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Humorous goof up

Posted December 10, 2010

I have a funny story about making sure you read the coupon carefully before presenting it. It is definitely a "what not to do" example.  I went through the McDonald's drive through on the way home today to grab some free fries I had a coupon for. I ordered them, gave the cashier my coupon and started to drive to the pick up window. In my rear view mirror, I see her stick her head out the window and loudly say "Ma'am."  She proceeds to inform me that the coupon is for Wendy's.  Like I said....what not to do. 

Clearly that was a message I should not be eating greasy french fries. I told her to keep it and use it at Wendy's herself.  She thought that was great!


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  • larindap3 Dec 12, 2010

    I'm so glad to be in a group that everyone is 'human'. I tried to use coupons with a great BOGO deal on doggies treats. The sales paper that I was looking at was the week before's - no deal!!

  • betteroff Dec 11, 2010

    I didn't exactly have a coupon but Bonefish Grill was running a special for Bang Bang Shrimp on Wednesday. It was $5 for a portion. They said the portion would serve 4-5 people. I ordered it to go and then showed up to pick up the order. They said that they had not received a to go order. When I told them what I had ordered, they said that they didn't carry that. I was in the wrong restaurant! Boy was I embarrassed! I thanked them and then headed quickly out the door.

  • Nancy Dec 11, 2010

    Faye - too many times to mention I've missed an expiration date on a coupon or the "buy 2" - but you know when we're juggling so many things, being scatter brained momentarily is par for the course and all we can do is laugh and beg forgiveness for the 'mental pause' we had LOL

    I find that the mistakes I make are just reminders that I'm human, given to error and am thankful I'm not perfect - that would make for such a boring life LOL

  • Nancy Dec 11, 2010

    "we're a franchise, we don't accept coupons" DUH! Every Wendy's is a franchise - or perhaps a few are company/corporate owned and operated but those are usually ones near headquarters.

    THAT franchise chooses not to participate? I don't think their franchise agreement allows them to opt out of such promotions - perhaps it does but it would be worth contacting corporate and ask them about it :)

  • Oxymoron02 Dec 10, 2010

    Hehe. Failing to read the (not so) fine print is the downfall of many couponers. :)

  • lilypony Dec 10, 2010

    McDonald's on Walnut St in Cary accepts all competitors' coupons as long as they have a similar product. For example, the Whopper coupon works for a Big Mac. We've used coupons from Wendy's, Burger King, Sonic, etc.

  • knockitoff Dec 10, 2010

    sorry I was typing fast and have many spelling errors but I'm sure you get my message :-)

  • knockitoff Dec 10, 2010 Franchise or not they should be honoring it. I guarantee you , they you'l walk away with more than free fries if you contact them. My uncle works for a guy who owns MANY of these franchises...the person you go was LAZY!

  • superturfguy Dec 10, 2010

    Funny stuff Faye!! I got that same coupon you had and I tried to use it at the Wendys in Smithfield and they told me, "we are a franchise and we don't accept coupons......" I was dumbfounded and just said OK.... So then we took the coupon the next day to the Wendy's in White Oak. My wife went in and got the fries and had NO problems..... (Smithfield just didn't want to deal with me or my coupon) In my opinon :-)

  • Trickat Dec 10, 2010

    Faye is still super - maybe fast food coupons are her kryptonite.

    I just did this with a Walgreens L'Oreal coupon at CVS. The cashier was so sweet, trying to let me down easy after we were talking about the great deals I found!