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Grocery deals 8-18

Posted August 18, 2010
Updated August 22, 2010

It's another great week of promotions, register deals and produce buys. Don't miss the Harris Teeter General Mills promotion and the Kroger buy 8 get $4 off promo. There are also a bunch of $1 /lb or less product deals!  Remember to click the "More" tab in the coupon box to the left to see the rest of the printable coupons.

Harris Teeter
August 18 – August 24


My favorite deals at HT this week: Eggs on sale BOGO for .67 per dozen – an “eggscelent” price! You also don’t want to miss the General Mills promo detailed below – great deals for back to school snacks!

There is a fabulous and multi-dimensional General Mills promo this week: Buy any 20 participating products and get $6 off at the register instantly. This comes to a savings of 30 cents per item. Limit one reward per transaction. There are a number of these products on sale PLUS you can couple the sales and the $6 promo with manufacturer’s coupons to make it an even better deal! PLUS there are 2 other register coupons deals for Betty Crocker fruit snacks and Nature Valley Granola bars that you can stack with the $6 promo.

Participating products include various General Mills cereals (various Cheerios, various Total, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams), Totino’s pizza rolls, Totino’s Party pizzas, Green Giant valley fresh steamers, Yo Plus and Fiber One yogurt, Triz and Go-Gurt yogurt, Wanchai Ferry frozen dinner kit, Pillsbury Sweet Memories, Ready to Bake cookies, Italian Breads, Grands Biscuits, Frozen biscuits, Crescent rolls, Savorings, pancakes and toaster strudels, Betty Crocker pouch cookies, Supreme brownie mix and fruit snacks, Old El Paso dinner kits, shells, refried beans, Macaroni grill, good earth or wanchai ferry boxed dinner kits, Progresso vegetable classic soups, General mills milk n cereal bars, Nature Valley granola bars.

There are many coupons from the 8/8 inserts that match with the sales AND many printable coupons for these items at www.pillsbury.com and www.bettycrocker.com.

To make it an even better deal, there are also additional Catalina register coupon deals going on for the Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks and the Nature Valley Granola Bars:

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks Catalina Register Coupon Deal:
Get $1 register coupon for your next purchase when you buy 3
Get $2 register coupon for your next purchase when you buy 4
Get $3 register coupon for your next purchase when you buy 5

Nature Valley and Fiber One granola bars Catalina Register Coupon Deal:
Get $1.50 register coupon for your next purchase when you buy 3
Get $2.50 register coupon for your next purchase when you buy 4
Get $3.50 register coupon for your next purchase when you buy 5

You could actually buy 5 Nature Valley and/or Fiber One granola bars, 5 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks and 10 other qualifying items and get $6 off instantly for the General Mills promo, a $3.50 register coupon for the granola bars and a $3 register coupon for the fruit snacks. Use coupons for all 20 items and you are sure to get some good deals. Once I do this promo, I’ll post my scenario. Please post yours when you do the deal.

E-Vic deal this week: Deer Park water, 24 pack $2.99, limit 2 (non-e-vic price is $3.99)

Meal Deal this week:
Buy 1 Buitoni Frozen Product, 22 oz., at $9.99 - $1.50 printable coupon = $8.49
Get the Following FREE with purchase of Buitoni product:
Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast, 11.25 oz.
Talenti Gelato, 16 oz.
Pepsi, 2 Ltr


Cucumbers .50 each

Valencia oranges .50 each

Peaches $1.29/lb

Strawberries Buy 1 Get 2 FREE = $1.31 per lb (must buy all 3 in same transaction to get sale price)


Boneless skinless chicken breast BOGO for $2.48/lb ($1.97/lb at Food Lion this week)

Fresh Foods Market Meat and Cheeses BOGO

EZ Peel White Shrimp, 2 lb bag Buy 1, Get 2 Free, limit 6 bags $25.98 regular price, price for 3 bags = $25.98 ($8.66 per bag = $4.33/lb – a good price) – must get all 3 bags in one order to get sale price

NY Strip steak BOGO

John Morrell off the bone lunchmeat, 8-10 oz $3.50 - $1 coupon from 5/23 = $2.50

Land O Frost Premium lunchmeat, 16 oz $3.99 - .55/1 from 8/8 = $2.89 ( a good price for 1 lb deli meat)

Dairy and Frozen

Eggs, 1 dozen, large BOGO for .67 – a great price!

Smart Balance Milk 64 oz $3.00 - $2 coupon from 7/11 = $1.00

Dannon yogurt, 6 oz .50 each - $1.00/10 coupon from 8/15 = .40 each

Philadelphia mini tubs cream cheese $1.50 - .50/1 coupon from 8/15 = .50

Pillsbury Grands biscuits $1.66 - .40/3 from 8/8

Pillsbury Sweet Moments bites and bowls $2.50 - $1 coupon from 8/8

Pillsbury bread $1.66 - .40/2 from 8/8

Pillsbury crescent rolls $2.00 - .40/2 from 6/27

There are also a number of printable coupons for the Pillsbury products at Pillsbury.com

Fiber One and Yo Plus Yogurt BOGO for $1.42 - .50/1 coupons for both from 8/8

Yoplait Trix or Go-Gurt $2 - .75/2 from 8/8 = $1.25 each
HT Premium orange juice, 64 oz $2.00

Aunt Jemima Pancakes and Wafles BOGO for $1.29 - $1.49

Totino’s pizza $1.25 - .50/3 from 8/8 = .92 each

Starbucks ice cream, 16 oz $3 - $1.50 coupon from 8/8 = $1.50

Blue Bunny Ice Cream, 56 oz $1.99

Wanchai Ferry Frozen dinner kit $5.99 - $1.50 coupon from 8/8 and 7/18


Buy 10 participating Dole products and get register coupon to save $3 off your next purchase. There are a number of coupons from the 8/8 inserts so there should be some good matches if you use these products.

HT spaghetti, 16 oz ..59

HT Quick Oats, 18 oz BOGO for .99

7 UP or Diet 7 UP , 2 ltr .99

Campbell’s Select Soups $1.25 - .50/2 from 8/15 = .75 each Use the $1 printable to make it free!

Tuttaroso peeled tomatoes, 28 oz Buy 2 Get 3 Free = .86 each when you get 5

Betty Crocker Fruit snacks $1.50 - .50/2 from 8/8 = $1 each

Betty Crocker Supreme brownie mix $2.00 - .75/2 coupon from 8/8 = $1.25 each

There are also coupons for the Betty Crocker products at www.bettycrocker.com

Progresso vegetable classics $1.50 - .50/2 from 8/8 = $1 each

Cap’n Crunch cereal $2 - .50/1 coupon from 5/16 = $1

HT sandwich bread or old fashioned bread $1.17

Old Orchard Healthy Balance juice BOGO - .50 printable and $1.00/2 printable coupons

Motts Apple Juice BOGO for $1.49

Arnold Wide Pan Bread BOGO - .55 coupon from 8/15

Emerald Nuts, 10 oz. BOGO - $1.50/2 from 8/15

Chex Mix BOGO for $1.37 - .50/1 printable from coupons.com or .50/2 from 8/8

Coke 6 pack bottles BOGO for $2.29

Wanchai Ferry dinner kit (not frozen) $3.50 - .75/1 coupon from 8/8 = $2.00

Good Earth dinner kit $3.50 - $1 coupon from 8/15 = $2.50


Gum toothbrush $1.99 - .75/1 from 8/8 = .49

Solo Cups $2.00 - .75/1 printable = .50

Kleenex tissues BOGO for $1.24 each - .50/2 Anti viral from 7/11 or .50/3 any from 7/11 or 8/15

Arm and Hammer laundry detergent, 50 oz BOGO for $2.99 - $2/2 coupon from 7/18

Purina Dog or Puppy Chow BOGO for $7.99 - $1.00 coupon from 8/1


Lowes Foods
August 18 – August 24


My favorite deal at Lowes Foods this week: Gala apples for .99/lb (these are great for the lunch box)

3-Day Coupon Sale good August 20 – August 22 including:

Blueberries, pint $1.99, limit 4 with coupon in ad

Pet Ice ream, 56 oz $1.99 with coupon in ad, limit 4

Sliced Vanilla pound cake BOGO for $1.99 with coupon, limit 4

Mr P’s frozen pizzas .59 each with coupon, limit 8

Lowes sliced bacon $1.99, limit 2 with coupon

Nature’s Own Whitewheat bread $1.29 with coupon, limit 4 (this is a good price for Natures Own)


Eastern Peaches .99/lb

Gala Apples .99/lb

Personal watermelons BOGO for $2.49


Sanderson Farms chicken thighs or drumsticks .89/lb

Boneless center cut pork chops $2.99/lb.

London broil $2.99/lb (my usual buy price is $2.50/lb or less)

Butterball deep fried turkey breast lunchmeat $2.50 - .75 coupon from 6/27 = $1

Dairy and Frozen

Dannon yogurt .49 - $1/10 coupon from 8/15 = .39 each

Fresh Reward Deal: Pillsbury Grands Biscuits $1.29 - .40/3 coupon from 8/8 = $1.02 each paid at register PLUS earn $1 Fresh Rewards cash when you buy 3 = .69 each after FRC
There is also a .30/2 printable coupon at www.coupons.com

Fresh Rewards Deal: Fiber One Chewy Bars $2.50 - .50/1 printable or .50/2 coupon from 7/18 PLUS earn $2 Fresh Rewards Cash when you buy 4 boxes. Total after 4 coupons for .50/1 and FRC = $1.00 per box

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, 16 oz BOGO for $2.23 each

Contessa dinners 20-24 oz $4.99 - $1.50/1 coupon from 6/20 = $3.49


Hunt’s snack pack pudding $1 - .30/2 = .70 each

Chef Boyardee canned or microwave pasta $1 each - .35/3 coupon from 8/15 = .76 each

Lowes Foods tortilla chips, 9 oz .99

Lowes foods pasta sauce, 26 oz $1.26

Sub rolls 4-count from the bakers BOGO for $1.39

White House Apple Juice, 64 oz $1.49

Keebler cookies 8.5 – 12.5 $2.50 - $1/2 Keebler cookies coupon from 8/15 = $2.00


Lowes Foods 2X liquid laundry detergent, 32 loads $2.99

Tide, 24 – 32 loads $5.99 - $1 coupon from 8/1 = $4.99 (this is a pretty good price for Tide if that’s the only thing you use but the Lowes brand is on sale for $2.99 – a much better price)

Hartz Crunch and Clean dog biscuits $2.50 - $1 coupon from 8/8 = $1.50

Food Lion
August 18 – August 24


There is a reminder in the ad to join the Food Lion Mobile Club to receive coupons on yoru mobile phone. I have been receiving the texts for a few months now and there have been a number of freebies and good deals including free candy bar, free cereal and more. Text CLUBFL to 467467. Standard message and data rates apply. Visit FoodLion.com for details.

3-Day Sale starts Friday at 8:00 AM including:

Scotties tissues .79, limit 4 (some papers got $1/3 coupons but it does not look like we did)

Smart Option laundry detergent, 45.4 oz $1.50

Angel Soft TP 12 double, 24 regular, 9 mega rolls $4.49 - .50/1 from 5/23 = 3.99 (a good price)

Sparkle paper towels, 8 rolls $4.49 There is a limit of 4 for the Angel Soft and Sparkle but the ad does not specify if it is 4 each or 4 total – you’ll need to ask at the store if you want more than 4)

Pampers jumbo diapers or Easy Ups training pants $7.99 – $1.50 coupons for diapers and easy ups from 8/1 AND use coupon for a FREE 72-count tub of wipes up to $3.50 when you buy any Pampers diapers! Total for diapers and wipes with both coupons and sale = $6.49 ( a good price!). There is no limit indicated on the ad.


Kiwi .50 each

Carrots, 1 lb .89

Red grapes .99/lb (a good price!)

Bartlett pears $1.39/lb

White mushrooms, 8 oz $1.99

Whole seedless watermelon $3.88


Holly Farms chicken breasts $1.97/lb – a good price

Holly Farms chicken breast tenders $2.17/lb

Boneless half pork loin $2.47/lb

Food Lion split chicken breasts and tenders , 2.5 lb bag, frozen = $2.59/lb (cheaper to buy Holly Farms fresh chicken breast at Food Lion this week)

Food Lion deli Canadian maple, Virginia, Honey or Black Forest Ham $3.88/lb

Shrimp, large, raw BOGO for $4.50 each bag (I think each bag is 1 lb, but the ad does not specify)

T-bone or porterhouse steak $5.98/lb

Dairy and Frozen

Danimals drinks, 6 pack $2.29 - $1 coupon from 8/15 = $1.29

Lean Cuisine on sale for $2.19 - $2.50/5 coupon that prints at the MVP Savings Center Kiosk in stores (according to the ad) = $1.69 each

Food Lion Ice Cream, 48 oz $2.50


Buy 2 Coke products, 2 ltr at .99 each ( a pretty good price) AND get a FREE Planters peanuts, 16 oz! If you already buy the Coke – it’s a good deal!

Food Lion soda, 2 ltr .79 each

7-UP, A&W, Canada Dry, 2 ltr .99 each

Campbell’s chunky soups $1.25 - .50/2 from 8/15 = $1 each

General Mills cereals including Cheerios, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Multigrain cheerios BOGO - $1.00/3 from 8/8, .55/1 Cocoa Puffs printable, .55/1 Trix printable, .75/1 Multigrain Cheerios printable, limit 2 free

Kellogg’s Cereals BOGO - $1.00/3 from 8/1, $1.50/2 printable, $1.00/3 printable

Doritos, 11.5 – 13.88 oz $1.98, limit 4



August 15 – August 21



Kroger is running last weeks great promotion again: Buy 8 participating items, get $4.00 off at the register. There are a number of great deals with the current sales and coupons available. Cellfire also just loaded a bunch of new e-coupons that you can load directly to your Kroger shoppers card. Many of them are for participating products. Once the cashier scans the product and your shopper card, the e-coupon discount comes off at the register – no coupon needed. To load your e-coupons to your card, go to http://www.cellfire.com/deals.php and click on Kroger to get started.

With this promotion, you must buy all 8 items in the same order and the $4 discount will come off at the register in the same transaction.

There are a lot of participating products. While in the store, look for the yellow and blue tag. Some of the participating products include:

Nature Valley Granola Bars on sale for $2.49 - .50 promo discount = $1.99
PLUS use manufacturer’s coupon for .50/1 Sweet and Salty from 8/8, .75/2 any from 8/8, .50/1 printable coupons from Smartsource.com and Pillsbury.com .
PLUS there is a Cellfire e-coupon
PLUS, there is also a Catalina register coupon deal for the Nature Valley Granola Bars: Buy 3 boxes and get a $1.50 register coupon to use on your next order, Buy 4 boxes get $2.50 coupon, Buy 5 boxes get $3.50 coupon off your next order!
I did this deal yesterday and bought 3 of the NV granola bars and received the $2.50 Catalina coupon!

Fiber One Chewy Bars are also on sale for $2.49 - .50 promo discount = $1.99
MQ: .50 printables at Pillsbury.com and Smartsource.com, .50/2 coupon from 7/18
Catalina Deal: Buy 3 boxes and get a $1.50 register coupon to use on your next order, Buy 4 boxes get $2.50 coupon, Buy 5 boxes get $3.50 coupon off your next order!

Progresso Soups, select varieties including Chicken noodle and clam chowder on sale for $1.69 - .50 promo discount = $1.19
MQ: .50/2 coupon from 8/8, .50/2 printable from coupons.com
PLUS there is a Catalina register coupons deal: Buy 4 get $1 register coupon, Buy 6 get $2.00 coupon, Buy 8 get $3.00 coupon
I did this deal yesterday and bought 3 chicken noodle and 1 clam chowder and received the $1 Catalina coupon good on my next order. So, I paid .44 each after sale, 2 coupons and $1 Catalina coupon – a very good price for Progresso soup!

Sunny D $1.09 - .50 discount per item with promotion = .59 - .25 coupon from 8/8 = .09

Quaker rice cake snacks $1.49 - .50 promo discount = .99
MQ: $1.00/2 printable coupon
Total = .49 each with coupon

Pillsbury sweet rolls $1.69 - .50 promo discount = $1.19
MQ: .40/2 from 8/8 and 7/11, .40/2 printable from Pillsbury.com
Total for 2 = $1.58 (.79 each)

Huggies $8.99 - .50 promo discount = $8.49
MQ: $3.50/2 printable from smartsource.com
Total for 2 = $13.48 ($6.74 each)

There are many more participating items, so take a look at your sales ad and head into the store with your coupons and have some fun!


Olathe sweet corn .29 each

Organic head lettuce .79

Peaches .99/lb

Organic celery $1.00/bunch – a very good deal for celery

Bartlett pears $1.29

Broccoli $1.50/bunch

Personal seedless watermelon $2.00

Clementines, 5 lb box $5.99 ($1.20/lb)


Sanderson Farms split chicken breasts .99/lb

Assorted pork chops $1.99/lb

Kroger boneless skinless chicken breasts $2.79/lb (on sale at Food Lion for $1.97/lb and HT for $2.48/lb)

London broil or top round roast $2.99/lb

Boneless strip steak $4.99/lb

Dairy and Frozen

Yoplait Greek yogurt $1 - .30/1 coupon from 8/8 and 7/11 = .40

Activia and Danimals $1.88 - $1 coupons from 8/15 = .88

Michelinas entress $1 - $1/5 printable coupons = .80 each


Big K Soft Drinks, 2 ltr .59

Hunt’s snack pack pudding $1 - .30/2 coupon from 8/1 = .70 each

Little Debbie Snack cakes $1 (ok, I never buy these and $1 isn’t the best deal ever but I really love the Swiss cake rolls so I thought I would include them in the deals today. I don’t even remember the last time I had one but here they are on the list..…just for fun! :-)

Kroger Buns and bread $1.00

Big K soft drinks, 12 pack cans $1.88 – a good deal for 12 pack of soda


Top Flight wirebound notebook .15

Oxford portfolio .15

Dial soap liquid 7.5-9.38 or Dial or Coast soap, 2 bar pack $1.00 - .35/1 from 8/15 = .30




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  • hrpixie Aug 24, 2010


    I was at the Kroger on SW Durham Blvd on Friday trying to do the buy eight promotion, I had 4 progresso soups 2 NV Sweet & Salty and @ NV thins, I gave the cashier my coupons and he proceeded to tell me that they can only take 2 IP's total, and I said I thought it was only two of the same not 2 total, that I had been there just last week and used around 10 IP's he said I was incorrect, I asked if I could verify with a manager and he said he was correct and which two would I like to use, I just had him take the items off, I was very nice about it. Do you know if it is Kroger's policy to only take 2 total IP's?

  • candiking Aug 24, 2010

    Faye, I was at HT (Kildaire Farm & 10-10) and picked up 4 Emerald Nut cans. I had 2 $1.50/2 coupons. They would not let me use the 2nd coupon saying I was only "buying" 2 of the 4 as they were bogo. I'm sure I've done the same thing before. They said they are just enforcing their policy. However since each is charged at 1/2 price I am actually paying for all 4. So am I missing something or are they enforcing differently at that HT? I had them take the nuts off my order. Maybe I'll try a differ HT today.

  • tnpirate98 Aug 23, 2010

    thanks for the suggestion Faye, I took my receipt in today and HT was more than happy to give me replacement strawberries (w/out my containers). I will say I love my local HT...couple of weeks ago I had to use one of their plastic bags which broke at home and busted my salad dressing which they happily replaced on my next visit. AND Johnny in the meat dept has the best recipes and is happy to share them!

  • monmom03 Aug 22, 2010

    I tried to do the GM deal at HT and combining it with the Nature Valley and Betty Crocker Catalinas but it didn't work. Although I physically purchases 21 GM items that were shown in the salespaper, I was told that the Catalina items don't count the same. At that point, since they had already rung everything up, I wasn't going to go back and pick up more items. Has anyone else run into this problem? Should I go back and talk to the store manager?

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Aug 22, 2010

    They should absolutely give you your money back, tnpirate! Just bring in the receipt and any of the containers you still have left and you should have no problem. They should not be moldy 1 day after purchase.

  • tnpirate98 Aug 22, 2010

    hey Faye! not complaining at all just curious, I got the buy one get two free strawberries Friday at HT. on Sat about half of them were moldy and had to be tossed. will HT trade you these containers if it is the next day? it almost seems like it's not worth the deal if they go bad. it was partially my fault for leaving them outta the fridge so I am taking the blame on this one, but just curious for future sales like this.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Aug 22, 2010

    April - I have to admit - I have no idea where I got the .39/box price on the Meullers pasta. I have looked and looked tonight and can't for the life of me find where I saw it! So - I took it off the good deals list and I'll assume it was a case of staying up too late to do the list!

    Cokebury - I agree - it would be easier if they marked each participating item on the shelf like they do at Kroger.

  • Nancy Aug 21, 2010

    As a matter of reference for future use, you can pull up Harris Teeter Express lane shopping on their website, find a store near you that offers it and type in the name of any product you want to know the price on. And if it's on sale, it will show that price in red.

    You want to keep this in mind on Tuesday after 3pm as well, the sale prices for the Wed flyer will already be posted on the Express Lane price list :)

    It's a great way to check your coupons for a coming SD's or triples event to see which ones will get you the free/near free goods.

  • Nancy Aug 21, 2010

    joan - NV granola bars are normally $3.19 at HT, this week they are on sale for $2.50 ea.

  • joanclabough Aug 21, 2010

    Does anyone know the starting price of the Nature Valley Bars at Harris Teeter? I am trying to determine if there is a better deal on those at kroger. For instance, if you have the lowes foods store coupons from a few weeks ago, Lowes has a better deal on brownie mix (unless my math is incorrect).