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Kroger deals 3/6

Posted March 7, 2011

There are lots of good meat and produce deals at Kroger this week as well as bargains on Kroger yogurt singles, Mom's Best Cereals and Crab Classic! These deals are good from March 6 – March 12. Please post any other deals you find.

Kroger Coupon Policy Basics

Doubles coupons up to .50

Many Kroger stores only allow 2 identical coupons per day (check with your store about their limits)

No total limits of coupons doubled per day

Senior Citizen’s Day on Tuesday’s: If you are born on or before 1954, receive a 5% discount on total grocery bill (excludes alcohol, tobacco and prescriptions)

Kroger e-coupons can be found at the link in the box above


Green beans .99/lb

Mangoes $1 each

Jazz apples $1.29/lb

Red or black seedless or red globe seeded grapes $1.29/lb

Asian pears $1.29/lb

Organic braeburn or cameo apples $1.29/lb

Strawberries, 1 lb $1.99

Red grapefruit, 10 lb bag $4.99

California mandarins 5 lb box, Navel oranges 8 lb bag $5.99


Tyson boneless skinless chicken breasts, $1.99/lb – a good price!

Boneless pork loin $1.99/lb

Kroger ground chuck sold in 3 lb roll for $2.49/lb

Alaskan cod fillets (previously frozen), Tilapia fillets (fresh), Mahi Mahi fillets (frozen) $4.99/lb

Crab Classic imitation crab meat BOGO - $1 printable

Kroger packaged lunch meat, 10 oz $2.00

Hillshire Farm deli select lunchmeat 8-9 oz tub $3.33 - .35/1 coupon from 2/13 = $2.63

Dairy & Frozen

Kroger yogurt singles 3 for $1.00

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, crescent rolls, grands biscuits $1.25 – various coupons from 2/13, various Kroger and Cellfire ecoupons, various printable coupons on couponnetwork.com and coupons.com

Kroger cheese, 6-8 oz and Kroger singles, 16 count $1.66

Kroger milk ½ gallon (includes chocolate and lowfat buttermilk) $1.77

Totinos pizza or pizza rolls $1.00 - .50/3 pizza coupon from 2/13, $1.25/4 pizza coupon from 1/30, .40/2 pizza rolls coupon from 1/30, various Kroger ecoupons are also available, .50/2 printable coupon


Starkist chunk light tuna can 5 oz 2 for $1.00 - .50/1 coupon from All You Magazine, February = FREE

Hamburger Helper .97 - .75/3 coupon from 2/13

Moms Best Naturals cereal 11.5 – 16.5 oz $1.50 - .75 printable coupon = .75

Pepsi 2 ltr soda .95 each

Progresso soup
Sale: $1.25
MQ: $1/4 from 2/13, .50/2 Kroger ecoupon
Total after coupon = $1 each

General Mills cereals, select varieties 10 – 17 oz
Sale: $2.18
MQ: .50/1 Chex cereal from 3/6, $1/2 General Mills select cereals coupon from 3/6, $1/3 any GM cereals coupon from 2/13, various General Mills cereals ecoupons, various General Mills cereal coupons on coupons.com
Total for Chex with .50/1 coupon = $1.18

Nature Valley and Fiber One granola bars
Sale: $2.29
MQ: .50/1 Nature Valley chewy trail mix bars coupon from 2/13, .75/2 Nature Valley granola bars coupon from 2/13 and 3/6, .40/1 Fiber One coupons from 3/6 and 1/30, .50/1 Nature Valley printable coupon from coupons.com

Betty Crocker fruit snacks
Sale: $1.99
MQ: .50/2 coupon from 3/6 and 2/13, .50/2 Kroger and Cellfire ecoupons, .50/2 printable coupon
Catalina Deal: There is also a Catalina Register coupon deal:
Buy 3 and get a $1 coupon to use on next order, Buy 4 and get a $2 coupon, Buy 5 or more and get a $3 coupon


Bounty paper towels 6 big or 8 regular rolls $5.99 - .25 coupon from 2/27 = $5.49

Charmin bath tissue 12 double roll or 16 basic double rolls $5.99 - .25 coupon from 2/27 = $5.49

Tide In Wash Stain Release (36 oz or 18 pack) or Tide laundry detergent (liquid 20-32 loads or powder 31-40 loads)
Sale: $5.99
MQ: $3 stain release coupon from 2/27, .35 laundry detergent coupon from 2/27
Total after $3 coupon = $2.99


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  • Nancy Mar 10, 2011

    boomer, if you make bread from scratch I have a shortcut for you :)

    Measure and bag all the dry ingredients for one loaf into a ziploc bag, write on the outside of the bag the 'wet' ingredients and amount of yeast needed to complete a loaf.

    I make up a whole batch of those bags at one time, making the 'mess' once and then when I need to make a loaf of bread, I grab a premixed bag of dry goods and makes making bread easy and painless and quicker!

    A five lb bag of flour usually yields about 5 loafs worth of premixed baggies :)

  • momboozer Mar 10, 2011

    Here is a money saver idea that I do when Kroger puts the boneless pork loin on sale. Instead of paying $4.59 or $2.59 sale price for boneless pork chops, buy the boneless loin and cut it into chops yourself. Make some thick for stuffing; whatever you like. Much cheaper.

  • boomer3145 Mar 9, 2011

    Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray$7.95- $4 Coupon & $4 e-coupon=free. I was floored by produce prices-squash $2.79/#,carrots 5# up 50cents, broccoli $2.99-But found Krogers flour still $1.34 for 5 # bag. The other brands were $2.99. Great stockpile item since we will soon be making everything from scratch since I refuse to pay $3 for bread & $1.50 for 1 # of pasta. I got all of them in Garner since I usually use 50+ pounds to make cookies.

  • nothankyou Mar 9, 2011

    This change looks like it has already been implemented. I know that the Kroger on Maynard in Cary will check. They do not allow it. I had asked about their policy in regards to their limit on how many coupons/items you can do at once. Kroger on 64 limits you to two products two coupons, but on Maynard, they will take as many as you like, however she went out of her way to note that you cannot use an ecoupon and a paper coupon. If you look on your receipt it will say ecoupon Tide, ecoupon Bounty, etc. And now clerks are taking your card at the beginning of the order to monitor it. I admit, I have double dipped before, but I no longer do for the simple reason that I like the convenience of ecoupons and I would hate for them to discontinue it due to consumer abuse. And that I am a good two shoes who feels insane guilt when I break the rules. ; )

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Mar 8, 2011

    Kiwi - their official policy is NOT to take both the paper coupon and the ecoupon on the same item because both are manufacturer's coupons. Some stores do it (either because they are allowing it or because they don't know any better).

    I just read on another blog yesterday that the rumor is that Kroger is reprogramming their registers so cashiers can see when an ecoupon has been applied and they will not let you then use a paper coupon as well. That will certainly change the way many folks shop at Kroger.

    Becuase of the policy, I never post deals coupling paper and ecoupons at Kroger. If your cashier allows it, enjoy the savings, but because it is against company policy, I really can't post deals using both.

  • kiwi7432 Mar 8, 2011

    Does Kroger normally take both the paper and the ecoupon? I had thought they would only take one or the other so I haven't tried both.

  • Nancy Mar 7, 2011

    Ok, this surprised me tonight. I did a mystery shop at a Kroger, picked up the Tide stain release and forgot I loaded the e-coupon for $3 off, I had a $3 paper MQ, BOTH were applied!! WooHoo!

    Same thing with the Bounty paper towels, it took a MQ as well as applying the digital coupon :)


  • kt_cary Mar 7, 2011

    Great trip to Kroger today. Charmin toilet paper (free with deal of the day coupon) and half gallon of milk, used the 50c cell fire coupon. Total = $1.31

  • nothankyou Mar 7, 2011

    There's also an e-coupon available for tide. $3 I believe. Also, an e coupon on Kroger's site for $3 off of bounty. Comes to 2.99 for an 8 pack. Bought it last night. Can't beat that with a stick!