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Food Lion on Kildaire in Cary closing - everything 30% off!

Posted January 18, 2011

The Food Lion grocery store at 2978 Kildare Farm Road in the Hemlock Shopping Center in Cary is closing it's doors on January 22. Everything is 30% off right now and the prices should drop even further in the next few days. The employee with whom I spoke indicated that he thought the discount would be higher on Wednesday. He also said that they are accepting manufacturer's coupons in addition to the clearance prices.

This store is closing on January 22 and a new Food Lion is opening on January 26th at Ten Ten Road and Holly Springs Road.

Thanks to Deborah for sending me an e-mail about the closing!


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  • Nancy Jan 19, 2011

    "The only time you can save "real" money is when items go on sale and you double. Even when they super double, they limit the number of items that are on sale that week" - joel

    Exactly! That's how I shop, I pick off the best deals and use coupons which they double everyday. Never buy at regular price and never without a coupon (except milk, fresh veggies and fruit) Everything else is coupon ready :)

    And that's why HT is the best for me - when they run a sale, with their coupon policy, I save the most.

    Like last week, the General Mills save $6 instantly when you buy 20 GM items - worked like a charm with coupons and items on sale - cost me $4 for 20 items after my coupons, doubled and the $6 off at the register :) Pillsbury items except 2 boxes of Totino's pizza rolls.

  • mindybethmiazga Jan 19, 2011

    Just got back from FL in Cary. Got over $150 worth of stuff for $75. They still had tons of ice cream, soups, hot dogs etc...

  • citylefty Jan 19, 2011

    Even though HT doubles coupons up to 99 cents regularly, their everyday prices are higher than Kroger, Lowes, FL and other stores. The only time you can save "real" money is when items go on sale and you double. Even when they super double, they limit the number of items that are on sale that week. Most new FLs were going to be Blooms but were changed for some reason. There's a new one in Morrisville that was supposed to be a Bloom. It boils down to doing your homework, waiting for the best sales in any store (don't forget Rite Aid or Walgreens for cereals and some other items) and stocking up. Aldi still has the best produce prices and best prices overall. Walmart will price match. Good Luck!

  • sandpiper96 Jan 19, 2011

    Everything is now 60% off today!!!

  • toxicatmedia Jan 19, 2011

    Though I typically shop at Whole Foods Market, I would shop at Harris Teeter over Food Lion ANY day. Like Nancy mentioned, if you use the coupons and double/triple up on them, and find the right sales, you can actually save more money there than you would at Food Lion (we do!) I also would be willing to pay a little more simply for the many different choices HT has in comparison to the average FL, not to mention they're typically so much cleaner with friendlier staff.

    I don't think Harris Teeter is "yuppie" any more than I think Food Lion is for "trashy" folks. It's just a matter of what is most important to you and what your priorities are.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 18, 2011

    Ditto what Nancy said, goncampn2. With just a little effort, you can save tons of $$ at Harris Teeter every year. They have great sales, double coupons every single day and offer very competitive sales on meat. I usually do at least a small shop there each week to pick up the best buys that most of the "low price leaders" can't come close to matching.

  • Nancy Jan 18, 2011

    goncampn2 - if you use coupons and combine them with sales at HT and especially during their Super Doubles events, HT is cheaper than WalMart :)

    Last Super Doubles, I got $120 worth of groceries for $28 - all brand name and all things we use.

    Plus the customer service is great at HT!

    Last year, I purchased $6,600 worth of groceries from HT and paid $2,100. Their coupon policy really works great when combined with sales, which is the only way I shop.

  • goncampn2 Jan 18, 2011

    I live just down the street from the new store and I was very disapointed when they changed it from Blooms to a FL. We needed something different in this area other than the "YUPPIE" Harris Teeter. I can't even afford to walk into an HT

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 18, 2011

    Actually, ladybug, one of our readers posted it about a week ago in another thread on this blog. When Deborah sent me a reminder e-mail yesterday, I thought I would create a post for those who did not see it last week. Maybe there are still some canned goods at a good price with coupons. Nice that the new store will be nearby!

  • Ladybug Jan 18, 2011

    Better late than never in letting people know about this. We were there last week and found out - the shelves were almost bare, there's not much left and don't be looking for produce or meat and a lot of frozen foods either. Food Lion should have made an announcement much earlier. Fortunately the new store will be right behind us and its suppose to be a much nicer store.