the reasons I have to be sure to avoid watching it - this kind of thing makes me unhappy:

    ~~Kirlew dove into coupon-cutting when her husband lost his job more than a year ago. Her local newspaper delivers bundles of leftover advertising inserts onto her sidewalk, which she uses in addition to a laptop computer to figure out sales.

    Need a paper towel? A shower stall in her home is stuffed with 450 rolls of toilet paper and 250 rolls of paper towels. Her compulsiveness is also obvious in the supermarket aisles, when cameras catch her buying 62 bottles of mustard, even as her husband gently reminds her, "I don't eat mustard."

    She leaves one plastic bottle on the shelf for other shoppers.~~

    Sorry, but watching someone like that would irritate me.

  • northsidetonyc Apr 6, 2011

    Extreme Couponing looks like it might be interesting for at least a couple episodes. Since I'm on the road a lot, I don't have cable tv. I get it all online from a service. Does anyone know if this show is going to be on the TVDevo website?

  • Mommy2Caleb+Carly Apr 5, 2011

    I can't wait to watch! All my friends made sure to inform me about it airing tomorrow night, lol, like I didn't already know!