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Kroger deals 3/27

Posted March 28, 2011
Updated March 30, 2011

At Kroger this week there are good deals on corn, squash, apples, split chicken breasts, eggs and more! You can also score a free Frito Lay chips sample on April 1st from 3 PM – 8 PM! These deals are good through April 2.

Kroger Coupon Policy Basics

Doubles coupons up to .50

Many Kroger stores only allow 2 identical coupons per day (check with your store about their limits)

No total limits of coupons doubled per day

Senior Citizen’s Day on Tuesday’s: If you are born on or before 1954, receive a 5% discount on total grocery bill (excludes alcohol, tobacco and prescriptions)

Kroger e-coupons can be found at the link in the box above

Prescription transfer deal: The ad indicates that you get $25 in free groceries when you transfer a prescription. I did this couple months ago and they load $25 on to your Kroger card.

FREE Chips sample!: Get a free 2.5 – 3 oz bag of Frito-Lay all natural chips on April 1st from 3 pm – 8 pm. Limit 1 per shopper while supplies last.


Corn 3 for $1

Mangoes, yellow ataulfo 2 for $1

Apples, granny smith, golden delicious, braeburn, gala .99/lb

Yellow squash or green beans .99/lb (this is a good price for squash)

Mangoes $1

Organic apples, various $1.29/lb

Red slicer tomatoes $1.49/lb

Red, yellow or orange sweet bell peppers $1.50 each

Pineapple $2.50

Navel oranges cara cara 3 lb lag $3.99


Tyson split chicken breasts, drumsticks, thighs .99/lb

Ball Park franks (excludes beef and cheese) $1.88 - .75/2 coupon from 3/27 = $1.50 each

Ball Park beef franks $2.98 - .75/2 coupon from 3/27 = $2.60 each

Dairy & Frozen

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, crescent rolls, grands junior biscuits .98 – various coupons from 3/13 and 2/13, various printable coupons on

Yoplait Greek yogurt 6 oz $1.00 - .60/2 coupon from 3/27, 3/13, 2/13 = .70 each

Kroger cottage cheese 24 oz $1.99

Tropicana orange juice 59 oz $2.49 - $1/2 coupon from 3/6 = $1.99 each (a good price for Tropicana)

Kroger medium eggs 30 count $2.49 (same as getting a dozen for $1 – a good deal)

Kroger frozen vegetables, 10-12 oz .98


Chicken of the Sea tuna can 5 oz .50

Kroger buns and bread $1.19

Big K soft drinks 12 pack 12 oz cans $1.98

Kroger canned vegetables 12 pack for $5.98 (.50/can)


Xtra laundry detergent, 62.5 oz $1.98

Pampers diapers or Easy ups training pants, jumbo pack $8.99 - $2/1 coupon from 2/27 (exp 3/31) = $6.99

PediaSure nutrition shakes 6 pack $9.49 - $2 coupon from 3/20, 3/27, $1.50 printable



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  • Oxymoron02 Mar 30, 2011

    Seriously, if they stopped doubling all coupons that said do not double then offering to double coupons at all would foolish. I think I see 4 or 5 coupons a year that don't explicitly say do not double.

    And a reminder, the Kroger @ 70 and Timber is pretty close to Garner High. Dunno if the kids will catch wind of free snack food or not. You've been warned. :D

  • jkay Mar 30, 2011

    Speaking of Kroger (? ), Dial liquid hand soap, Dial 2 ct bar soap for $0.30 with .35 mq from the 3/13 RP insert.

  • Nancy Mar 30, 2011

    Ok, out of curiosity, I looked up the coupon policy at Lowes site, and it states this:

    # A doubled coupon will not be honored if the doubled amount exceeds the retail or sale price of the coupon item. No cash back will be awarded.

    So I guess it depends on which store you go to as to whether that policy is followed?

    Also, it states in the policy that coupons that state Do Not Double, will not be doubled, which is true of the Lowes in Holly Springs.

  • Nancy Mar 30, 2011

    Ok then, RCC and creationstation - I have a genuine 'coupon nazi' on my hands at my usual Lowes. Not a problem then, I'll make sure to shop elsewhere on those coupons that will produce a free item. :) She looks over the coupons first and then makes sure it doesn't 'double' or allow it to max out to the price of the item, she enters it manually! ugh

  • Oxymoron02 Mar 29, 2011

    My Lowes (Aversboro and Timber) will double up the the collective cost of the items.

    Let me explain. Let's say I buy 5 Mentos, they're 75 cents each (I don't really know how much they are, I'm just making up numbers), and I give them 4 coupons for 50 cents off one. 5 x 75 is $3.75. The first 3 coupons will double to $1. The fourth coupon will double to 75 cents. All 5 Mentos will be free, even though I only tendered 4 coupons.

    If I buy 6 Mentos, at 75 cents each (totalling $4.50), and give them 4 Qs for 50 cents off 1, they will all double to $1, and I will have to pay 50 cents. If I give them 6Qs for 50 cents off, the first 4 double to $1, and the fifth and sixth are face value, which is OVERAGE of 50 cents on my order.

    I thought I was mistaken when I first saw how their system doubled, but I've been back to check, and this is what it does.

  • Nancy Mar 29, 2011

    ahhh, creationstation, that could be the difference, I shop the one in Holly Springs. One cashier in particular is what some on here would refer to as a "coupon nazi" who inspects each coupon, fine print and all LOL

    I had always thought that Lowes doubled up to the product being free, like HT and others do, perhaps their system isn't set up to automatically stop the deduction beyond the price kind of thing.

    I agree though, that Lowes on 70 is much friendlier, I've done mystery shops up there :)

  • creationstation3 Mar 29, 2011

    Nancy- I bought 6 GG veggies for $1 each. I used two .60/3 paper coupons which were doubled and a Lowes e-coupon (.60/3) for the first 3 and a cellfire coupon (.60/3)for the second 3. So I didn't get anything free. I got 6 veggies for $2.40 total. I find that all of the Lowes stores are different. I shop at the one on 70 in Clayton. They are typically very easy to shop with coupons.

  • Nancy Mar 29, 2011

    creationstation - that's interesting about Lowes - they refused to double a coupon I had because if they did, it would be 5 cents over the retail price of the item. So if there was an e-coupon, I'd be surprised they would give me that, I guess their policy confuses me more and more lately LOL

  • Nancy Mar 29, 2011

    edith - I think it has to do with spending the least amount out of pocket (OOP) for me. I am a serious coupon user, and unless it's milk or veggies/produce (which I let the sales dictate the fresh goods purchased), everything I buy is on sale and with a coupon.

    Aldi's doesn't take coupons but there are some things there I buy.

    So I go where the sales are the best when they match my coupons and I get those coupons doubled. I've never been able to beat the deals buying house brand items.

    So far this year from January 1st, at HT, I've bought $1,574.66 in groceries that I paid $374.24 OOP - it's my main grocery store. The list of what I've purchased is monumental but the savings are too :)

    I do like the large frozen shrimp at Aldi's and I do like their frozen angus burgers but that's about all I pick up there.

    And I pick off good deals at other stores as well, like the 18 count package of pancakes at Lowes Foods for 0.99 cents that are normally $3.49 a package :)

  • creationstation3 Mar 29, 2011

    I just used a paper coupon and a Lowes e-coupon for green giant veggies last week. I had emailed Lowes to make sure before I tried it. You can use both, but only the paper coupons double. I was also able to use a cellfire digital coupon with the paper coupon. Only the paper coupon doubles.