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Grocery Deals 11-3

Posted November 3, 2010

Clearly the big news this week is Harris Teeter Super Doubles! For all the details and a good deals list, click the link in the box to the left. Here are the rest of the deals for Lowes, Kroger and Food Lion as well as the other deals from the HT ad this week.

This week at Lowes Foods I really like the cooking spray Fresh Rewards deal, .50/lb carrots (in 2 lb bag) and $1.88/lb chicken breast. Kroger has another Mega 10 Item Event with some great deals! Food Lion has a 3-Day sale starting Friday. Harris Teeter - well, it's all about the Super Doubles this week! They also have som egood deals on popcorn, muffin mix and Green Giant veggies.

Please post your great deal finds and let us know how much you saved this week!


Lowes Foods
November 3 – November 9


Lowes Coupon Policy Basics:

Doubles coupons .99 or less everyday

Doubles up to 20 coupons per day

Doubles up to 4 identical coupons (must have required product to go with each coupon)

BOGO sales ring up at half price. If you just buy one, it still rings up at half price and you can still use a coupon on it! I love that policy!

Fresh Rewards Deals this week:

Lowes Foods cooking spray $1.79 plus buy 2 and earn $1.00 Fresh Rewards. Total after rewards $1.29 - a good deal!

Lowes Foods canned vegetables on sale for .75. Buy 5 and earn $1 Fresh Rewards cash. After reward, cost is .55 each.

Lowes Foods soups $1 each. Buy 5 and earn $1 Fresh Rewards. Total after reward = .80 each.

Lowes Foods Rising Crust Pizza $3.99 plus buy 2 and earn $1.00 Fresh Rewards. Total after rewards = $3.49.


Carrots, 2 lb bag .99 – good price!

Red Seedless Grapes $1.47/lb

Bartlett or danjou pears $1.47/lb

Yellow onions, 3 lb bag $1.49 – good price

Russet Potatoes, 10 lb bag $2.99 – a good price


Sanderson Farms boneless skinless chicken breast fillets, value pack $1.88/lb – a good price for boneless skinless!

Grade A frozen young turkey .77/lb, limit 1 with an additional $30 purchase. (FYI – I usually wait to buy my Thanksgiving turkey until they are .40 - .45/lb or less. Walmart had them for .40/lb last year. I have bought them as low as .17/lb with sales and other promos in the past. Looking forward to seeing how low they go this year.

London broil $2.88/lb

Carolina Pride bun jumbo franks BOGO

Plumrose sliced meats BOGO

Crab Classic BOGO - $1 coupon

Dairy & Frozen

Yoplait yogurt singles .50 each - .40/6 or .50/8 coupon from 10/3

Deans Dip $1.50 - $1 printable coupon when you join Dean’s Dippers Club = .50

Donald Duck Orange Juice 59 oz $2.00

Tony’s Pizza $1 - $1/2 printable coupon = .50 each

Lowes Foods frozen veggies, 16 oz .98 (good price for 1 lb of veggies)

Marie Calendars frozen meals BOGO - $1.50/4 coupon from 9/26

Freshetta pizza $4.99 - .75 coupon from 10/10 = $3.49


Pillsbury fudge brownies BOGO for .99 each (there should be a $1/2 coupon in Sundays paper on 11/7 making them .50 each – a good buy!)

Del Monte tomatoes, 14.5 oz can $1.0 - $1/5 coupon from 9/19 = .80 each

Cap’n Crunch cereal $1.88 - .50/1 coupon from 8/29 = .88

Lowes Foods hot cocoa mix .97

Quaker chewy bars $2 - .75/2 from 9/19 = $1.25 each

Betty Crocker muffin mix $2.29 - .50/1 printable coupon = $1.29

Chex Mix $1.88 - .50/2 printable coupon = $1.38


Lowes Foods aluminum foil, 25 sq feet BOGO for .70

Pampers diapers $8.99 – $1 coupon from 10/31 = $7.99

Harris Teeter

November 3 – November 9

Harris Teeter Coupon Policy Basics:

Doubles coupons .99 or less everyday

Doubles up to 20 coupons per day

Doubles up to 3 identical coupons (must have required product to go with each coupon)

BOGO sales ring up at half price. If you just buy one, it still rings up at half price. The policy states that you can only use ONE coupon on a BOGO deal. So, if you buy 2 items that are BOGO, you can only use one coupon total. If there is a Buy 2 Get 3 sale, you can only use coupons on the 2 you are buying (not on the other three free ones). With Buy 2 Get 3 sales, you must buy all 5 to get the sale price.

Meal Deal of the Week: Buy 2 Digiorno stuffed crust pizza and breadsticks for $15.98 - $1 coupons from 10/10 = $13.98 and get the following free:

Foster farms hot and spicy wings, 28 oz
Lindy’s Italian Ice, 6 count
Pepsi product, 2 ltr

Must purchase all 5 in one transaction with VIC card to get the deal.

E-Vic deal this week: Harris Teeter Butter, 16 oz quarters, $1.97 (non e-v price $2.50)


Tangerines or Navel oranges 5 for $2

Green peppers .99 each

Sweet onions .99/lb

Washington state pears $1.29/lb

Apples, many varieties included $1.29/lb

Mini carrots, 1 lb $1.50

Raspberries or blackberries, 6 oz. BOGO


HT fresh boneless skinless chicken breast value pack $2.49/lb ($1.88/lb at Lowes Foods this week)

HT boneless skinless chicken breast, 2.5 lb bag of frozen chicken BOGO

HT Bun Size franks BOGO

Oscar Mayer lunchmeat $3.50 - $1/2 coupon doubled from 9/26 (exp 11/7) = $2.50

EZ Peel Shrimp or Sashimi grade tilapia $3.99/lb

Fresh whole dressed rainbow trout $2.99/lb

Dairy & Frozen

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $1.00 - .50/1 coupon from 10/10 = FREE

Catalina Deal: When you buy 4 cinnamon, crescent rolls or grands, you get a $1 register coupon good on your next order (also known as a Catalina coupon). Buy 5 and get a $2 coupon. Buy 6 or more and get a $3 coupon. The deal is good on: Pillsbury Refrigerated crescents, cookies, sweet rolls, Grands Biscuits, Grand Cinnamon Rolls, Pie Crusts, Dinner Rolls, Loaves, Breadsticks or Pizza Crusts. All items must be purchased in the same transaction.

Pillsbury Grands, Biscuits and crescent rolls $1.00 – .50/2 crescent coupon, .30/2 biscuit coupon

Dannon yogurt .50 - $1/10 coupon doubled from 10/31 = .30 each

Green Giant frozen boxed veggies $1.00 each - .60/3 coupon from 10/3, .60/3 printable coupon = .60 each

Large White Eggs, 1 dozen .77

Turkey Hill iced tea, 64 oz $1.19 - $1/2 coupon from 8/29 = .19 each

Totino’s pizza rolls $1 - $1/2 from 9/12, $1/2 printable when you share coupon with 3 friends online = FREE

Totinos party pizza $1 - $1/2 from 9/12, $1/2 printable when you share coupon with 3 friends online = FREE

Breyers Ice Cream BOGO for $2.74 - $1.00/2 coupon doubled sent to me in a coupon booklet by Unilever when I requested coupons for Lipton Tea in September = $1.74

Pictsweet Vegetables 28 oz deluxe BOGO for $1.99

Mystic pizza $1.99 - $1.50 printable coupon (no longer available) = $1.99


Barilla Plus pasta .60 - $1 printable available online in early Oct (no longer available) = FREE

Martha White Muffin Mix BOGO for .57 each - .55/2 coupon from 8/8 = .02 each

Green Giant Vegetables, 14.5 – 15 oz cans Buy 2 Get 3 Free. Regular price $1.25. Total for 5 = $2.50 (.50 each) . There is also a .50/2 coupon that was in the coupon inserts on 10/24 in some parts of the country. Looks like we did not get it, but if you ordered it from a coupon clipping service, not is the time to use it.

HT Mandarin oranges, 11 oz .49

Quaker Oatmeal Instant in the boxes $2.50 - $1 coupon doubled from 9/12 = .50

Hamburger Helper $1 - $1/4 coupon from 10/17 = .50 each

Jolly Time popcorn Buy 2 Get 3 Free. Regular price $2.69 – 2 coupons for .50 each from 10/3 = $3.38 (.67 each – a good deal)

Ocean Spray Craisins Buy 2 Get 3 Free

Pillsbury Cake Mix BOGO

Nestle cocoa mix $1.00 – coupon for $1 off Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows and Nestle Hot Cocoa mix from All You Magazine, November

Barilla Pasta Sauce, 24 oz BOGO for $1.49

Pillsbury flour, 5 lb $1.50

Crisco oil, 48 oz $1.99 – probably coupon from the 11/7 inserts – not sure what value of coupons will be yet.

Beech Nut Stage 2 baby food 10 for $4 (.40 each) - $2 off 12 coupon from 8/1 = .23 each


Colgate Total toothpaste $2.50 - $1 coupon doubled from 10/31 = .50

Seventh Generation dish liquid $1.99 - $1/1 from 8/8 = FREE

Seventh Generation all purpose cleaner $2.50 - $1 coupon from 8/8 = .50


Food Lion
November 3 – November 9


Food Lion Coupon Basics


Food Lion does not double coupons

They have no limits on number of coupons they will take, unless specified in the ad

BOGO items ring up at half price so if you only buy 1, it rings at half price. You can use a coupon on each BOGO sale item.

Free Turkey Dinner Promo: Shop 6 of 8 weeks and spend $45 per visit from September 29 – November 23. Earn 6 different weekly Electronic Turkey Credits (week # shown on your cash register receipt). A reward message will print at the bottom of your cash register receipt that indicates when you have qualified for a $15 Coupon. There is an enrollment card on the front page of the ad this week. I don’t ever spend $45 at any one store so I never qualify for these types of deals. If you normally spend enough to qualify for this promo, than this is a nice little added bonus.

3-Day Sale: Starts Friday at 8:00 am

Charmin, 12 big rolls, 6 mega rolls $4.99 – .25/1 from 10/31, limit 4

Tide 100 oz liquid or 141-146 powder $8.99 - $1 coupon from 10-31 = $7.99 ( a good deal for 100 oz Tide), limit 4 total for Tide and Downy

Downy fabric softener, 103 oz $8.99 - $1 coupon from 10/31 = $7.99, limit 4 total of Tide and Downy

Purina Dog Chow, 20 lb $8.99 - $2 coupon = $6.99

Pampers jumbo diapers $8.99 - $1 coupon from 10/31 = $7.99,

Crest toothpaste, select varieties $1.00 - .75/1 from 10/10 = .25, limit 4

Buy 5 and Save $2 Promotion
Buy any of the following 5 items and get $2 off at the register. It’s basically like getting .40 off each item with the promotion.
Chef Boyardee pasta $1 - .75/2 coupon from 10/3
Peter Pan Peanut Butter $1.66
Hunt’s Manwich sauce $1
Banquet dinners $1
Marie Calendars dinners $3.19


Cucumbers .44 each

Bartlett pears $1.29/lb

Pomegranates $1.69 each

Red grapes $1.69/lb

Sliced mushrooms $1.99, 6 oz

Gala or golden delicious apples, 3 lb bag $2.99

Russet potatoes, 10 lb bag $2.99


Holly Farms Whole Fryers .57/lb

Holly Farms cut up fryers .77/lb

Half boneless pork loin $2.27/lb

T-Bone or porterhouse steaks $4.99/lb

Snow crab clusters $4.99/lb

Food Lion fresh deli turkey breast $4.88/lb

Food Lion frozen chicken breasts, 2.5 lbs BOGO

Fresh chicken leg quarters .78/lb (.59/lb at Kroger through Saturday, 11/6)

Dairy & Frozen

Pillsbury grands, cinnamon rolls, golden layers $1 each – various printables at Pillsbury.com

International Delight coffee creamer $1.66 - .55/1 printable

Birds Eye Veggies, 32 oz BOGO

Edy’s ice cream BOGO - $1/2 from All You Magazine, October


Green Giant veggies cans, 11-15.25 oz BOGO for .65 each

Coke 2 ltrs .99

Duncan Hines Cake and Brownie Mix and Frosting BOGO - $1.00 printable coupon for $1 off any carrot cake AND frosting

Duke’s mayo 32 oz regular or light BOGO

Food Lion Soda 12 pack, 12 oz cans $2.50

Mt. Olive pickles BOGO - .50 coupon from 10/31



October 31 – November 6


Kroger Coupon Policy Basics

Doubles coupons up to .50

Many Kroger stores only allow 2 identical coupons per day (check with your store about their limits)

No total limits of coupons doubled per day

10 Item Mega Event: Save $5 instantly when you buy 10 participating items using your shopper’s card. Basically with this promotion, each item is another 50 cents off with the $5 discount. You can use manufacturer’s coupons and those that are .50 or less will double. There are lots of good deals even without coupons on many items. Price shown is after the .50 per item discount. Also, not all the participating items are listed in the sales ad. Be sure to bring you coupons with you to the store to take advantage of all the good deals!

Del Monte tomatoes .49 after discount - $1/5 from 9/19

Campbell's soups cream of mushroom, cream of chicken .49 after discount - .25/4 from 10/3 or $1.50/3 printable = FREE after printable

Campbell's chunky of Select Harvest soup .99 after discount - .50/2 from 10/3 and 10/10 = .49 each

Kroger fruit .49 after discount

Nestle hot cocoa .49 after discount

7Up, Diet Rite, RC .79 after discount

Activia yogurt, 4 pack $1.49 after discount - $1 coupon from 10/10 (expired 11/7) = .49

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars $1.49 after discount - .75/2 coupon from 9/19 = $1.11 each

Colgate toothbrush Wave or Total Pro $1.00 after discount - .40 coupon from 10/31 = .20

Colgate toothpaste select varieties $1.00 after discount - .75 coupon from 10/31 = .25


Braeburn, Cameo or Jonagold apples .99/lb

Avocados $1.00 each

Kroger value onions, 3 lb bag $2.00

Hass avocados, 4 count $2.99

Navel oranges 8 lb bag $4.99

Gala apples 5 lb bag $3.99


Kroger chicken leg quarters, 10 lb bag .59 per lb

Tyson Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.99/lb - good deal ($1.88/lb at Lowes Foods this week)

Boneless pork loin $1.99/lb

Oscar Mayer lunchmeat BOGO

Jimmy Dean Sausage BOGO

Dairy & Frozen

Kroger medium eggs, 12 count .50 - a good price


Chef Boyardee pasta .88 - .75/2 from 10/3 = .50 each

Kroger canned veggies 2 for $1

Kroger bread and buns $1.00

Pepsi Soft Drinks,2 ltrs $1.00

Big K soft drinks, 12 pack 12 count $1.99

Kroger sugar, 5 lb bag $2.49


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  • rohu Nov 3, 2010

    About HT taking competitor's coupons-

    I was at the Raleigh Edwards Mill location and the clerk there told us. The customer in front of us had just used a Kroger coupon.

    Today at lunch I was at the Cary Harrison Ave. store and was able to use a Lowes Foods $1 off (no doubling) coupon for the Campbell's Select Harvest soups.

    I'm sure you're right, it varies from store to store.

    Thanks again!

  • mlwmorales Nov 3, 2010

    I tried using the $1.00 off coupon for produce from Target and HT would not accept it. I was told if it was off the total order it would have worked.

  • twinredheads Nov 3, 2010

    Krusteaz boxed muffin mixes were included in the deal at Kroger. There is a .50 coupon from 10/17 that doubled. I ended up getting two boxes (with two coupons and the $5.00 off 10) for .50 each. Not too bad since they are regularly priced at like $2.99.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 3, 2010

    It is no longer available - I will remove the link. Sorry about that - it just went too fast.

  • reneeames Nov 3, 2010

    I went to the Nestle Quick link, but was not able to find out how to print the coupon ? tx

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 3, 2010

    Kroger deals are now updated. Looking forward to heading to Kroger tomorrow to do the 10 item mega event.

    Thanks for the info, happygirl08!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 3, 2010

    Harris Teeter deals from the sales ad are updated. :-) Working on Kroger next.

  • HappyGirl08 Nov 3, 2010

    The only beware HT I can remind everyone of is the HT at Meadowmont in Chapel Hill. Any time I have ever tried a comp coupon in there, or any other "special" coupon they turn it down. I declare I could take one in there and they would say no because the print on the paper is black! Its crazy.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 3, 2010

    Thanks RCC and total. My 9 yr old has strep according to the CVS Minute Clinic we visited at 8:30 am this morning. The good news is that she is on antibiotics now and is resting comfortably watching her fav tv show. The nurse practitioner, Tiffany, was super nice and excellent with my daughter, which made the visit easier. And I told her all abotu HT super doubles so hopefully she will save a few bucks this week!

    Rohu - HT will take competitors coupons for total off you total purchase. It is in their policy that they will not take comp coupons for a specific product. With that said, some stores are loose with the policy and may take them. Which store were you at and what type of comp coupons were they taking?

    KLW - the Barilla deal was a nice surprise! I also picked up a couple free boxes with the $1 printables I had. I'll post my totals and deals on the HT Super Doubles thread.

    RCC - I posted the $1 Target produce coupon a week or so ago. Good to know it was reset - thanks!

  • KLW Nov 3, 2010

    I hit the Barilla pasta deal at HT...and it's not just the regular Barilla pasta that is 60 cents a box (pictured in the ad), it's the Barilla Plus too, which we use and it's usually $2.25 a box! I just finished filling up two more boxes of donated food with all the crazy soup and pasta deals! I got Campbells Select Harvest soups for 25 cents at HT, combining the sale ($1.25 each) with a doubled IP coupon for $1 off of two cans, found at campbellskitchen.com.