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New offical Walgreens coupon policy - in writing!

Posted August 27, 2010

Walgreens has finally published an official coupon policy which should make life somewhat easier for couponers everywhere.

The policy basically outlines all the strict coupon rules that have been in place verbally. One nice thing they put in writing is that you can use 2 coupons on a BOGO deal, one for each product, as long as the net price does not go below zero for both items.

I am glad to see they now have an official plicy, but it is still missing some important information. It does not address using a BOGO coupon on a BOGO deal (where both should be free with sale and coupon, but not all stores allow this). The policy also states: "Customers redeeming a Register RewardsTM against the same offer may not receive another RR." But - I have heard many stories about RR's not printing when an RR from a different manufacturer has been used to help pay for the new item.  There has also been chatter on other boards about people not getting the RR if they use a manufacturer coupon on the item. I have not had this problem, but the policy does not address this issue either. I am sending corporate an e-mail about the issues above, but until they amend the policy, you may have problems with the above scenarios.

You will definitely want to print out the policy so you can help the management to understand their policy if there is any confusion. Keep in mind that there are a number of instances in the policy where they use the word "may" or "valid" leaving it up to the manager to decide if they will follow the policy.

Thanks to Walgreens for putting the policy in writing. I look forward to them updating it to include more of the common issues regarding coupon use in their stores.


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  • Nancy Aug 28, 2010

    anie - something isn't right. Unless this was very recent and they changed a policy, which hasn't happened to me, I often have next to nothing owed and still get my RR because I bought the products required. Do you remember what products, which week this was? Because usually those deals require BEFORE coupon purchase equaling the minimum $ (in your case $10).
    And you have to be careful to buy exactly the items listed as qualifying to reach that $10 threshold. If the shelf tag doesn't show which items, check the ad. Let's use John Frieda as an example. The deal may only include a couple of a complete line of let's say, the Root Awakening items. If you bought a Frizz Ease item by John Frieda, that would not qualify and your RR wouldn't generate.

    It has nothing to do with the total not remaining above the $10 amount after coupons. The register kicks out the RR based on buying the qualifying items and $ amount before discounts you may be able to apply through coupons.

  • futurerabs Aug 28, 2010

    Hello. I have a question about Walgreens. They had a buy $10 in XYZ products and receive $3 in RR. (I cant remember the exact deal). When I went to pay, the retail value of my items exceeded the $10. I had coupons which reduced the price and the RR did NOT print out. I asked and they said I had to spend $10.00 in retail after coupons were applied. I hope this makes sense. CVS clearly does NOT have this policy. They allow the coupons to be applied to the total. Thank you, Amy

  • Nancy Aug 28, 2010

    willisfamily - RR's are tied to specific manufacturers and as such won't allow another RR to generate if you are purchasing the same manufacturers product.

    This is different than CVS's ECB's which can be 'rolled' into any purchase (not manufacturer specific).

    And the RR will only print out the week it's advertised in the circular. So if you get a raincheck, you can buy it at the price advertised but you won't get a RR with it if it's beyond the week the RR was advertised with that product.

    Again, comparing that to CVS, if CVS is out of a product they have advertised with an ECB deal attached - you will not only get a raincheck that never expires, you will get your ECB as well whenever you do purchase it, no matter how long past the weekly advertised special on that item.

    Hope that didn't confuse you??

  • willisfamily5 Aug 27, 2010

    Hi Faye

    Can you explain this better please?
    Customers redeeming a Register RewardsTM against the same offer may not receive another RR

    And, what does this- Register RewardsTM will only print for in-stock merchandise during the promotional period.-mean for rainchecks now?

    Thanks so much!


  • sat2070 Aug 27, 2010

    They are kept up near the registers at Walmart also. You can get them at Staples as well. The last time I purchased them at Staples they were 2.99 but I turned in an old ink cartridge and got a $3 coupon which made them free :)

  • t0tAlChA0s Aug 27, 2010

    trip-Faye sells them on her site! =)


  • CuriousT Aug 27, 2010

    triplettk -

    I found mine at K-mart near the register.

  • triplettk Aug 27, 2010

    Faye - where can I find baseball card pages to keep coupons in a binder? Do you just fold coupons that are too big to fit in those slots? Thanks.