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Monday meal plan 6-7

Posted June 7, 2010

This week we are enjoying some frugal chicken tacos, delicious boneless eye of round in the slow cooker and some tasty salmon burgers.  We are also celebrating the end of the school year with dinner out using a Groupon coupon. Feel free to share your menu this week!


Turkey Sandwiches

Pasta salad (using free Barilla Piccolini pasta on sale with coupons from Lowes Foods a couple months ago, .88/lb roma tomatoes  and $1 yellow peppers from Kroger this week through 6/12)

Peas (free Steamfresh from Lowes a couple months ago)


Chicken tacos (cost breakdown below)
(split chicken breasts on sale for .97/lb at Kroger through 6/12 and boneless chicken breasts on sale at Lowes Foods for $1.89/lb through 6/8)
Chicken cooked in slow cooker with 1/2 packet taco seasoning (kids don’t like it too spicy) mixed with 1/3 bottle Lawry’s Herb and Garlic Marinade, then fork pulled apart

Shredded cheese, lettuce, chopped tomatoes, onion, sour cream, guacamole and salsa for tacos

Taco shells

Mexican rice

Pineapple slices


Salmon burgers (frozen Trident brand found at many grocery stores in the seafood dept)

Whole wheat buns

Lettuce, tomato and onion for sandwiches

Long grain and wild rice



Out to dinner using a Groupon coupon to celebrate a great school year on the last day of school!


Boneless eye of round in slow cooker

Veggies cooked in crockpot with beef (carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, mushrooms)




Semi-homemade pizza with veggies using a pre-made crust bought during HT super doubles 2 weeks ago (including fresh spinach from our garden - yum!)

Garlic bread



Not sure yet – depends on what is on sale starting Wednesday


Cost Breakdown of Tuesday Meal – Chicken Tacos

1.85 lb Chicken breast on sale $1.89/lb at Lowes Foods through 6/8 (used $1 off any chicken coupon found in–store on tearpad a couple weeks ago. Coupon is for $1 off meat or poultry when you purchase 2 participating Kraft products including BBQ sauce. The sauce was on sale at Lowes Foods and I used coupons for the BBQ sauces) = $2.50

Seasoning = Free with sale and coupon a few weeks ago

1/3 bottle Lawry’s marinade .50 per bottle on sale with coupon (found on the marinades at Lowes Foods) through 6/8 at HT and Lowes Foods = .16

4 oz. Kraft shredded cheese on sale $1.66 per 8 oz bag at Kroger through 6/12 = .83

Roma tomatoes on sale at Kroger for .88/lb through 6/12 = .45

Lettuce – Green leaf lettuce on sale at Lowes Foods for $1.69 = .50

Sour Cream on sale .99 with store coupon at Lowes foods - .50 coupon from 6/6 = Free

Guacamole – Free during HT super doubles 2 weeks ago

Salsa – free at HT with tortilla purchase about 2 months ago = Free

Taco shells – Free with .50/1 printable coupon and $1 sale at HT about a month ago

Mexican rice – Knorr/Lipton sides Fiesta Rice on sale with coupon for .25 a few months ago

Pineapple slices – Dole free with sale and coupon at HT triples a couple months ago = Free

Milk for kids – free with CVS giftcard from transferring prescription

Total for meal for 4 people = $4.69


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  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jun 8, 2010

    You are too funny kdc! It's so nice to hear from you. I hope you all have a fabulous summer!

    It seems like my family kind of falls in the middle of the food spectrum. We have a pretty good balance between meat and meat-free meals, fresh and frozen veggies, packaged and homemade foods, etc. I am looking forward to the abundance of veggies the garden is starting to share!

  • kdc1970 Jun 8, 2010

    Shoot, I wish I ate as healthy as your meal plans! ;)

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jun 8, 2010

    Thanks hkin and kdc. Don't let Animal Lover get to you. This person has been hassling me for years on different forums with the same username and posts the same thing every time. I have his/her e-mail address so she/he is not as anonymous as she/he would like to think.

    No - I don't make my own pasta or yogurt or grow my own grains for bread. Yes, we include meat as a protein source as well as tofu and veggie burgers and other non-meat options. I use packaged foods like Barilla whole wheat pasta and Dannon yogurt. I also grow my own garden and will be enjoying fresh spinach from said garden in my chicken tacos this evening (with my packaged Old El Paso taco shells).

    It is my advice that if you do not wish to eat the way our family does.....then don't. For those who find the information helpful, than I am glad to provide it.

    If you wish to offer suggestions for healthy frugal meals, by all means, please do. They are more than welcome here.

  • hkin22 Jun 8, 2010

    Well, I know that I appreciate the weekly meal plan. Thank you Faye! Do I follow it to a "T?", No. I make some substitutions here and there, but overall the meal ideas are good and always include either a fruit or veggie...and yes MEAT! Yummy!

    Between couponing and meal planning, I am saving about 35-40% off my grocery bill. And yes, my kitchen has plenty of FRESH fruits and veggies to choose from.

    Thanks Faye! I appreciate all of your hard work, and I look forward to the weekly meal plan, and all of your other postings.

  • kdc1970 Jun 8, 2010

    Thank you for the good ideas for the week! Your efforts to help us save are much appreciated!

  • CestLaVie Jun 8, 2010

    You may be selling the idea of cheap & couponing, but you sure are also selling SAD (standard American diet), which is REALLY sad. Too much processed food, too much carb, beef & chicken(you're kidding me...you actually still believe that stuff is SAFE to eat?), not enough FRESH veggies, hardly any FRESH fruit. Not into REAL nutrition for the body to stay healthy, are you? What you have in your menu contributes to illness & disease...not today, but maybe next week or next month or months or years down the road. Only fresh, natural foods FEED the body the enzymes it needs to stay healthy.