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Grocery deals 8-11

Posted August 11, 2010
Updated August 12, 2010

Hurray for Harris Teeter Super Doubles! Don't miss the good deals list at the link in the box. I went shopping this morning and you can see my totals and the items I bought at the link in the box, as well. There is also a great promo going on at Kroger this week when you buy qualifying items. I'll have the Kroger deals updated this afternoon (I have to take my little people to a pottery camp first). The printable coupons can be found in the box to the left. There are 2 pages of coupons so click the "More" tab to see the second page.

Harris Teeter
August 11 - August 17

It’s an amazing week at Harris Teeter with Super Doubles a many other great deals on produce, peanut, jelly and more! Make sure you check out the Super Doubles good deals list for many more HT deals. The link is in the box.

E-Vic this week: Peter Pan peanut butter, 13-16.3 oz and Welch’s Grape Jelly, 32 oz on sale for .97 with E-Vic, Limit 3 total, mix and match (check your receipt to make sure you got the e-vic price for the peanut butter. It was not working Wednesday morning).


Green Grapes, seedless .99/lb (a very good price)

Celery $1.69

Grape tomatoes, 1 pint BOGO for $1.99


Chicken leg quarters .49/lb (a good price)

Tilapia Fillet or White Shrimp $3.99/lb ( a good deal for both)

Oscar Mayer Beef Franks BOGO for $2.12 - $1.00/2 coupon

Whole beef tenderloin $7.99/lb

Hillshire Farm lunchmeat $3.50 -$1 printable = $1.50

Dairy and Frozen

Activia $1.99 - $1 coupon from 8/8 = Free

Super Pretzels $2.50 - .50 printable coupon - $1.50

Whole Fruit Bars $2.50 - .50/1 coupon from 7/25 = $1.50


Mission tortillas, 23 oz $1.99 - $1 coupon (that we did not get here so I ordered from ebay) = FREE

Vlassic Pickle Spears, 24 oz BOGO for $1.69 – .55 printable

Hunt’s Pudding Snack Pack $1 - .30/2 coupon from 8/1 = .70

7-up 2 ltr .99

Pepito flour tortillas on sale BOGO for .99 - $1.49

Multigrain Cheerios $2.50 - .75 printable = $1.00

Hamburger helper BOGO - $.75/3 printable coupon

White House apple sauce 6 pack BOGO for $1.10

Chips Ahoy cookies BOGO for $1.82- .75/2 from 8/8 = $1.07 each

Ragu, 45 oz (the bigger jars!) BOGO for $1.67 - $1.25/3 from 8/1 = .83 each – a very good deal!

Lance sandwich crackers $2 - $1.00/2 coupon from 7/11 = $1 each

Honey Nut Cheerios $2.50 - .75/1 printable coupon (no longer available, but I printed it from somewhere so hopefully you did, too!) or $1.00/2 coupon from 7/11 or $1.00/2 printable = $1.50 eachwith $1/2 coupon and super doubles

Pepsi Buy 2 Get 3 Free on 6 pack, 16 oz


Colgate toothpaste $2.50 - $1 coupon from 8/8 = .50

Lysol toilet bowl cleaner BOGO for $1.47 - .50/1 printable = .47

Seventh Generation cleaning products all on sale – $1.00/1 from 8/8, various $1 - $1 printable coupons ($1/1 coupon makes the dish soap free with super doubles!)

9 Lives dry cat food 17.6 lb bag $8.99 - .75/1 coupon from 6/27 = $7.49

Lowes Foods
August 11 - August 17


Yellow peaches .99/lb

Vine ripe tomatoes $1.69/lb

Raspberries and blackberries, 6 oz BOGO for $1.99

Russet potatoes, 10 lb bag $3.99 (.39/lb)


Sanderson Farms thighs or drumsticks .99/lb

Southern Style pork spareribs $1.69/lb

Sirloin tip roast $2.49/lb

Ground sirloin, 90% lean $2.99

Sanderson Farms chicken breast fillets $1.99/lb ( a good deal!)

Land O Frost premium lunchmeat, ham or turkey, 16 oz $3.50 - .55/1 coupon from 8/8 = $2.40

Crab Classic BOGO - $1 printable coupon

Dairy and Frozen

Michelinas dinners $1 each - $1.00/5 coupon = .80 each (.68 at Food Lion this week with coupon and sale)

Kahiki egg rolls BOGO for $1.97 - $1 coupon from 5/16 = .97


Lowes Foods soft drinks 2 ltr .48 each ( a very good price for 2 ltr soda)

Hunt’s Snack Pack pudding $1.00 - .30/2 coupon from 8/1 = .70 each

French bread from the bakery BOGO for .99

Kraft Salad Dressing $2 - $1 coupon from 6/20 = $1

Lowes Foods applesauce 6 pack $1.50 ($1.10 at HT for HT brand)

Pop Tarts $1.69 - $1.00/2 coupon from 7/11 = $1.19 each

Hamburger helper $1 - .75/3 coupon from 8/8 or .75/3 printable coupon = .50 each


Duracell batteries, 4 pack of AA or AAAA, 2 pack of C, D, 1 pack of 9V $2.99 - .75 coupon from 8/1 = $1.49

Food Lion
August 11 - August 17

3-Day Sale Friday – Sunday: Kraft shreds, chunks or cubes 5-8 oz or American singles 12 oz BOGO plus you get a $5 register coupon when you buy 5. Each one will ring up at half price so you only need to get 5 to get the $5 register coupon.


Green bell peppers .79 each

Hass Avocados .89 each

Yellow and white nectarines .99/lb

Roma tomatoes $1.49/lb

Asparagus $1.99/lb


Holly Farms Drumsticks or thighs .96/lb

Whole pork picnics .99/lb

Top round London broil or top round roast $1.98/lb – a very good price for London broil!

Food Lion split chicken breast and tenders, 2.5 lb bag frozen, BOGO for $6.50

Food Lion shrimp, 16 oz BOGO for $4.00

Great American seafood 12 –16 oz BOGO for $3.00

Food Lion fresh deli turkey breast $3.88/lb ( a good price for deli turkey)

Hillshire Farm lunchmeat 8-9 oz $3.00 - $1 printable coupon = $2.00

Oscar Mayer Beef Franks $3.00 - $1.00/2 coupon from 6/20 (expires 8/15) = $2.50 each (cheaper at Harris Teeter this week with super doubles)

Dairy and Frozen

Michaelina’s entrees .88 - $1.00/5 printable coupon = .68 each

Eggos $1.66 each - $1.00/2 coupon from 7/25 = $1.16 each

Lean pockets $1.66 plus the ad indicates that there are $1.00/3 coupons at the coupon kiosk found at store entrances = $1.33 each


Coke products 2 ltr .99

Starkist chunk light tuna pouch 2.6 oz BOGO for .75 each – coupon for free Starkist Tuna Salad or Creations Pouch when you buy 2 pouch products from All You Magazine, July 2010 (FYI - expires 8/13)

Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding $1.00 - .30/2 coupon from 8/1 = .85

Orville Redenbacher popcorn BOGO for $1.50 - .40 coupon from 8/1 = $1.10

Prego Pasta Sauce $1.66 - $1.00/2 printable coupon = $1.16 each (a good price, especially if you are partial to Prego)

Kellogg’s frosted flakes of cocoa krispies BOGO - $1.00/3 from 8/1, $1.00/3 printable coupon

Post cereals BOGO including honey comb, raisin bran, cocoa and fruity pebbles, golden crisp - $1.00/2 coupon from 7/25


Wisk Laundry detergent $3.99 - $1 printable = $2.99

All Laundry detergent $3.99 - $1 coupon from 8/1 = $2.99

August 11 - August 17

Kroger is running another great promotion this week: Buy 8 participating items, get $4.00 off at the register. There are a number of great deals with the current sales and coupons available. Cellfire also just loaded a bunch of new e-coupons that you can load directly to your Kroger shoppers card. Many of them are for participating products. Once the cashier scans the product and your shopper card, the e-coupon discount comes off at the register – no coupon needed. To load your e-coupons to your card, go to http://www.cellfire.com/deals.php and click on Kroger to get started.

With this promotion, you must buy all 8 items in the same order and the $4 discount will come off at the register in the same transaction.

There are a lot of participating products. While in the store, look for the yellow and blue tag. Some of the participating products include:

Nature Valley Granola Bars on sale for $1.99 - .50 promo discount = $1.49
PLUS use manufacturer’s coupon for .50/1 Sweet and Salty from 8/8, .75/2 any from 8/8, .50/1 printable coupons from smartsource.com and Pillsbury.com .
PLUS there is a Cellfire e-coupon
PLUS, there is also a Catalina register coupon deal for the Nature Valley Granola Bars: Buy 3 boxes and get a $1.50 register coupon to use on your next order, Buy 4 boxes get $2.50 coupon, Buy 5 boxes get $3.50 coupon off your next order!
I did this deal yesterday and bought 3 of the NV granola bars and received the $2.50 Catalina coupon!
Scenario: Buy 4 boxes, use 4 coupons for .50 each (which will double) and pay $1.96 at the register. If you load the cellfire e-coupon, you will pay even less. Then you will get a register coupon for $2.50 off your next order! They are FREE after sale, coupons and Catalina coupon!

Fiber One Chewy Bars are also on sale for $2.49 - .50 promo discount = $1.99
MQ: .50 printables at Pillsbury.com and Smartsource.com, .50/2 coupon from 7/18
Catalina Deal: Buy 3 boxes and get a $1.50 register coupon to use on your next order, Buy 4 boxes get $2.50 coupon, Buy 5 boxes get $3.50 coupon off your next order!

Progresso Soups, select varieties including Chicken noodle and clam chowder on sale for $1.69 - .50 promo discount = $1.19
MQ: .50/2 coupon from 8/8, .50/2 printable from coupons.com
PLUS there is a Catalina register coupons deal: Buy 4 get $1 register coupon, Buy 6 get $2.00 coupon, Buy 8 get $3.00 coupon
I did this deal yesterday and bought 3 chicken noodle and 1 clam chowder and received the $1 Catalina coupon good on my next order. So, I paid .44 each after sale, 2 coupons and $1 Catalina coupon – a very good price for Progresso soup!

Sunny D $1.09 - .50 discount per item with promotion = .59 - .25 coupon from 8/8 = .09

General Mills Cereals, select varieties $1.98 - .50 promo discount = $1.48
MQ: $1.00/2 from 7/11, $1.00/2 printable from Pillsbury.com, .55/1 cellfire e-coupon

Quaker rice cake snacks $1.49 - .50 promo discount = .99
MQ: $1.00/2 printable coupon
Total = .49 each with coupon

Pillsbury sweet rolls $1.69 - .50 promo discount = $1.19
MQ: .40/2 from 8/8 and 7/11, .40/2 printable from Pillsbury.com
Total for 2 = $1.58 (.79 each)

Huggies $8.99 - .50 promo discount = $8.49
MQ: $3.50/2 printable from smartsource.com
Total for 2 = $13.48 ($6.74 each)

There are many more participating items, so take a look at your sales ad and head into the store with your coupons and have some fun!


Corn 3 for $1 (.33 each)

Green peppers .69 each

Gala apples .99/lb

Zucchini or yellow squash .99/lb

Southern peaches .99/lb

Radish $1.00/lb (it’s not often you see radish advertised in the sales ads!)

Fresh selections Classic Garden Salad, 12 oz $1.00

Black seedless grapes $1.29/lb

Broccoli bunch $1.50

Celery $1.50

Cantaloupe $1.88


Tyson boneless skinless chicken breast $1.99/lb

Boneless pork loin $1.99/lb

T-bone steak $4.99/lb

Ball park franks $1.99 - .75/2 coupon from 8/1 = $1.62 each

Dairy and Frozen

Large eggs, 18 count $1.66


7Up or RC soft drinks Buy 3 get 1 free = .75 each when you buy 4

Pepsi 12 packs on sale Buy 3 get 1 diet flavor free. Total for 4 = $10 ($2.50 each)

Kroger buns $1.00

Kroger peanut butter $1.00 (free Peter Pan at Harris Teeter with E-vic and .60 coupon)


Oxy maximum cleanser or pads $1.99 (reg price is $5.19)
MQ: $1.50/1 printable coupon
Total = .49 after coupon!
I bought 2 yesterday using the coupons – this is a great price for these – 90% off! With a tween-ager in the house, it’s fabulous to get these at .49 each)

Purex laundry detergent, 50 oz $1.99 - .35/1 printable = $1.29 (a great price!) – even without the coupon, it’s a good price at $1.99

Top Flight notbook, 70 sheets .15

Top Flight filler paper, 150 sheets .75

Crayola markers, 10 count $1



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  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Aug 14, 2010

    Great donation, senglish! I am sure your food bank was thrilled! I'm going to Kroger today after dropping my daughter off at a birthday party which is near both a Kroger and an HT! How lucky is that?! lol I'm glad your Kroger gave you the $1 for the cat.

  • senglish27529 Aug 13, 2010

    While everyone else was scurrying around HT today, I had a pretty good outing at Kroger. Managed to work 2 of the 3 catalina deals you spotlighted, Faye, and realized that I should have had a cat for the Progresso, which didn't print out. So I went to the CS desk, and after a nice chat with the lady there, she gave me the $1 I should have earned, in cash! Wow! I was absolutely impressed!

    Oh, and I dropped off 35 boxes of cereal with the local food pantry this morning too... :-)

  • Nancy Aug 12, 2010

    HCH - yes, I understand. I also know the store only gets face value plus 8 cents handling back for each coupon they accept that we use. I know it's a corporate marketing decision that offers doubles daily and the special coupon events. HT is also successful because of it, their quarterly reports are above all others in profit (mass market food stores they compete with in their marketplace).

    As to why someone would buy their limit of (3) of the same items over and over every day during a sale (you mentioned toothpaste)? Two reasons I can think of. Toothpaste feeds the current promo of Healthy Smiles (spend $40/get instant $5 off next order) and because toothpaste doesn't go bad quickly and can be stored for use throughout the year.

    Another often forgotten reason some buy so much of one product is to donate to local charities or people they know in need. I've done that many times.

    With the (3) limit per day of any item w/coupon, HT does control the shelf clearing though!

  • dbztward Aug 12, 2010


  • KrackinUp Aug 12, 2010

    Nancy, I meant per item....from the website I posted earlier:

    •With the purchase of two like manufacturer’s products, we accept two internet coupons, per store, per day

    Of course, again, they cannot be duplicates/copies/etc. Most internet Coupons have codes on them. We have been told to keep an eye on these codes.

    Look...for what its worth, HT gets nothing back from the Manufacturer when we double/triple. Only on the original amount of the coupon. I know at my store, we have a lot of peopole who like to argue with us.

    There are certain rules that a grocery store must follow to even get the original money back from the manufacturer.

    I use coupons. But, I swear, we have some people who come to the store I work at and treat it like a game. While I realize times are tough, do people really need to come in every day and buy the same toothpaste 7 days in a row? Really? 21 tubes of toothpaste in one week? because its 50 cents? And not leave any for others?

  • HappyGirl08 Aug 12, 2010

    Nancy, my experience is like yours. I was told I could have 2 IP per item. That seems fair to me so I was happy. I recently did that when I was doing the kelloggs promo thing. Just so happened I had one Q from the newspaper that was like the 2 IP I had so it all worked out good for me. The cashier was super friendly and nice. :-)

  • Nancy Aug 12, 2010

    CHC - "We accept 2 interet coupons, per store, per day. " Hmmm, I guess the HT's I regularly shop with don't follow that. They limit you to two IP's of the same but not per transaction/day. In other words, if I have 6 IP coupons, but they represent three different products (3 different IP's/products), they've always taken them.

    I wish all the stores would follow a standardized policy though, it seems they do not.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Aug 12, 2010

    dbztward - I just updated the coupon links in the box to include a printable $1/2 Ziploc coupon and the Activia desserts coupon.

    renesbmw - Most HT's and Lowes Foods will double the DND coupons that have a bar code that starts with a 5. The register automatically doubles them and the stores have been kind enough to let them go through. The Wilson store will not double any coupon that indicated do not double. Some other cashier's in other stores have been known to pull out the DND coupons and manually enter them so they don't double but nearly all Triangle stores will let the DND coupons with a barcode 5 automatically double (and I thank them for that!). If the bar code starts with a 9 the coupon will not double automatically.

    CHC - Thanks for your HT perspective! It's great to have you posting.

  • KrackinUp Aug 12, 2010

    Please do not try to go to more than one store per day.

    For more information


  • KrackinUp Aug 12, 2010

    You can also go to harristeeter.com to find out more information on all the "rules" about using coupons.

    As someone who works at HT, off the top of my head here are some:

    Blinkie coupons - Do not double/triple, and we will not manually double these

    Catalina Coupons (the ones that print out at the registers) - Do Not Double/Triple and we will not manually do these

    No Expired Coupons

    Only one coupon for Buy One Get One Free items

    Double up to 3 identical items w/manufacturer coupon

    No Competitor Coupons will be doubled or tripled

    No "Free" product internet coupons are accepted

    We accept 2 interet coupons, per store, per day.

    We do not accept internet coupons that do not appear to be originals or won't scan (So, if you make copies, we will know ;) )

    Also, only 20 coupons will double or triple per day. Our computers are set up to recognize if you use your VIC Card more than once a day. It is not fun having to void an order so, please, do not try to go to more than one sto