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WRAL SmartShopper

Any Krispy Kreme addicts on your gift list?

Posted November 19, 2010

Here's a great gift for those Krispy Kreme lovers - for $5 you get a Krispy Kreme calendar filled with over $75 in coupons. Now that's a lot of doughnuts! The calendars are now available at participating stores. Click the link in the box for more information.


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  • kpeele Nov 20, 2010

    Yes, yes, I'm in for a "coupon swap" at the Fuquay Krispy Kreme ANY time!

  • computer trainer Nov 20, 2010

    Is the FV one going to have a kitchen, or will they be trucking in the doughnuts? In K'Dale, they truck them in . Sorry, but I want to see the HOT NOW!! sign!!!

  • t0tAlChA0s Nov 20, 2010

    Just say the word, and I'm there!! Never tried the coffee at KK, can't get passed the doughnuts. =) DD is the best!

  • Oxymoron02 Nov 20, 2010

    Yes, Dunkin Donuts has calendars with coupons in them, usually a pile on the counter near the register at *that* time of year. I hang one in my kitchen and put one in each car. Some of the coupons are great, others not so much, but like any Q it's only useful if it's something you'd use. I take my coffee "in a cup" (tm) so taste is the big seller with DDs. My kids get excited when the new month's Qs are buy something else get a free coffee, because I was going to get the coffee anyway so the extra 30 cents on the bill is a soft sell.

    We bought a Chick-Fil-A calendar this year too ... ironically sold by my vegetarian daughter as a fundraiser. :)

    Faye, I'm in Garner, but if someone can vouche that KKs coffee is no more than HALF as nasty as Starbucks, I might come down to Fuquay for a coupon swap. ;)

  • jse830fcnawa030klgmvnnaw+ Nov 20, 2010

    Best gift from KKD was to sell my stock to pay for tuition. Bought 200 shares at $1 each early last year. Sold it for $5.97 each.

    I'll just buy stock at the KKD's store :-)

  • Nancy Nov 20, 2010

    OMG! Lax - that's incredible! I saw them working on construction there but didn't see a sign on what was coming :) Holy Moly! My hubby sure will be happy!

    Faye - great spot for a coupon exchange indeed, except just breathing at one of those I can feel my hips rise LOL!


  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 19, 2010

    Hmmm...I am thinking there needs to be a coupon swap in Fuquay. I think I know just the place to meet! :-)

    Who's in?

  • t0tAlChA0s Nov 19, 2010

    OH holy cow!! My but' sure don't like the sound of this new KK in FV, but my lips sure do, my mouth is watering already. Getting a hot glazed doughnut, fresh off the rack...there are no words to describe it. It really just melts in your mouth. You don't know what you are missing. I will see all of you there!! =p

  • LAXMom12 Nov 19, 2010

    Yes, Nancy they are building it now on the corner diagonally from the Walmart (on the same side as the Burger King - directly behind the BK across the RR tracks). I have not heard a target date for when it will open.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 19, 2010

    You are so right about those Chick fil a coupons, sbourgeois! We used one from 2009 earlier in the week!

    Nancy - I haven't been to an actual KK store in many years because there isn't one nearby. I am in Fuquay about once a month during soccer season though so that may change. Sounds like we will see your husband there!