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Post your Super Doubles totals here!

Posted November 2, 2010
Updated November 3, 2010

Tired of your non-couponing friends rolling their eyes at you when you go on and on about your fabulous deals? This is the place to share your awesome Harris Teeter Super Doubles totals because we all get it and will cheer you on!

So, let's hear it - how did you do?  What were your best deals?  Did you have any issues with coupons, cashiers, cash registers?  Did you have great customer service - if so, where?

If you are wondering what I am talking about, Harris Teeter will be Super Doubling coupons from Wednesday, 11/3 through Tuesday, 11/9. They will double up to 20 coupons per day that have a face value of $1.98 or less ($1.50 coupons are worth $3, $1 coupons are worth $2 at the register). For all the coupon polices and a list of the best deals during this Super Doubles event, click on the link in the box.

Here are my totals from today's shop (Wednesday) at the Kings Grant store (Fuquay on 401 and Ten Ten Road). They were pretty well stocked at 7 am. To those I chatted with at the store - sorry I couldn't chat longer. Had to get older daughter to middle school on time.

Subtotal before sales and taxes: $74.57

Total paid: $3.90

Savings: 95%!

Items purchased:

1 Nasoya organic tofu $2.19 - $1 printable coupon (no longer available) = .19

3 Oikos organic Greek yogurt $1.89 - $1 coupon from in-store display couple months ago = FREE

2 Quaker Oatmeal, 10 packet $2.50 - $1 coupon = .50

3 Gain dish liquid (larger bottle) $1.99 - $1 coupon = FREE

6 Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken soups (6 total cans) .75 each - $1.50/3 printable = FREE

2 Barilla Plus Pasta .60 each - $1 printable coupon (link posted on blog October 7 - no longer available) = FREE

1 Kotex liners $1.45 - $1 coupon (sent from company) = FREE

1 Reach Floss $1.65 - $1 coupon from 10/10 = FREE

1 Kikkoman light soy $2.50 - $1 printable = .50 (the regular soy is free with coupon, but we use the one with less sodium, which costs a little more)

1 Rhodes rolls, 1 lb $1.85 - $1 coupon from 9/19 = FREE

2 Dannon Crush cups yogurt $2.50 - $1 coupon from 10/10 = .50 each

1 Cheez-it crackers $2.50 - $1 coupon sent by company when I requested them in Sept. = .50

1 Clorox wipes, 75 count – FREE with coupon Clorox mailed to me when I requested a coupon in Sept.

1 Glade Aerosol spray - FREE with coupon Glade mailed to me when I requested a coupon in Sept.

1 Dean’s Light French Onion Dip – FREE with coupon Deans mailed me when I requested it in Sept.

1 Danimals yogurt drinks 4 pack - FREE with coupon Dannon mailed me when I requested it in Sept.

1 Aunt Jemima French toast – Free with coupon they mailed me because of a product problem with a previous purchase.


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  • Oxymoron02 Nov 10, 2010

    Last minute steal of the day ... California Pizza Kitchen single serve size @ $3.59 each, $1.50 off Q, bought 3 paying 59 cents each for a total of $1.77 plus tax. There's a catalina on them right now, and for buying 3 I got $2 off OYNO. Very much enjoyed eating pizza they PAID me to take out of the store.

    There's a catalina deal on the Hamburger Helper too. B5G $3 off OYNO. I bought 6, used 2 75 cents off 3 Qs. Paid $3, got back $3.

    Also made the mistake of taking my 16 year old with me, which is a recipe for disaster. "But we're out of veggie dogs" and it doesn't matter that they're not on sale and I have no coupons for them. :/

    VIC savings: 22.38
    Coupons tendered: 64.38
    Before tax total: 28.83

    75% savings, not bad for bringing a teenager with a raging case of "oooh shiny!" with me.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 8, 2010

    Wow CHC - sounds like a really frustrating customer. It breaks my heart to hear about customers trying to abuse the system. I have heard some horror stories from cashiers and managers this time around. One lady threw a fit in one store because she didn't like the elevator music! I am glad you won't let people get away with using coupons for items not indicated on the coupon and I feel for you that you have to try and keep coupon fraud from happening. Not an easy position to be in. Hang in there and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

  • lisajill Nov 8, 2010

    Total before coupons and VIC was $46.20, but I only paid $3.31 - a savings of 93%! I bought Cutrite wax paper, Dial soap 3-pack, 2 boxes of Mueller's elbow macaroni, Gain dish liquid, Puff's facial tissues, Special K fruit bars, Kikkiman Teriyaki, Franks Hot Sauce, Ritz Bits cheese sandwiches, Friskies cat treats, 2 bags of Wacky Mac, 2 bottles of Texas Pete sauce, BumbleBee Tuna pouch, Barilla lasagna, Colgate toothpaste, Reach floss, Rhodes frozen biscuits, Activia 4-pack yogurt, and Oscar Meyer smoked sandwich ham. I shopped at the Fuquay HT and they were well stocked. The Mueller's pasta and Barilla pasta coupons did not scan at all, but the manager came and verified the items and entered the coupons manually. The lady in line behind me did a double take when she saw my total was $3.31 for all those items! I hope to go back one more time before SDC ends!

  • rayne0524 Nov 7, 2010

    Finally got to Harris Teeter last night, got some great deals. My total before card & coupons was $106.67, after it was $31.47. I was so excited.

  • Oxymoron02 Nov 6, 2010

    @ssg: That link gave me coupons for almond milk, soup or broth and condensed soup, all printed twice. Only one not free after doubling was the almond milk, it was 55 cents. w00t!

    Love it when coupons tendered more than doubles the total paid.

    And my cashier politely pointed out that one of my coupons started with a 9 and would not double. I knew it wouldn't, she was just trying to head off an argument. Best coupon I had for the item was 40 cents off, which would double to 80 cents, so I chose the DND $1 blinkie instead.

    And let the buyer beward, the fancy Barilla pastas (the one there was a coupon for) are 5/$3 and NOT part of the B2G3 even though if you buy 5 of those or 5 of the regular you pay $3. The fancy one's ring up at 60 cents each where the regular ring at $1.50 and then 3 come off at the end. I ended up paying $4.20 for 2 of one and 3 of the other (it gave me the third one free).

  • triplettk Nov 6, 2010

    FYI...the HT at Cary Towne Center is no longer doubling DND coupons. I shopped there on Wed. w/ no problem, used my 20 coupons, had great service by all even when trouble with Barilla Q scanning. Today I went back, same cashier, said they couldn't accept DND. I explained that I had been there earlier in the week, been to other stores, etc. He said, "maybe the cashier didn't look closely enough." Sounded like they'd had some sort of store "meeting" because I heard the same conversation happening in another line. Luckily my order was small, so no big deal to take off those things that q wouldn't double, but won't be stopping at this HT anymore. The coupons I was trying to use were .40/2, so not even a super double thing. Sounds like general practice policy. Been to 3 other HTs today with no problem. Cary Towne is off my list!

  • ssgspoon Nov 6, 2010

    Pacific Natural Foods Broth Coupon - on sale for $2 each = FREE

  • tammyslr Nov 6, 2010

    I think my very best shop yet- 1-6pk Danimals, 2-MWhite Muffins, 1- Delmonte 4-pk peaches, 2- Idaho potato pkgs, 2- Big Gain Dishwash, 2- Puffs cubes, 2- Yakisobe noodles, 1- Cofemate, 3- Cream of Mushroom, 3- Cream of Chicken, 2- 1 load Tide, 1- Oral B Toothbrush, 1- Carefree liners, 1- Buitoni Fettucini- If I figure right- originally 41.47 OOP .87 cents woo hoo 98% savings Love Fayes hard work and HT Super Doubles

  • erinlikescoupons Nov 5, 2010

    Oops, total before would've been $36.23. I paid $6.22.

  • erinlikescoupons Nov 5, 2010

    I went to the Teeter at Western and Jones Franklin at lunch. They had EVERYTHING in stock. I got 2 Barilla Plus pastas, 2 Muir Glen Maters, 2 boxes of trident gum, 1 Finish Dishwasher tabs, 2 Nestle cookie doughs, 2 toof brushes, and a gallon of organic milk all for $6.22. WOO HOO! There was a problem with one of the coupons not doubling and the guy called over a manager and they just zipped it right though. Didn't even examine the coupon. I was quite happy with my shopping experience at the Teeter today!