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WRAL SmartShopper

Shopping totals today

Posted February 6, 2011

Today I hit Harris Teeter, Lowe's Foods, Rite Aid and CVS. Here's what I bought and my totals. Anyone else have some totals to share from this week?


Harris Teeter

Total before sales and coupons:$89.38

Total saved:$64.18

Total spent: $25.20

Found great deals on Nasoya tofu, French's spicy brown mustard, Chi Chi's salsa, Sabra Hummus, Wholly Guacamole, Lose Ole, Kraft singles, shredded cheese and cheese cubes, Dannon yogurt and more!

Lowes Foods

Total before sales and coupons: $39.71

Total saved: $26.44

Total spent: $13.27

Found good deals on Mentos (.79 on sale - .50 coupon in today's paper = free), Green Giant frozen boxed veggies, Lipton Tea, 2 ltr soda, Sunkist navel oranges with coupons found in store last week, Sargento shredded cheese, Heluva good dip and more!

Rite Aid

Total before sales and coupons: $21.74

Total saved: $19.83

Total spent: $1.91 AND I earned another $10 in +UPs from doing the Finesse deal twice to use later


Total before sales and coupons:$7.47

Total saved: $7.47

Total spent: $0.00 (used gift card from transferring prescription to pay for items) and earned $1.98 in ECB's to use later

Totals for the day

Total before sales and coupons: $158.30

Total saved today: $117.92

Total spent for day: $40.38

% Saved: 75%

You can see from the photo that I also bought produce including tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, lots of oranges & mushrooms. I did not buy any meat today because there were no deals I wanted at the stores I shopped. Kroger has Tyson boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.99 starting today so I will pick up some of those later this week.


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  • Oxymoron02 Feb 8, 2011

    ...he drinks keifer to help combat stomach issues and it need only be palitable, in a 2 pack for $5. $4 each at the grocer, 2/$5 at BJs.

    Hummus, keifer and gasoline. The short list of reasons I pay for a BJs membership.

  • Oxymoron02 Feb 8, 2011

    OK, so, here's what BJs has for Sabra hummus....

    It's a 30 oz tub for $5.99 and they have classic, roasted red pepper, and spinach and artichoke varieties.

    Since the tubs in the store are 10 oz, if memory serves, $2 for a 10 oz tub is the price in my head where I consider buying the Sabra in the grocery store. Since the everyday price is around $5, I usually just end up at BJs. If your family can't finish a 30 oz tub before it goes bad, then it's may not be a good deal for you. My family can finish a 30 oz tub in one sitting. :) I like classic and garlic hummus, but I don't need garlic flavor enough to pay a premium elsewhere.

    It's a similar deal with Lifeway Keifer. They're around $4 each in most grocery stores and if they go on sale it's never less than $3 and coupons for them are hard to find, though I have found them. BJs carries Lifeway Keifer, though only in strawberry which is fine since that's one of the flavors my husband likes and he drinks keifer to help combat sto

  • Oxymoron02 Feb 7, 2011

    I've not yet graduated to making my own hummus. It's on a LOOOOOONG to do list.

    BJs carries Sabra, though I don't know which flavors since I'm not terribly fond of the ones with stuff on top. I'll look and get back to you.

    j - yes there's too much salt on tortilla chips, that's why I make my own. It's really not hard and they're so much yummier.

    I could spend 5 times my weekly budget on snack foods alone if I let my kids eat all the packaged junk. We got my son a popcorn popper, one of the nice oil ones, to replace his 10-15 microwave bag a week habit, and saved a ton of money even buying fancy organic heirloom popping corn and flavored oils. We make our own tortilla chips. When the kids want sweets I tell them to find a good recipe and make me a shopping list. The list is usually short to non-existent since I try to keep a fair assortment of the necessities in the house .... or they decide it's not worth the effort which is fine too. :) My kids are too lazy to get fat. HA

  • drswayney Feb 7, 2011

    I went to CVS last Friday...found some Gillette body wash for men on Clearance for $2.74 each - had 2 $2/1 coupons so they were $0.74 each. Also got some shave gel for my husband and some Pantene products that I had coupons for as well. Used some ECBs and spent $8 for $42 worth of merchandise! Saved 81%! and earned $8 more ECBs! LOVE CVS!!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Feb 7, 2011

    Thanks langley!

  • langley103 Feb 7, 2011

    Faye, just wanted to let everyone know that Office Max at Crossroads Blvd, Cary, has 1 inch flex binders for .70 and retractable pencils (a pack) for .90. They have a clearance rack in the back on the left - last row. A few good deals there.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Feb 7, 2011

    Mrsschizzy - Sounds like you got some good deals on your adventure! Your comparison shopping is definitely the way to go. I often find items cheaper at a place like Walmart when the grocery store does not have it on sale. BUT when you wait for HT to put it on a good sale w/coupon, it beats Walmart most of the time. I track savings at Walmart the same way I track the other stores. I take the cost at that store that I would have paid without coupon for the items I bought to get the total before coupons. I add up the amount of coupons to get total savings & that's it. I don't try to come up with a savings based on what is charged at other stores. Way too easy to come up with meaningless numbers. In the end, what counts is your budget and whether you are staying in your budget. The savings at places like HT and Lowes may seem inflated because the regular price is sometimes more than Walmart to begin with. So the most important # is the total spent and how does that fit into your budget.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Feb 7, 2011

    J - I hear ya - I hate the amount of salt in packaged chips. Guess I need to start making my own chips with tortillas to go with the homemade hummus!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Feb 7, 2011

    Yes, the Sabra Hummus is on sale for $2.99 and I used a $1 off 1 coupon (ordered from thecouponclippers.com - sadly, we didn't get it here) making it $1.99 each. Bought 3.

    We rarely buy Sabra because it is more expensive BUT it is better than most packaged hummus. I have not tried BJ's but the Sabra has loads of fresh roasted red peppers and pine nuts right on top of each package...so good. Does the BJ's or it is like the Tribe hummus where it is just hummus with no fresh veggies on top?

    I do feel that sometimes (not all the time, of course) it is ok to pay a little more for higher quality as long as you stay within your budget. This is something we will sometimes splurge on because we like it so much more than regular store bought hummus. And yes, I realize I could be making my own hummus, which I have done in the past.

    And we don't demolish the hummus quite as fast as you mentioned your family does, RCC, so it lasts just a little longer here. :-)

  • j3434 Feb 7, 2011

    yes, faye, about the chips, but there is the more intangible factor that i forgot to mention. scoops = significantly less mess at a home superbowl party (ie, eating on the carpet!) with my 4 boys (including hubby)! however, i do think after the current round of scoops (months from now, probably!), i will be permanently switching to grande or some other brand b/c i am fed up with the extreme amount of salt that tostitos seems to insist on with their chips.