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Who watched Extreme Couponing on TLC?

Posted December 29, 2010
Updated December 30, 2010

I am amazed at the couponers they are profiling on Extreme Couponing on TLC! Who watched and what are your thoughts?

They are only 11 minutes into the show and I am already shocked at the glutony. The first lady has over 10,000 items in her stockpile and it is just her husband and herself. She is getting ready to use 1000 coupons she bought online to buy 9 (yes NINE) carts full of groceries (mostly junk and processed food and pasta, it appears). Clearly they don't have a 20 coupon per day minimum!

In the coupon box above, I posted a link to a story with a number of clips from the show and a discussion about how healthy/unhealthy this type of behavior is for these folks.

I do agree with the expert in the video that is it different for every family and for some it was a healthier situation than for others.


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  • dgf4racecars Jan 5, 2011

    The show inspired me! If I had the dedication that they had, I'd give the products to the churches. I go to the churches food banks, they get help from government programs and than buy extra foods to hand out at our local church.

  • dgf4racecars Jan 5, 2011

    I was amazed at the show. Now if the ones that had garages/rooms full of food and would donate to churches food banks they would be feeding alot of hungry children. It seems such a waste to store up the products when most were free with coupons anyway.

  • barbiedoll1967 Jan 4, 2011

    I watched it and was amazed how they saved money and paid hardly nothing for what they bought. Obviously this was a full time job for them.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 1, 2011

    tracy - that's funny that you would post the link to this movie. I was asked to take part in this documentary and Sam was all set to come out and film a class and go shopping with me but I decided it just didn't feel right. I was concerned about not having the ultimate say over how my information was edited so I declined. Honestly, I was worried I would be made out as an extremist just as those on the TLC show were portrayed. I have not seen the entire YMMV documentary, but the parts Sam posted on hotcouponworld were well done, funny and informative. I don't recall feeling like they were made out to be over the top as they did in the TLC show.

  • tracy11 Jan 1, 2011

    My husband and I saw a movie about these people a while back. I am always so impressed by their organization and how much money they save. Here is the link for the movie -

  • therays2000 Dec 31, 2010

    The show was definetly in excess. No one family needs as much as those 4 familes were buying. If it were me, I would be donating the majority to the needy. They all had enough to have their own grocery store in their home. Some Krogers do not have a limit on the same kind of coupons. I would not complain.

  • boomer3145 Dec 31, 2010

    The funniest part was they were at the Krogers main store. Limit two like coupons here is pretty funny compared to that. I think we should all email Krogers, again & complain to get the limit upped to at least 4 like coupons, especially for the Mega Sales. Ahhhh-a couponers revolution-Happy New Years to all-Thanks Faye-good job as always

  • sunoe Dec 31, 2010

    The show will be on again.

  • serenamann Dec 31, 2010

    It's one thing to stock up on what you can use and another thing to HOARD. I didn't see the show. Do any of these people ever have garage sales and make BACK the 90%-99% that they saved. That is being a good steward of your money. (I love the food bank donating. That's wonderful.)

    Hearing that one lady spent 70 hours per week on coupon-ing says it all for me. No thanks. I do enjoy having a life. For now, I will settle for 2 hours a week on coupon-ing to save 50%-70%. When my kids are older I'll have more time to coupon!

  • grammy1 Dec 30, 2010

    I watched and was amazed at the number of coupons being used at one time....Where can you possibly use over one thousand coupons at one time, and why would you need to buy so many of an item. I suspect that some of the purchases go bad or expire, especially things like liter soft drinks. Truly addicted. And how much money are these folks spending when they order coupons or use coupon clipping services? Interesting, but too extreme.