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Grocery deals 10-27 - great deals this week!

Posted October 27, 2010

It’s a fabulous week all around including free ketchup, .25/dozen eggs and a great deal on Palermo’s pizza at Lowes Foods. Harris Teeter has a ton of Buy 2 Get 3 Free deals and BOGO buys. Food Lion has grapes on sale for .99 and Kroger has a 4 day sale, a frozen food mega item event and a GM cereal deal! AND, on top of all that – it’s looking very good for Harris Teeter Super Doubles starting November 3!

I already shopped Lowes Foods this morning (Wednesday) and my subtotal before sales and coupons was $95.69.

I paid $25.64!

That’s a 74% savings on 4 bottles of ketchup, 1 bag Gold Medal flour, 4 Palermos pizzas, 2 Lowes Foods tortilla chips and 1 pretzel bag, 3 boxes Morningstar Veggie Burgers, 1 bag Tyson chicken tenders, 1 bag Celentano ravioli, 1 package Hebrew National hot dogs, 1 container generic salsa, 2 boxes Blue Dog dog treats!

All the links to the printable coupons can be found in the box above. Click the More tab to see the rest of the coupon links.

Please post your great deal finds and let us know how much you saved this week!

Lowes Foods
October 27– November 2

Lowes Coupon Policy Basics:

Doubles coupons .99 or less everyday

Doubles up to 20 coupons per day

Doubles up to 4 identical coupons (must have required product to go with each coupon)

BOGO sales ring up at half price. If you just buy one, it still rings up at half price and you can still use a coupon on it! I love that policy!


Navel oranges .50 each

Jumbo russet baking potatoes .59/lb

Red delicious apples, 5 lb bag BOGO for $3.00 = .60/lb

California red bell peppers .99 each ( a good price)

Mangoes .99 each

Eggplant .99/lb

Jumbo sweet onions .99/lb

Pineapple, whole (cored free where available) $2.99


80% lean ground beef or 85% lean fresh ground turkey $1.79/lb

Fresh Italian sausage, hot or mild, made fresh daily $1.99/lb

Fresh assorted pork chops, bone in 9 count $2.29/lb

Perdue boneless skinless chicken breast BOGO for $2.35/lb

Hebrew National hot dogs BOGO - $1 printable coupon I posted back on Sept 26 (it’s no longer available)

Lowes Foods sliced bacon, center cut 12 oz BOGO

Carolina Pride cocktail smokies or franks BOGO

Fresh Cod Fillets $4.99/lb

Dairy & Frozen

Davidson's eggs, 1 dozen BOGO for $1.75 - .75 printable coupon = .25!

Dannon yogurt, 6 oz .50 each - .50/6 coupon for Light & Fit from 10/10 = .33 each
Use .40/6 printable for any fruit on the bottom variety to make them .36 each

Coffee-mate seasonal creamers, 16 oz $1.99 - .75 printable coupon = .49

Kraft cheese, shreeded, cubes or crumbles 5-8 – 9.6 $1.88 - $5/5 printable Kraft coupon (if you haven’t used yours) = .88 each (a good deal!)

Sunny D drink $1.50 - .25 coupon from 8/8 = $1.00

Palermo’s Pizza Buy 2 Get 3 Free - $1/1 printable coupon (FYI the coupon is huge and uses a lot of black ink) or $1/2 printable coupon
Regular Price: $6.98 each
At Lowes Foods, you can use a coupon on each item up to 4 coupons for the same item (even the free ones) so the total for 5 with 4 coupons for $1.00/1 = $9.96 ($1.99 each – a good price for Palermo’s)

Tribe Hummus $1.99

Morningstar Farm $3 - $1 printable coupon = $2

Celentano frozen ravioli BOGO for $2.50

Tombstone Pizza $3.33 each

Tyson frozen chicken tenders, nuggets, 25 – 29 oz $4.99 - $1 coupon from 10/10 = $3.99


Heinz ketchup 32 – 36 oz squeeze BOGO for $1.38 - .75 coupon from 10/3 (expires 10/31) = FREE! Whoo hoo more free Heinz!

Mahatma Yellow, Saffron Rice .74 - .75/2 coupon from 10/24, .50/1 from 10/25 = FREE

Martha White muffin mix .77 - .55/2 from 8/8 = .22

Swanson broth, 14.5 oz can .75 - .50/5 coupon from 9/26 = .55 each

Lowes Foods tortilla chips, BOGO for .80 a bag

Lowes Foods hot dog buns .99

Nabisco Premium Saltines BOGO for $1.44 - $1/2 Nabisco cracker or cookie coupon from 9/26 = .94 each

Pepsi products 2 ltr. $1.00

Lowes Foods pretzels $1.29

Gold Medal flour, 5 lb bag all purpose or self rising BOGO for $1.34 (good price – think holiday baking)

Lowes Foods apple juice 64 oz $1.39

Fresh Rewards Deal on Nuts: Lowes Foods Deluxe Mixed Nuts, 10 oz or Whole Cashews 9.75 oz
Sale: $3.99
FRD: Buy 2 and earn $2.00 Fresh Rewards Cash
Total after fresh rewards = $2.99 each


Blue Dog treats BOGO for $1.33 - $1 printable coupon = .33!

Wisk laundry detergent $4.99 - $2 coupon from 10/24 = $2.99

Lowes Foods Bath Tissue, 12 double rolls $4.99



Harris Teeter
October 27– November 2


Harris Teeter Coupon Policy Basics:

Doubles coupons .99 or less everyday

Doubles up to 20 coupons per day

Doubles up to 3 identical coupons (must have required product to go with each coupon)

BOGO sales ring up at half price. If you just buy one, it still rings up at half price. The policy states that you can only use ONE coupon on a BOGO deal. So, if you buy 2 items that are BOGO, you can only use one coupon total. If there is a Buy 2 Get 3 sale, you can only use coupons on the 2 you are buying (not on the other three free ones). With Buy 2 Get 3 sales, you must buy all 5 to get the sale price.

Meal Deal of the Week:
Buy 1 Stouffer’s Family Size Meal 28 – 40 oz for $7.69 and get the following free:
Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamer Vegetable, 11-12 oz
Rhodes white dinner rolls, 12 count
Coke product, 2 ltr
Must purchase all 4 items to get the deal
MQ: $1 printable coupon for Stouffers (must register with Nestle to print coupons)
Total for all 4 items with $1 coupon = $6.69

E-Vic deal this week: Bertolli pasta sauce , 24 oz $1.47, limit 1 (better deal on Buy 2 Get 3 Free Ragu, 45 oz at HT this week)


Limes 2 for $1

Gala, fuji, granny smith, braeburn apples .99/lb

Fresh broccoli crowns $1.69/lb


Boston butt pork roast .99/lb

Ground beef, 80% lean

Boneless ribeye $5.99/lb

Ball Park beef franks BOGO

Dairy & Frozen

Bestlife buttery spray BOGO - $1 printable, .50/1 coupon from 10/17

Country Crock spread BOGO - .40 printable

Stonyfield organic yogurt .50 - .50/3 printable coupon

International delight creamer, 16 oz $1.49 - .55/1 printable = .39

Foot long subs in deli $3.99

Harris Teeter all natural ice cream, 48 oz Buy 2 Get 3 Free

Freshetta pizza $4.00 - .75/1 from 10/10 = $2.50 (a good deal)

Hunter Farms Sherbet BOGO


Martha White muffin mix BOGO .55/2 from 8/8

Wolfgang puck soup BOGO - .50 coupon from 10/3

Harris Teeter Soda, 2 ltr .69

Jolly Time popcorn Buy 2 Get 3 Free - .50/1 coupon from 10/3 (can use a coupon on the 2 you are buying) Regular price $2.69. Total for 5 with 2 coupons = $3.38.67 each – a good deal!

Campbells select soups $1.25 – $1/2 printable coupon = .75 each

Pepsi products 2 ltr .99

Quaker Chewy Granola bars $2.00 - .75/2 from 9/19 = $1.25 each

Motts apple juice BOGO


Pepsi products 12 pack cans Buy 2 Get 3 Free (must buy 2 to get 3 free)

Ruffles potato chips Buy 2 get 3 free

Crystal springs bottled water Buy 2 get 3 free

Chunk white tuna, 5 oz can Buy 2 Get 3 Free

Ragu pasta sauce, 45 oz Buy 2 get 3 free (regular price is $3.45. Buy 2 for $6.90 and get 3 free. Total for 5 = $1.38 each (a very good price for 45 oz)


Yourhome Bleach, 96 oz .99

HT batteries 8 count AA/AAA BOGO

Angel Soft bath tissue 9-12 rolls $5.99 - .50 from 9/19 = $4.99

Food Lion
October 27– November 2


Food Lion Coupon Basics

Food Lion does not double coupons

They have no limits on number of coupons they will take, unless specified in the ad

BOGO items ring up at half price so if you only buy 1, it rings at half price. You can use a coupon on each BOGO sale item.

Free Turkey Dinner Promo: Shop 6 of 8 weeks and spend $45 per visit from September 29 – November 23. Earn 6 different weekly Electronic Turkey Credits (week # shown on your cash register receipt). A reward message will print at the bottom of your cash register receipt that indicates when you have qualified for a $15 Coupon. There is an enrollment card on the front page of the ad this week. I don’t ever spend $45 at any one store so I never qualify for these types of deals. If you normally spend enough to qualify for this promo, than this is a nice little added bonus.


Hass Avocados .79 each

Red grapes, seedless .99/lb

Yellow peaches $1.29/lb

Sweet onions $1.29/lb


Holly Farms chicken thighs .87/lb

Holly Farms Drumsticks .97/lb

Ground beef 73% lean $1.47/lb

Country style pork ribs $1.57/lb

Value pack pork steaks $1.67/lb

Food Lion chicken breast halves or tenders, 2.5 – 3 lb bag BOGO, limit 2 free

Food Lion Chicken snack wings, 2.5 lb bag BOGO, limit 2 free

Oscar Mayer meat and beef hot dogs BOGO - $1/2 coupon from 9/26

Food Lion Shrimp, frozen BOGO

Dairy & Frozen

Phili soft cream cheese $1.66 - $5/5 Kraft printable coupon = .66 each

Banquet brown n’ serve links or patties or Banquest dinners 10 for $10 - $2 coupon off 10 from Food Lion coupon kiosk in stores = 8 for $10 = .80 each after coupon

Farm Rich value pack snacks products, 20 – 30 oz BOGO for $3.75 - .75 printable coupon = $3.00

Hungry Man XXL dinners BOGO for $2.50 - $2 printable coupon = .50

Morningstar Farms veggie products $3.19 - $1 printable coupon = $2.19

Breyers ice cream BOGO - $1/2 coupon from

Sea Pack Shrimp 8.2 – 20 oz BOGO for $4.00 - $1 coupon from 10/3 = $3.00

Tombstone pizza $3.33


Hamburger helper .88 - .75/3 coupon from 10/17, 10/3, 9/12 or .75/3 printable coupon = .63 each

Chef Boyardee pasta $1.00 - .75/2 from 10/3 = .62 each

Coke products 2 ltr .99

Fanta, Sprite, Mellow Yellow, Barqs soda 2 ltr .99 PLUS buy 3 2 ltrs and get 1 free when you use your MVP card

7Up, A & W, Canada Dry 2 ltr .99 – BOGO 7Up coupon from 9/19 = .50 each

Food Lion hot dog buns $1.17

Campbells Chunky Soup $1.25 - .50/2 coupon from 10/10, various printable coupons including .50/1

Ragu pasta sauce $1.25 each

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks BOGO for $1.35

Food Lion peanuts 12 – 16 oz $2.00

Food Lion soda 12 oz cans. 12 pack $2.50


Arm & Hammer laundry detergent BOGO for $3.00 - $1/2 from 9/19, $1/1 Power Gel from 9/19 = $2 - $2.50 (depending on coupon you use)

Sparkle paper towels, 8 rolls $4.99

Angel soft bath tissue 12 double rolls, 9 mega rolla, 24 regular rolls $4.99 - .50/1 coupon from 9/19 = $4.49

Huggies jumbo diapers $9.99 - - $1.50 and $2 coupons from 10/17, $2 Little Snugglers printable, $3 off 2 Snug and Dry diapers

October 24 – October 30


Kroger Coupon Policy Basics

Doubles coupons up to .50

Many Kroger stores only allow 2 identical coupons per day (check with your store about their limits)

No total limits of coupons doubled per day

4-Day Sale: Starts Wednesday October 27 – October 30

Small Gala Apples .68/lb (a very good price)

Pepsi soft drinks, 2 ltr .88 each (a good price)

Ball Park Franks (excludes meat variety) $1.25

Kroger lowfat chocolate milk, half gallon, $1.00 (makes it $2 for a gallon of milk – a good deal, although it is chocolate milk so not as healthy but my kids would LOVE it!)

Edy’s Ice Cream, 48 oz $1.99 - $1/2 from All You Magazine October = $1.49 ( a good price)

Halloween costumes, makeup, masks or wigs 40% off

General Mills Cereal Promotion: Buy any 4 General Mills cereal, select varieties, 12.8 – 17 oz get $6 off at the register making them $1.49 each after the $6 discount. All items must be purchased in same transaction. Not sure what varieties are included but the ad shows Cheerios and Lucky Charms. I have heard that in some Kroger stores the shelves are not marked well so you don’t know exactly which varieties are included. Make sure you watch the register to verify that the $6 does come off the total.

Frozen 10 Item Mega Event: Save $5 instantly when you buy 10 participating items using your shopper’s card. Basically with this promotion, each item is another 50 cents off with the $5 discount. You can use manufacturer’s coupons and those that are .50 or less will double. There are not as many great deals with this promo as there have been for the last few weeks but there are some good ones.

Here are the better deals from those listed in the ad:

Hungry Man entrée $1.78 after promo discount - $2 printable coupon = FREE

Gortons fish fillets, tenders or sticks $2.99 after promo discount - .50 coupon doubled = $1.99

Freschetta pizza $3.98 after promo discount - $1 printable coupon, .75 coupon from 10/10 = $2.98 with printable

Bird’s Eye Steamfresh veggies $1.49 after promo discount - $1/3 coupon from 9/26 (exp 10/24) = $1.15 each

Tombstone pizza $1.99 after promo discount


Hass Avocados $1.00 each

Bell peppers, red, yellow, orange $1.50 each

Organic Bartlett pears $1.59/lb

Asparagus $1.99/lb

Florida navel oranges, 8 lb bag $4.99


Private selection whole turkey, frozen .69/lb

Tyson split chicken breasts .99/lb

Ground chuck $1.99 (sold in 3 lb roll for $5.97)

Boneless chuck roast $2.49/lb

Hillshire Farm smoked sausage or cocktail smokies $2.50 - .75/2 coupon from 10/3

Kroger deli style lunchmeat, 16 oz $3.50

Kroger imitation crab 7-8 oz $1.66

Dairy & Frozen

Dannon yogurt, 6 oz .50 each - .50/6 coupon for Light & Fit from 10/10 = .33 each
Use .40/6 printable for any fruit on the bottom variety to make them .36 each

Yoplait yogurt, 4-6 oz .50 each - .50/8 and .40/6 coupons from 9/12 and 10/3, .40/6 printable coupon = .36 each with .40/6 coupon

Eggs, 18 count $1.29 – a good price

Kraft Cheese bar or shredded 5-8 oz or singles, 16 oz $1.99 - $5/5 Kraft printable coupon (if you haven’t used yours) = .99 each

Kroger cheese, 8 oz bar or shredded, 6 oz sliced $1.66

Kroger 1% or Skim $2.39/gallon ( a good price)


Chef Boyardee pasta .88 - .75/2 from 10/3 = .50 each

Kroger bread and buns $1.00

Progresso soup $1.25 - $1/4 coupon from 10/24 = $1.00 each

Big K soft drinks 12 pack 12 oz cans $1.99 (good price for 12 pack canned soda)


Quilted Northern bath tissue , 4 double rolls $1.99 - .50/1 printable = .99 (a good price for 4 double rolls – same as getting 12 double rolls for $3.00)

Huggies diapers or pull-ups $8.99 - $1.50 and $2 coupons from 10/17, $2 Little Snugglers printable, $3 off 2 Snug and Dry diapers



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  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 1, 2010

    C - The sale is not in the flyer. It has been runnign for 3 weeks as an unadvertised sale. The shelf tag indicates it is good through 11/23, I think. I have found these eggs at the store on Hwy 42/Hwy 50 and at the Cary location on Tryon and Cary Parkway. Not every store carries every brand that other stores carry so they may not carry it ever at the Holly Springs store. Eggs are also on sale at Kroger for .50 this week if that is a more convenient store for you vs the Cary Tryon Lowes. At .25 per dozen (and you can get 4 dozen and use 4 coupons for .75 all in the same transaction), it is such a great deal!

  • aandc Nov 1, 2010

    Hi, I'm new to this website. Faye-I had a question about the Davidson eggs sale at Lowes. Is this sale at a specific store? I tried going to the one in Holly Springs and I didn't even see this brand of eggs offered there. I also checked their flier and didn't see the sale. Did I miss something?


  • HappyGirl08 Oct 29, 2010

    Well I tell you, I have the worst time at the HT @ meadowmont in Chapel Hill when I have any sort of "special" coupon. If its for a free item and it got printed out off line, no they won't take it but any other HT in the Eastern Seaboard will. If its a comptitor's coupon (example- a 4.00 off my next order of 40.00+ that I got at food lion) no..they won't take it but other stores will. This particular day the cashier says to me that if I had a CVS coupon like that I could use it, but not FL. ?? When I told her that made no sense, well bless her heart you could hear the crickets chirping.

    I called HT on that particular day and was told they wouldn't take the FL coupon b/c it prints out like a catalina. (I say that is dumb) and that the CVS coupon thing the cashier told me was not exactly right. Apparently, if we get those extra care emails for 4.00 off your next order, those are the ones they'll take.

    Last week I had one so I went to a different HT, ...not gonna chance Meadowmont....a

  • triplettk Oct 29, 2010

    I usually get questions from the cashier when trying to use man. coupon on a clearance item (because it rings up HBC markdown so the computer doesn't recognize that the coupon matches the item). Every time they've let me use it after they've verified the item is in my bag, but it does take a manager override. I just did it yesterday with some Glade Sense and Spray refills that were on clearance for 1.99 and $1/2 coupon. Will be an even better deal if they still have some on Wed., but wanted to go ahead and get a couple at this price, just in case.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Oct 28, 2010

    I just printed out 2 more dog treat coupons from my dad's computer so 2 more cheap boxes coming up for our pooch. He REALLY likes these! So did his doggie girlfriend who came over to play today. :-)

    Thanks for the intel, hurricanebat. I will be passing through Cary tomorrow on the way back from teaching a class in Sanford so I think I may make a stop at that HT. I am glad to hear they were taking coupons with the clearance. In the past, some HT stores have not allowed us to use man. coupons with clearance items.

  • triplettk Oct 28, 2010

    I used 5 coupons for the Palermo's pizza - no problem! This was my first time couponing at LF. Hopefully will have time to go back for more .33 dog treats.

  • hurricanebat Oct 28, 2010

    When I was at the HT at Tryon & Walnut in Cary, they were scanning the whole store for markdowns. There were already 15 carts full at the front with more to come. I was able to get lots of great-free deals with the markdowns and coupons. Free toothpaste, free Betty Crocker potatoes, free dog treats, $0.39 pancake mix, etc. The manager said they were doing a full reset of the store.

  • Nancy Oct 28, 2010

    triplettk - since the coupon was for $0.55/2 and you bought two, they usually double without any problem. It is when you have two coupons for a BOGO that it can create problems at *some* HT's.

  • triplettk Oct 27, 2010

    The LF policy listed here says "doubles up to 4 identical coupons"...the $1 coupons wouldn't double, so I assumed using 5 was fair game. We'll see.

    Also - Martha White muffin mix is BOGO for $1.15 at HT - .55/2 doubled = .05 for 2 bags of muffin mix! I wasn't sure if they would take the coupon since their BOGO coupon policy is stricter than others, but it scanned and multiplied. : )

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Oct 27, 2010

    I amended the original post about the Palermos to reflect the use of 4 coupons - total per pizza is $1.99 after sale and 4 coupons for $1 each - a good deal! Guess what we are having for dinner Halloweeen night?!