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WRAL SmartShopper

Share your Black Friday stories!

Posted November 26, 2010

Share your Black Friday success stories, horror stories and humorous adventures!  Where did you go, how were the lines, were they organized, did they hand out tickets for big ticket items, were they friendly?  Give us all the scoop on your Black Friday experience and tell us your best scores!


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  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 28, 2010

    Thanks for sharing your stories! I am so surprised to hear that stores let people hoard more than 1 of each door buster. Sounds like Walmart was better organized and prepared than Target this year. Something to think about if heading to BF next year.

    Anyone shopping Cyber Monday?

    I shopped online yesterday and picked up a couple items I have been watching. Great prices - free shipping. Life is good.

  • DeM Nov 28, 2010

    Shopping at Lowes:
    Coupled the Whirlpool $250 rebate with the NC $150 rebate, and the $799 on-sale fridge.
    Coupled the Whirlpool $125 rebate with the NC $75 rebate, to get the $379 on-sale dishwasher.
    Also got a scratch&dent hood/microwave that still qualifies for the Whirlpool rebate - at $1, and the scratch/dent won't show once it's installed. The Lowe's employee was laughing about that one.
    Used a 10% off coupon as well.
    My dishwasher & microwave are original in my 1992 house, and the fridge was a left-over from a previous rental. I think it's from the mid 90s as well....so it was time for a change, and the prices were right.

  • Killian Nov 28, 2010

    Took advantage of bfads.net's list of stores that were running their BF sales on Thursday! While the turkey roasted, I browsed, never left my couch to shop! It was the most blissful BF ever!

  • yo noob Nov 27, 2010

    Shopped lightning deals at Amazon in my pajamas. No stress, no lines, no problem!

  • Dr D Nov 27, 2010

    We stood in line for the iTouch at Fayetteville's WalMart from 4:30-5:30 a.m., grateful that we didn't have to wait outside in the cold, and thankful for the friendly employee who told us which line to stand in when we asked. We chatted with some nice folks in line, and purchased our iTouch without any problems. The couple in front of us were buying 2, and the lady behind us asked for 8 (!) so we were glad we arrived when we did. One very happy daughter accompanied me, except that she doesn't get to play with it until Christmas. :-)

  • snowl Nov 27, 2010

    Late afternoon after I left work, I drove by the Mall and saw many open parking spaces very close to the door of my favorite dept. store, I'll not name. Their flyer had an error in it that i found for an expensive handbag brand that rarely goes on sale if ever. After I questioned the sales clerk, I asked her to call the manager. Another customer over heard me and stayed with me to find out the verdict! Yes, I got the handbag at 25% off! It was the stores error, (long story), and the other customer also purchased her favorite. She thanked me and I left for home! It only took 30 minutes of my time! Scanning the sales flyer, on my lunch break at work, really worked for me this time, because I don't usually shop on black friday.

  • LAXMom12 Nov 27, 2010

    Nancy - interesting...I will have to ask someone in electronics how it worked with the things that were locked up like the iTouch. I wondered if they gave out numbers or something.

  • renewfeuerlein Nov 27, 2010

    Had "only" 1000 characters for my comment below, so let me continue here.

    Like I said previously I got so upset after the hording experience at the Target in Apex, I ignored my remaining Target shopping list and immediately left the store, went home, slept until 9am and called the Target and talked to the General Manager. He said if it was up to him, hording should not be allowed, but unfortunately it is not a rule corporate have set.

    My question to Target corporate then is; What will it take for them to set and impose a no-hording rule? What if I next year team up with my friends and family for a popular item, I alone camp out days in advance as number #1 in line, horde whole pallet of items, and wait for my accomplishes to arrive at regular store hour?

    I think I am going to write to corporate because they need to make this fair for those wait hours in line.

  • Nancy Nov 27, 2010

    Walmart learned last year that waiting to open when the 'door buster' deals began is what caused the body rush where people were getting hurt. So this year, they kept the stores open all night in advance of the sales (even at the midnight sales, stores had been open long before those items were on sale).

    And yes, the merchandise was already out on the floor so people were taking/holding items in advance of the hour they would go on sale.

    I can't imagine people 'holding' several 40" TV's waiting for their accomplices to come and get them but it wouldn't shock me to learn that. However, management should have had employees there that made sure it was one per person at least, even if they were not checking out, but only allowing people to take one from the pallet.

  • renewfeuerlein Nov 27, 2010

    I went to Target in Apex at 2am hoping to get a 40" HDTV LCD 1080P for $299. At 5am people were let in single file, I arrived at pallet with HDTV's at 5:04am, all gone which is acceptable were it not for several people hording. One woman holding 4, and a man holding 3 sets, both just standing next to empty pallet waiting apparently for fellow accomplishes to arrive. I went straight home disregarding other items I WAS gonna buy!

    There are 3 possible scenarios why a customer would be holding several sets;

    1) Ignorance - Trying to check out with more than one allowed set.
    2) Waiting for accomplish to hand a set to, one who arrived in same group but went to other store area to grab another deal.
    3) Worst case - Waiting for accomplish to hand set to, who did NOT arrive in same group or wait in line, but arrives when store opens at 5am and after line of people have been let in.

    Either way hording should not be allowed. Unfortunately it is as I called General Manager once home.