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Rite Aid deals 4/3

Posted April 2, 2011
Updated April 3, 2011

Rite Aid has a number of good freebies this week and some really good deals all around. I love the free Scunci hair bands after +UP's! With 3 long-haired girls in this house we can always use FREE hair bands!

Click the link in the coupon box to the left for the Rite Aid Video Values printable store coupons (that can be combined with manufacturer's coupons, Single Check Rebates and +UP's)

Tena Serenity ultra thin pads 32-42 count
Sale: $9.99
SCR: $9.99 single check rebate, limit 2
MQ: $2.50 and $1 printable coupons
Total after rebate and coupon = FREE (money maker!)

Super Poligrip .75 oz
Sale: $1.99
SCR: $1.99 rebate for Super Poligrip, limit 2
MQ: free Super Poligrip .75 oz up to $2 coupon from 3/27
Total after rebate and coupon = FREE (money maker!)

Scunci elastic hair bands 18 count
Sale: $1.99
+UP: $1.99, limit 2
Total after sale and +UP = FREE!

Friskies cat food cans
Sale: 10 for $4
+UP: $1 when you buy 10
MQ: $1/15 from 3/27
Total for 15 after +UP and coupon = .33 each
Total if you only buy 10 with no coupon = .30 each
If your store actually has 30 in stock, you could use 2 coupons for $1 off 15 and get back $3 in +UP’s and the total for each would be .23 each (but it’s quite unlikely your store will have 30 in stock – sorry)

Dawn dish soap 9.5 – 10.3 oz
Sale: .99
MQ: .50/1 coupon from P&G coupon booklet sent out months ago, .25 coupon from 4/3
Total after .50 coupon = .49
Total after .25 coupon = .74

Listerine 1 ltr, Reach by design toothpaste
Sale: $3.99
+UP: $1.00
VV: $1 Video Values Rite Aid printable coupon
MQ: $1 printable coupon
Total after +UP, VV and MQ = .99

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power or Manual Razor, 1 count
Sale: $9.99
+UP: $5.00
MQ: $3.00 coupon from 4/3 insert
Total after +UP and MQ = $1.99

Almay foundations
Sale: $4 off regular retail
SCR: $5 rebate when you buy 2
MQ: $2 coupon from 3/6

Rite Aid Ultra laundry detergent, 50 oz $3.88 - $1 +UP = $2.88 after +UP

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam Hair Color
Sale: $8.99
+UP: $1.00
MQ: $3.00 coupon from 4/3 insert
Total after +UP and MQ = $4.99

HUGE Allergy +UP deal:
$5 +UP when you buy $25 worth of a number of allergy products AND many of them offer individual +UP as well. You will get both the individual +UP and the $5 +UP as long as you buy $25 worth! There is a really good deal on the Zyrtec:

Zyrtec 12-14 count or Children’s 4 oz
Sale: $12.99
+UP: $3.00
MQ: $3.00 12 count Zyrtec D coupon from 3/20
Total after coupon and +UP = $6.99
Rebate: $20 Rite Aid gift certificate when you buy $75 worth of Zyrtec or Benedryl

The NeilMed NasaDock Plus Drying Stand is also a good deal as part of the allergy deal:
Sale: $6 - $6 +UP = FREE

The Halls cough drops are also part of this deal and are on sale for $1.50 - $1 +UP when you buy 2 - .75/1 coupon from 3/27 = .25 (not including the $5 +UP reward when you buy $25

There are a bunch of other allergy type products included in this deal and there are recent insert coupons for many of them.

P&G +UP deal+UP: $5 +UP when you buy $25 worth of Pampers (sale $8.99), Charmin, Bounty, Tide
Sale: Pampers $8.99
MQ: $1.50 from 4/3 inserts
Buy 3 diaper packs for $26.97 – 3 coupons for $1.50 each = $22.47 at register
Total after $5 +UP, 3 coupons and sale = $17.47 ($5.82 each – a good deal)

Tugaboos jumbo pack diapers
Sale: 2 for $16
SCR: $2.00 when you buy 2
+UP: $2.00 when you buy 2
Total after SCR and +UP = 2 for $12

Easter candy +UP deal including a bunch of different
+UP: $10 +UP when you buy $20 worth


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  • Nancy Apr 3, 2011

    langley - LOL, ice cream blinkie - grateful no serious couponer was present to worry about the blinkie :))

  • langley103 Apr 3, 2011

    Nancy-Pretty sure I didn't break the blinkie; was still blinking when I gave it one last mean look...However, it could have gotten ugly-the blinkie was for Dove chocolate ice cream bars! Of all blinkies, I think that is NOT the one you want to break!

  • Nancy Apr 3, 2011

    Clayton, you just reminded me, in HT I noticed (or was it Food Lion??), they had some boxes of Tide powdered detergent that said there was $5 in coupons inside the box - something I haven't seen P&G do on detergent in a very long time!

    That's a good deal for Tide you got!

  • Nancy Apr 3, 2011

    marybeth - you make me *blush* but no, I certainly don't know everything!!! I'm here learning along with everyone under Faye's guidance, I've never quit learning in all the years of couponing (I'm an old one LOL, couponing since 1983).

    Finesse,that's the one drawback with RA, they are slow on the SCR's but they do always come through! I just consider the $ tied up in SCR 'float' time as money I'm going to roll back into shopping for deals anyway, so when it shows up it just gives me feeder money LOL

    Langley - you crack me up! ROFL - I'm trying to erase the vision of you being cracked in the head by a blinkie LOL The important thing is ... did you break the blinkie??? Just Kidding!!!!! lol

  • claytonsaver Apr 3, 2011

    Some Tide packages (powder on sale for $5.99) have $3.00 Rite Aid coupon "peelies" on them. I was able to couple with a $1.00 off Q from a P&G booklet to get some Tide for $1.99 a box.

  • finesse187 Apr 3, 2011

    Just got my rebate check on Friday!! It took me about 2 weeks to get it after them sending an email saying it was processed on 3/17.

  • marybethwright06 Apr 3, 2011

    Gosh Nancy you know everything! That is so awesome and helpful!

  • langley103 Apr 3, 2011

    Thanks Nancy for the P & G info! I'll also watch out for those blinkies. Maybe I'll see them next time before they hit me! I looked around to make sure no one saw me get hit in the head by a blinkie! Thank Goodness it was Friday afternoon and no one cared!

  • Nancy Apr 3, 2011

    langley LOL - you'll get better at it with those blinkies :)

    The P&G booklet is something that shows up once a year mostly, word will spread here and on most coupon blogs with a link to sign up for it ~or~ in some cases, there will be a need to buy XX $'s worth of P&G products, send it receipts as proof to get the book, which is full of P&G coupons.

    Then again, the $5 off Fusion razor coupon just came in a P&G promo titled "Have You TRIED This Yet?" booklet - the best way to see if you can sign up for any P&G promos is on their website:

  • langley103 Apr 3, 2011

    OK fellow coups - how am I missing the P & G booklet? Where do you get that? I feel somewhat successful as I did find the penguin Nancy referenced! Nancy-thought about you Friday night. A blinkie almost hit me in the face. It reminded me of you stating you could spot a blinkie a mile away. Evidently I have to be slapped in the head to see them. Smile!!