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Lowes Foods Friday e-offers

Posted March 25, 2011

This week's Friday e-mail from Lowes Foods includes fresh rewards e-offers on bottled water, Jennie-O, turkey burgers, mangoes, French bread, Pantene and bleach. There are some good buys so check your e-mail to see what deals you received! Remember, we don't all get the same deals.

Here's what I received:

Lowes Foods water, 24 pack $1.88, limit 1

Jennie-O turkey burgers 3 lb box $2.99 (that's only $1 per lb!), limit 6

Mangoes .68 each, limit 4

French bread from bakery .99, limit 2

Pantene $1.99, limit 2 - $1 Pantene coupon from 2/27 = .99

Kelloggs Frosted Flakes $1.50, limit 2

LF bleach 128 for .88 (a good deal)

The turkey burgers and bleach are both very good deals.


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  • sbjones4 Mar 27, 2011

    I apologize as I didn't realize the this issue was already addressed (although I am getting no emails at all). I "updated" my rewards card and added my email address (again). I'll see if I now get any emails.

  • sbjones4 Mar 27, 2011

    Can someone help me with how I sign up on the Lowes website to receive the weekly and e-offers via email. It is not listed as one of my "preferences" on my account. Is it somewhere else?

  • momboozer Mar 27, 2011

    geekmom - I know the place you are talking about and I also looked there for a possible explanation to no weekend emails. But if you read the text block above your provile; it says that your birthdate and email info will not appear to those accessing your account info for privacy reasons. Even though you added (or updated) your profile by adding in your email address, it will not show up if you go in again. This prompts you to think that hey, it didn't work, maybe I should do it again. I did this twice before I noticed the text block. Just an FYI.

  • geekmom33 Mar 26, 2011

    Well, I take it all back :/ That sign-in appears to JUST be for the Meal Planner which is yet another separate login for Lowes Food. BUT, if you go to, you there is an option to UPDATE an existing Fresh Rewards account. I updated my email address as it was missing (even though I receive a weekly Wednesday email) there so I hope this fixes the problem.

  • geekmom33 Mar 26, 2011

    I *may* have finally found how to ensure that I get these special e-Offer emails. It was driving me crazy so I spent a ridiculous amount of time on their website trying to figure it out. Even their little scrolling window teasing you with e-Offers incorrectly links you to the Promotions and Giveaways page--not at all related to e-Offers. BUT, the text of the teaser mentions that you must update your profile to get the offers. That prompted me search for a login option (it is DIFFERENT from the digital coupons login!!) Finally found it in the 'widget' on the right side of the screen. There are 5 tabs across the top--one being SIGN IN. Sure enough, my acct didn't exist so I sat one up with my existing Reward card. Now we'll see what happens next week... Not sure why e-Offers don't automatically link up with the profile info they already have that generates the Wednesday emails OR my digital coupons access. Three different profiles for one store seems a bit much to me.

  • geekmom33 Mar 26, 2011

    I used to get these emails and I don't any longer. I've even peeled through my Wednesday email to see if there's any reference to it and there isn't anything there either.... :/

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Mar 26, 2011

    dkg - I have no idea how those turkey burgers taste. I asked the folks at a class yesterday and a few said they were good. I don't liek any kind of ground meat at all so if there is any grissle in these - that's all she wrote. Not sure if I will like them but I am sure hubby and at least one of the kids will. Anyone else try them before?

  • Anna C. Mar 25, 2011

    I finally received the e-mail this week! After signing up online and speaking with customer service, it took 3 weeks to start receiving the Friday e-offers. I guess the process is just really slow!

  • tshm1967 Mar 25, 2011

    I normally get them, but I did not get them this week.

  • purplepat777 Mar 25, 2011

    I never get them either, jc4mee.